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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 290

290 Gap


We've run into wolves. They have around five to six thorns growing out their backs.

"Here they come... eight ahead, two behind... oh crap. We're surrounded..."

Melgis whispered the situation. Seems like these wolf thingies had been targeting us since awhile ago.
They're gradually closing in on us in an encirclement. These monsters are better than us at scouting it seems.

"We gotta take care of the rear ones first... No, we don't have enough men. Don't look like they're gonna let us go either..."

Kidd gave his opinion, half given up. Firuna replied.

"We cannot avoid getting injured as it stands. I would have liked to preserve my mana for healing...."

I wonder why? I really don't get it.

"I'll ward off the ones coming frontally. Melgis, take care of the escapees."

"Got it. I can handle stopping them at least."

The two are getting heated up on their own. Not to forget the most dangerous person here.

"You guys buy me time, I'll erase them with my magic~. Never seen these monsters before, but my magic's still gonna blow 'em all away no problem!"

Mary held out what looked like a cane to set up her magic.
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(Why do these guys always forget about me? Is my power so unreliable in their eyes?)

That wasn't the reason which I only found out later. Everybody possesses mana no matter how little and during battle you can sense it or something. Apparently it's an indispensable technique all adventurers have to learn.
And I don't have mana. Thus, the moment they switch to high gear, they lose sight of my existence.
As I was still not aware of such thing at this point of time, I thought I was being shunned or something.

But that wasn't it. Thanks to that, I'm also late at reacting to the situation.
Firuna was the one who noticed it first. She calmly realized my presence and asked for my help.

"I beg my pardon. Is it possible for you to get us all out of this trouble?"

After hearing her, I drew my katana.
The other members finally noticed me as well and turned their sight here, yet they looked doubtful when they saw me just standing still.

"How are you so relaxed?"
"Ah hey! Are you going to steal my spotlight again!?"
"Can we leave this to you?"
"Ha~, why the hell did I forget you... I'm sure this is nothing for someone who demolished those orcs..."

Mary was being competitive for spotlight for some reason. While Melgis sounded tired.
Kidd looked so stiff I wondered if he could even fight like that. Well guy must be anxious, Mary did mention they never saw this monster before and all.
Danku had his shield up while looking at me with a complicated expression.

I remained silent. Rather than using words, showing them that these monsters are no threat is faster.

I got into Accelerated state. Sliding my katana on each and every wolves.
These things are dungeon monsters, no chance of grotesque scenes getting produced. Hence I'm cutting them worry free.

(I ain't gonna hold back using this 'power' in this dungeon thanks to that fact...)

And once I eliminated the eight wolves ahead and two behind us, I undid Acceleration.
And then, 'Chin!', I made sure to make the katana sheathing sound. Yep, the only reason I keep doing this is simply because it's cool.

(My chuni-ness... is surfacing after getting this katana...)

White Fang turned around toward that sound.
The wolves had been cut in two and vanished into blue particles of light by then.

All members of 'White Fang' stared in wonder while remaining silent. Mary alone started to quiver before suddenly yelling out loud.

"Hey you! Give it a rest already! Just how did you kill all those monsters from so far away instantly like that!? And all at once!? Tell me! The principle behind that magic!? No! What kind of magic is that even!?"

Looks like this Mary woman is a 'Magic Nerd' as befitting of her ridiculous personality.




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