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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 292

292 Resting is Important


I swiftly started making preparations for meal. Produced a tent, a table, chairs, pre-seasoned ingredients into the pot on a portable stove.
I also took some pre-made food and heated it up

I had this all cooked in the kitchen at the inn I stayed in the capital while White Fang was busy having their meeting yesterday.

"Ah, gotta take out the portable toilet too."

Apparently there are stores that specialize in selling necessities for adventurers, and some of White Fang luggage from such stores is inside my magic bag.
I was surprised to find portable toilet among those tools.

(Must be another handiwork of god. I'm just happy it's handy for once.)

Didn't think I'd come across god-related stuff here of all place, but I gotta thank this one for convenience's sake.

I took care of preparing everything and our campground was set up in no time.

"Hey guys? We're inside a dungeon, aren't we?"
"I can attest that we didn't come here to have a picnic at least."
"Um no, you don't see food this fancy even in an ordinary picnic..."
"Anything goes with you huh? Cooking in a dangerous zone like this... Can't deny they look good tho'..."
"You had the food prepared to be cooked right away before putting it into the magic bag... How did I never think that."

Can't tell if they're praising or dissing me. Weird.

Thus I finished making simple soup, bread, salad as well as magic beast steak.

"What a luxurious meal..."
"Having this inside a dungeon..."
"It looks so good, I can't..."
"No comment from me..."
"Such rich flavor... You can't find this outside famous restaurants..."

Mary's fervor diminished once we had the good meal.
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(Humans can't fight on an empty stomach after all. Guess their irritation and anxiety abated a bit now?)

It's not like I'm chaperoning White Fang. I simply did it for my sake, so I could have a quality rest after this.
My inner clock is telling me to sleep.
Time to tell them straight.

"Sorry, I'll leave nightwatch to you guys. I'm going to bed now. You guys decide on departure time. G'night."

I took two personal tents out my bag. One for me alone, and the other for 'White Fang'.
It's a big tent so they can take it easy inside, also by lending them one, I can avoid having to stand watch.

I lay down and fell into slumber right away.

Morning after, or so I guess? There's no night inside a dungeon so the brightness here never changes.

"Morning... fua~. So sleepy..."

I greeted Kidd. It's not like I dislike this 'White Fang' party.

"Ah, managed to get a good rest? The rest of us should be up in a bit. That'll be our cue to depart."

Hearing that, I started preparing breakfast.
I'd put quite a lot of foodstuff inside my magic bag. I served a huge platter-ful of stir fried vegetables enough for us all.
Kidd looked like he couldn't believe it. Weird.

They all woke up by the time breakfast was ready.
And stopped moving once they saw the vegetable platter on the table.

"Breakfast too huh..."
"How can you be so relaxed..."
"We got to eat good food in a dungeon. You won't hear me complaining."
"I have a feeling everything will be fine, come what may."

Seems Melgis has accepted this reality. Firuna is looking long term.

We finished breakfast without a word. I handed out water and cloths for wiping to all of them meanwhile.

"What's with all this...? How are you so thoughtful... Oh, forget it..."

I disregarded Mary who seemed like she'd given up.
Afterward, I brushed my teeth, did my business and wiped my body into a refreshing me.

"Come on, let's do this! I'm so done with this crap, let's crush this dungeon today! Yup, I'm gonna tear a new one!"

They all looked at the pepped up me with a, 'Oy, was he that kind of character?' look in their eyes. Weird.





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