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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 293

293 Enemy Immediate Kill


Afterward, every enemy we ran into immediately found itself dead. Search and destroy.
Ten goblins, eight orcs, five Purple Eaters, three elephant-like monsters, and two Archaeopteryx-like monsters. All got cut in two in a quick succession.
Eh? Battle scenes? There's none of that. I'd instantaneously got close and cut one every time Melgis gave his warning. That's all.
Well, the Archaeopteryx-like monsters came dive bombing from the sky so I had to counter attack those two. But it was no biggie, a single stroke of my blade and that was it. Almost to the point of me going to mutter, "I cut another banal object..."
We've been smoothly advancing through floor three from our last camp site. They've got a mark on where the stairway is, so we're heading straight to it without any detour. I'm in perfect form thanks to the beauty sleep.
Despite having covered quite a distance, we still can't find anything else besides the ever sprawling vast forest.

"Mary, have you caught anything with mana search?"
"No~thing~ at all~. The entire area's chock-full of monsters. And yet I just don't sense anything else."
"We have suffered zero damage despite such a high encounter rate... Bringing him along was truly the correct choice."
"That's good and all, but sure we gonna keep going? Shouldn't we go back for the time being and sort out all the info we've got?"
"Indeed, returning to the surface might be wise if we still don't find anything after a bit. This floor is too vast. We are ill prepared to continue this expedition."

This floor three is about as big as Hokkaido, a fact that still eludes us all including me presently.
That kind of size easily outstrips what a single human could imagine. However, we couldn't afford to figure that out at this point of time.
First of all, all the tree branches limit our views.
Using Mary's special technique, spreading her mana over an area is like trying to scoop a spoonful of water from a lake.
And the frequent monster encounters also hinders our ability to size up this floor.

By the way, the reason why no monster came to our camp site was due to it being in the zone that belonged to the wolf monsters we came across to early on, neither me nor 'White Fang' were aware of that.

An ogre showed up next. Only one too. Like it's been waiting for us.
Apparently, 'Ogre' is akin to 'Oni' in this world.

"Dammit! Are you for real, an ogre!? We're retreating Danku! Hey you too!"

Kidd said that just as I entered Accelerated state.
Conquering this dungeon asap has fully occupied my mind.
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This ogre looks exactly like the oni depicted in Japan. It's about two and a half meter tall.
There's nothing especially of note about it. To me, it looks all too familiar.

(It's just a big sized human at the end of the day. A single slash takes care of it.)

I swung my sword at the ogre and went back to 'White Fang'. Undoing Acceleration after I got back to my previous spot.
The reason why I didn't undo it in front of the ogre is simply for appearance's sake, so they feel like we're all conquering this dungeon together.
No matter even if that intention falls flat.

'Not again...', someone muttered that as they all had dead fish eyes when they witnessed the ogre got split in two and fell down.
I bet 'White Fang' party would be a master of putting no expression by the end of of this expedition.
At this rate, me looking for the stairway myself would be faster than letting Melgis lead the way, but just as that thought crossed my mind, the scenery ahead suddenly opened up.

There, a lake so huge you couldn't even make out the opposite shoreline came into sight.





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