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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 291

291 Glared At


"Let's take a break. Quite some time has passed since we entered this dungeon. We need to catch our breath."

Our sense of time has gone haywire since this floor is bright even though we first stepped inside the dungeon in the evening.
Kidd took a pocket watch-like thing from his bosom pocket and checked on it.
Mary who had been snarling at me quieted down after Firuna gave this suggestion.
Understandable. You can tell she was emphasizing on 'calm down' in her serene and sonorous voice.

"Yeah it's way past dinner time. So, should we set up camp here? Or should we make do with rations and go back outside for now?"

Kidd asked. Melgis responded.

"Best to retreat for now. We've got a new intel about this floor. Should fetch a good price. Should be plenty of chance to resume this expedition in the future."

Looks like Melgis is the type who prioritizes safety first. No wonder he's tasked with sensing danger.
However, Firuna is against that.

"We ought to map at least 60% of this floor first. Otherwise the intel can't possibly worth much. Like what we have now."

"Yeah. There's the thing about floor two too. We've got to keep going."

Danku agreed with Firuna. Kidd followed up.

"Yeah, we've only come across one type of monster that spawns on this floor. Not to mention we know absolutely nothing about their attack patterns or their traits. Even if we had fought and got the intel on all that, it'd still be too early to go back."

Once it was clear that we were gonna camp out, Mary spoke out.

"I've got lots of stuff I wanna ask you! Tell me! Just what is that magic you've been using!? I just have to know no matter what!"
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A passionate love call directed at me. Pertaining 'magic' at that.

(I haven't shown them my black hair and eyes after all. This woman seems like an avid researcher of magic, she surely knows about 'Manaless' and 'Blessless' stuff.)

Naturally I don't have mana. No mana, no magic.
Once in the past, I tried producing a flame on the tip of my finger like my mother showed me once.
The result was 'impossible'. I simply don't have the disposition to cast magic.
No matter how strongly I made the image in my mind, or how straining I groaned, I just wasn't capable of casting the simplest form of magic, 'Fire'. I found out the hard way.

That fact would likely come as an unnecessary shock to her if I told her now.
They've also agreed not to inquire. I don't need to respond here.

"Make me think you're 'worthy of trust' first if you want me talk about myself."

"Mary, restrain yourself. We're inside a dungeon remember? Your flippant behavior will only bring us danger. Get a grip."

Firuna glared hard at Mary. Mary immediately quieted down.
Not only Mary, even Kidd, Melgis and Danku flinched a bit.
Firuna must be pretty scary when angered.
I spoke out my mind here in order to shift the mood.

"Now then, what are you guys gonna do? Set up camp, go back, or keep going? Or maybe you're going to quit investigating this floor? I'm personally just about done with all this crap, I'm gonna head straight to this dungeon master and take it out after taking a break."

At this, all members of 'White Fang' glared at me with a bitter look on their face.






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