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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 282

282 World Goes Round


"Raise your head, I'm not mad. Also, I'm still on board with the whole dungeon thing. Let's get out of here quick and sell off the mats. We're wasting time here."

I urged them to get a move on. Firuna stood up and said 'Let us go' before quietly walking toward the kingdom.
The rest of White Fang followed just as quietly. While dragging the two criminals along.
There is no conversation. Understandable. They must be terribly afraid from almost having killed me.

(Well, I mean I've shown that their fates hinge on my whim after all...)

I mean the showing of 'Acceleration'. I'm not a maniac that kill people indiscriminately though.
I'm sure they're gonna hold a meeting at their inn tonight to discuss what to do with me.

(Either they'd let me stay as their temporary member into the dungeon or they'd cut the deal off... I'm fine either way, but I'd rather just keep going with them if I could help it...)

I anticipate to get dragged into this party, White Fang's mess at the end of the day no matter if we end up going separate ways.
Why? Because I just know after everything that has happened so far.

We arrived at the gate while I was pondering that.
Kidd and Firuna went to the gatekeeper to hand over the criminals and explain the situation while the rest of us went to material trade store.
It was silence all the way to the store. Mary was looking especially restless.

She kept glancing at me looking really shifty.
I still haven't got a word of apology from her.
She must have been trying to look for the right moment all this time. She could have apologized together with Firuna back then, yet she missed that chance. Maybe she's a dimwit.
I originally thought she's a flippant type, but maybe not. How she's been looking like she's got something to say while fidgeting almost makes me laugh instead.

The mat selling went smoothly. I got a bit taken aback to see coins keep piling up just from the sales of the meat and bones alone.
Same with Danku and Melgis, their faces gradually twitched harder as the coins piled up.

"My bad. I did not foresee it would turn out to be such a big deal."

Danku admitted he miscalculated. Melgis followed.

"Yeah. Was under the impression magic beast meat ain't worth much, never thought it goes as much as the highest quality meat. And what's more..."

He went silent. I got it too.
Because the store couldn't put price tags on the pelt's and fangs'. Because.

"I have never seen such fine materials in all my ten year experience as a material trader! They're truly of such fine quality! And I can't find even a single scratch, measuring the value is simply beyond my ability!"

The store owner proposed to put the mats up on an auction.
Until then, he's unable to name the prices. And judging from his reaction, it's definitely going to go very high.

And thus the party left the mats at the store for auction. There would be a commission fee but they decided it was for the best and signed a contract.
I know what auctions are. But I didn't speak a word. As someone who never participated in one even in my past life, it wasn't my place to butt in.
Besides I've already agreed that it's all 'hush money' for White Fang.

We left the store once they were done negotiating. The store will see a hectic period and profit big after this.
They have just received several hundreds kilograms of the highest quality meat. They're surely going to be busy selling it all off to retails and restaurants. The profit will help their store and revitalize the economy.
I stopped thinking there as it's got nothing to do with me.

That was when Mary spoke to me.




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