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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 288

288 Turnaround


"Hey? If we were to believe Melgis, there should be lots and lots of orcs here right?"

"What's going on? Melgis, sure you got it right?"

"I do not see a single orc anywhere... none at all..."

"No way, right? Which is more believable?"

Mary, Danku, Firuna and Kidd spoke one after another. However, it seems they understand that Melgis was telling the truth.
Especially after seeing his face, still twitching even now.
They just can't help being baffled over it since this 'truth' is nowhere to be seen.
I called out to them here.

"Hey, Melgis, mind checking out traps once again. Who can say where a trap lies in a place this big."

"Y-yeah. Okay. I'm on it... but you... how, how did you make that many orcs disappear without a trace..."

I could have ignored his question, but since it's not like he's asking my identity, I comply.

"I blew them all away."

Nobody reacted to this. Won't blame them.
I would have had the exact same reaction if I were in their shoes.

"A-ah. D-did you now. O-okay. Let's keep going. Not a single orc in sight here, e-easy peasy."

Thus Melgis spoke while still twitching.

"Our dungeon expedition has just started. Let's keep our wits with us."

Firuna regained her composure the earliest.

"Well, after seeing your power in the forest, guess this much shouldn't surprise me anymore."
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Danku attained enlightenment, while Mary.

"And here I was gonna go at it with a boom... Seriously, what's your secret anyway?"

She's still hounding my back. Judging from her speeches thus far, she must be trying to find out what magic I'm using.

(I'm a 'Manaless' with zero mana though. Heck I don't even use magic.)

I swallowed those words. She probably won't get it even if I give that explanation, heck, she'll likely press me more with, 'How, why', making it all the more annoying.

"Doesn't seem there's any trap ahead of us. We can just head straight from here."

Melgis who had pulled himself together before I realized said that before walking off toward the stairway to floor three.
That's some swift recovery. These people really must have gone through a lot. Pretty much a necessity for them, missing a trap because of some emotional turmoil might mean death after all.

"Let us press forward. We are likely due for a tough road ahead considering the abnormal state this dungeon presents itself."

Firuna warned us all. And thus we safely passed through floor two and went into the stairway to floor three.




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