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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 294

294 Recklessness Against Violence


"Uwoo! Man, I can't remember ever seeing a lake this big! Just wow."

The lake is almost a sea on its own. I couldn't hide my joy at this.
I mean after so much forest and more forest on our way here, this change is a welcome surprise.

"Oy oy, who coulda foreseen we'd hit this unbelievable roadblock after coming this far..."
"I do not see how we can proceed further without proper preparations."
"How are we even supposed to go around the bank when it's this big!? Like for real!?"
"Yeah we gotta turn back here. There's no other way."
"Bringing back this information alone should suffice for this expedition. Let's take another break here and return..."

Something flashily showed out of the water surface before Firuna could finish.


Letting out that weird noise while breaching the water surface was a, sea serpent, I guess? It looked like a giant snake.

(This thing looks exactly like Salamander Snake.)

I was getting excited alone inwardly, while White Fang members turned dead pale.
Naturally. A gigantic snake has just come out of the water body 30 meters away from us, even the body that's above water is around ten meter long.
The body's diameter seems to be around two meter thick. That alone makes it clear that this is out of ordinary.

"The heck this monster's sprung out from!?"
"Guys, ready to fall back?"
"Hey!? That monster is going to shoot out magic!? I can sense it collecting mana!?"
"Oy! Mary, barrier! Quickly! Snap outta it!"
"Calm down guys! We're retreating once we stave off this attack!"

The serpent opened its mouth wide and produced a water sphere inside. The sphere is gradually getting bigger to match the serpent's gigantic size.

"O slumbering mother earth. Embrace and protect us in your bosom. 『Embracing Great Wall』!"

A bulky earth wall rose up in front of White Fang party.

"Get behind me quick! I've made the wall slanted so it should do well enough against impact from that thing! Figured a direct hit wouldn't last but how about this!?"

Mary's thinking is logical in a way. But only if the 'Water Sphere' is on the same level of her 'Barrier'.
I'm guessing the wall won't be able to endure the brunt of the incoming impact. How so, you ask?
Because the water sphere is obviously much bigger.

"Hey you!? Hide behind the wall too, quick!"
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Mary was worried about me which I brushed off.
There's something I'd like to test out as I attempt to slice that thing.

"There's no way for our attacks to reach that! Give it up! How long are you planning to stay there!?"

Kidd spoke too, but our fate was sealed the moment that serpent showed up. Defeating it is our only way out of this crisis.
Thus I replied.

"This whole place is gonna get blown up if that thing shoots that out. None of you would survive. Then what other choice do we have than to demolish it?"

I got into Acceleration afterward.

===  ===  ===

(Now then, the serpent's stopped moving cause I entered Accelerated state just before it could shoot...)

I stare at the water surface, from the shoreline to the snake.

(Now to see if I can run on the water surface in this state.)

Yep, this is a perfect chance to test that out.

(At worst, I'd sink on the first step, just mean I gotta swim the rest of the way.)

I never would have imagined that I'd now get to test the dumb idea of taking another step before your foot would fully sink in and see if it'd work.

(Let's see how will physics and law of nature rear their heads here...)

Regardless of success or failure, this is a good chance to test the limit of this 'power'.
I get away from the shoreline to prepare a running start just in case it works though.

(Imagine running like Ara*e from Dr. Slump. Guess I gotta assume I'd submerge if I stop?)

I calmly take a start inside my mind. A first step for mankind.




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