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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 300

300 Key Point


"First, let our pursuers go down the stairway ahead."

"For what? They're gonna beat us to the punch if we let them."

My plan still has key points left over, yet Kidd is already against it.
Thus I ask him, what's important here.

"I get that your goal is this dungeon's conquest. And it must suck to lose. But isn't that the least important thing for 'White Fang' right now? Which one do you pick, that or survival?"

"That will be 'Survival' of course. There is nothing more important than being alive."

Firuna gave her answer. Danku and Melgis agreed with her.
But our resident can't-read-the-room mage, Mary declared loudly.

"Both are important! Dungeon conquest! And living on! Also, I won't stop until I knock down that marquis whatshisface and Barido! That's easy with your power, isn't it!? I can't stand it anymore!"

The extreme Mary. The peace preferring Danku and Melgis. The dungeon minded Kidd. And the survival focused Firuna.
Thus the opinions are split.
As for why I delineate Firuna from Danku and Melgis.

"We should seek to discuss things with Barido and have him mediate us with the marquis."
"Get it on a written contract then get them deliver that to the marquis. Surely the marquis will pull back after, yeah?"
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Danku and Melgis spoke one after another. Fitting opinions from the peace loving faction.
But doing so also means having to discard their pride. Even if Barido agreed to them, there's no guarantee the marquis would.
Being aware of that, Firuna chided them sharply.

"Doing such would label not only you two but us all as less than third rate adventurers with no self-respect. Truly absurd. That may be indeed a good option if your goal is simply to survive. But we are adventurers. I'm sure you two don't need me to explain how fatal that is, right?"

Both Danku and Melgis couldn't rebut her. This adventurer business sounds pretty stringent. Goes to show that all jobs in any world have their share of hardships.

"First we should observe whether Barido truly brings an assault group in here. Once we're certain of that, we crush them."

"But why? What's the point now?"

Kidd asked the obvious question.

"It's to ascertain that they're really here to kill White Fang. Regardless of whether their turn to enter the dungeon after us was manipulated or by chance, Barido would have attacked us anyway. And I know that they've tried to pull that once before, but if they're going at it again, it shows that the marquis himself wants us dead. That much is clear considering Barido got acquitted by the authorities. Otherwise, the marquis would have severed ties with this rogue adventurer he hired. So I'm not going to show them any mercy."

With how divided White Fang was on this issue, I opted to lay it down all at once to prevent a dissenting voice.

"But if what showed up is a completely unrelated group of adventurers, we should retreat bringing with us all the info on floor three. Though we still need to be careful of Barido's group. If we come across them midway through our journey back, we'll crush them. Chiefly by me though."

They all took a step back when I said the last part. Even the extreme Mary. I'm only saying the truth though. I mean it was me who smashed all the monsters on our way here.

"Say we keep going down now and conquer the dungeon. Then we go back and bump into Barido's group, what then? Wouldn't that turn into an even bigger mess?"

'Ah', they looked like they realized something after I said that.

I said it like it was a plan to keep White Fang alive, but it was all just a mask for 'me doing all the work' at the end of the day. The key point here is to get them understand it's ultimately their problem.
Honestly, I don't think anyone can blame me for feeling completely whatever about all this which I hadn't had for a while.
I just want to put all this dungeon mess behind and go back to sleep in a fluffy bed at an inn somewhere.




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