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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 299

299 Pinch


One thing's been nagging me though.

"Hey so, you guys know where the stairway to floor four? Seems to me you're dead set on following a straight path, we gonna be all right?"

I'm sure my doubt is reasonable. Mary replied to me.

"Ah, that huh? In most dungeons, the entrance and exit are connected in a straight line you see. It's just the space between them is often time a maze, but since this dungeon's big with a good view and all, we should find the exit if we just keep going straight."

They didn't simply walk without a plan. All their actions have a basis.
Still, Mary sure is eager to answer my questions.
Wonder if it's a recoil to me saying she's not worth my trust.
Shows how serious she is with anything magic related I guess.

(Wonder what kind of face would she make if she found out I have no mana?)

I was a bit curious about that before quickly erasing the thought.
Now's not the time.

'Monster ahead', I entered Acceleration when I heard that and ran off.
I slashed at the monster and returned back to White Fang. Then I undid Acceleration.
I've been repeating that all this time. What kind of monster was it? How many? I never report such. They have no need to know about already vanished monsters.
Our only path is ahead since a threat is looming behind. They'll eventually catch up if we don't get to the next floor.

(It being a 'threat' only applies to 'White Fang' though.)

We spent quite some time repeating such. My sense told me it should be around two hours.
With me swiftly dispatching any and all monsters Melgis sensed, our advance has been quite, no, unbelievably fast.
To the point 'White Fang' started to worry about getting in too deep.

And then we finally found the stairway to floor four.

"Finally here... Now then, are we going down right off or what?"

Kidd was impatient to plunge straight away. Other members opposed the idea.

"Let's rest. None can tell what's in there. My legs need respite."
"Oh, oh, me too, my feet are hurting~ We walked so much so fast to get here, I wanna lay down~."
"Yeah, same goes for me. My concentration's at its limit. The fatigue's come rushing in now that we're here."
"I believe it would be wise to have our break down below..."

"We should set up our camp some distance away from this spot. We're staying there overnight."

All of them were surprised at my suggestion. Seems like I gotta tell them what I have in mind.

"Let's go look for a nice spot a bit far apart straight from this stairway. Melgis, do you know any skill to erase our footsteps along the way?"

"Just what exactly are you thinking? Well, yeah sure I can do it... but tell me why."

"Ah. It's for the sake of expanding your options to 'survive'."

I can't imagine ever finding myself in a pinch thanks to this 'power'. But the same can't be said to 'White Fang'.
Thus I proposed this plan to help with their survival.

"I'll enumerate some of ideas I have. You guys decide what's best."




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