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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 295

295 That Line


I ran with all my might while feeling like 'Amu*o, Launching!'.
And sure enough, I succeeded running on the water surface without sinking.

(Oh crap! This feels sooo good! No obstacles anywhere, and a flat open space that spreads out endlessly, there's nothing quite like this!)

I got close to the giant serpent while shouting inwardly like Ara*e, 'Kiin!'

(I know that we're in a pickle and all but I just gotta say this line...)

I shouted out loud as I drew my katana.

"Fighto! ...I*patsu!"

My blade slid into the serpent's trunk without any resistance. Then I kept running past it.

(Might start sinking if I stopped, gotta get some distance... there.)

I ran and ran and made a turnaround before I ran again and sliced up the serpent from behind while setting my sight back to the starting shoreline.

(Okay, I cut it up from the front and back... now just gotta see the result.)

I arrived at the bank and took a breather before turning around.
Oftentimes, stuff I did under Accelerated state almost always ended with extreme results.
As such, I can't imagine how it'd go this time. I exerted quite a lot of force on the water surface as I ran. Gotta take note on that.

(Now to undo it... here goes nothing!)


Those were the roaring sounds of multiple water pillars rising up the lake.
Around five meter tall water pillars rose up on the spots where I stepped on.
The impacts, sound and appearance-wise as well as from the water splashing here reached the shore where we were.
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(Why can I never hold back whenever I'm under Accelerated state?)

Spilled milk and all, and yet I can't help but to think that.

As for the giant serpent, the part above water surface is nowhere to be seen.
Of course. It flew up high the instant I undid Acceleration.
Like a PET bottle rocket. It leaped into the sky while spinning furiously, vanishing into blue lights far in the horizon.
The rest of its trunk sunk down into the lake while emitting mana light as well.
It was quite a fantastical sight, though it seemed I was the only one with that impression.

"...Hey? What's going on? Where'd that gigantic magic beast gone off to?"
"That was some seriously loud sound... Sure we'll be all right here?"
"Ah hey... Why're all of us so drenched!?"
"Damn I got no word... what the hell are you even..."
"Just what are we..."

The 'Embracing Great Wall' White Fang were hiding behind didn't have a top cover so they got splashed in all that water.

"Guess we'll have to take a break and dry our clothes now. Can't be helped."

I'd like to finish this dungeon asap but not while being this wet.
I took firewood out of my magic bag and tried to light them before quickly giving up due to all the puddles around.

"Let's move out. Can't light a fire here."

I thought 'White Fang' would complain since I was the culprit for it, yet they simply nodded obediently.

Or more like they were at a loss for words, I left them to it.




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