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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.13


After the ceremony, Lecan, Norma and Eda went back to Vouka. Along with Jinga too of course. Apparently Rigan Notz entreated him in tears, 'The clean up is going to be hectic', and he shook it off.

Manfrey asked Norma to handle the gifts sorting, and Norma left it to Fujisur to deal with. Fujisur replied, 'Ma'am' with dead fish eyes. Norma told Fujisur that most gifts are to belong to Wazrof, while gifts that must be given to Lecan are to be delivered to Vouka. Fujisur's eyes deadened further. Then Norma said she'd leave Findin with him for an entire month. Fujisur got revived.

Lecan also invited Boudo along, but since he was about to grasp enough of the language to hold a daily conversation in a bit more, he opted to stay at Wazrof.

Yacklubend has sent a wedding gift to Wazrof.

The name's <Kettle-kun>.

It's a round magic tool the size of a child's head, putting it in a bathtub and reciting <Kettle, Start> will heat up the water inside.

<Kettle, Stop> turns the temperature back.

At first Lecan thought, 'What an annoying little trinket', but he soon found himself unable to get by without this trinket.

Whenever he's at Goncourt, the maids would bring in heated water if he's gonna take a bath. Lecan isn't allowed to do it himself. But since there's a well, he can freely take a bath even in the middle of the night thanks to <Kettle-kun>.

There's simply nothing handier.

Lecan, Norma and Eda paid a visit to Norma's parents' graves located in the garden of her clinic.

As a matter of fact, their graves are also put in Wazrof Mausoleum, but these graves erected by Jinga are the real ones to Norma.

On the 28th of month six, [Dialogue with Medicine God] was presented to the king. Another copy was also presented to Mashajain. The royal family would go on to lend this book to many lords, temples and prominent apothecaries.

Transcriber Rakrus who had gone back to the capital once has also come back to Vouka to resume his work on [Medical Herb Study Set].

Lecan went to Riplin.

He then gave Solid Sacred Silver ores to Agost's son. The remaining half of the ores he got in Dungeon Yufu. This was always the plan.

At first Agost's wife wouldn't accept the ores. Saying she's got no money. Thus Lecan explained.

"Sell the ores you don't use. Live, train, and buy everything you need with that money and then forge a sword even better than <Sword of Rusk> someday. My son will wield it."

Lecan has no son. Nor has he any plan to have one. It was just a means to get them accept the ores. But after those words came out of his mouth, Lecan began to wonder what would it be like if he had a son.

(Gonna teach him swords.)



(And bring him into dungeons.)

(Might be fun.)

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He dropped by Mashajain on his way back from Riplin. Boudo paused his language study for the time being, planning to continue it if the chance arose in the future.

Lecan and Boudo went to challenge Dungeon Daina. Even the previous beastmen attempt failed to reach the final floor.

The dungeon was an awfully peculiar one, but the two managed to brute force their way down. But then a giant physical-type Carrion King spawned on floor 90, it was quite tough, kept regenerating itself and just when they finally managed to defeat it after a long struggle, another one spawned right away. In reality, making someone with low combat ability fight and proceed ahead on this floor would spawn weak Carrion Kings, but since they had no clue about this trait, they decided to go back to Vouka and bring Eda here.

Then, since Julius was also there, they took him along in the dungeon conquest. Since Eda and Julius never set foot inside before they had to restart from floor 1, yet they succeeded conquering the last floor in 30 days and went back to Vouka. It was on the second of month nine. Julius went his separate way back to his village along the way.

On this year Kingdom Year 119 month eight, Zaidmahl Household was appointed as Townlord of Jio, and be given one new town and three villages. They were originally a small-time lord who only had four small villages under them without a territory name thus only know as Zaidmahl, but from now on they would be known as Jio territory. Jio is the village where Zaidmahl Household resides. Normally, they should have adopted the name of a city in the territory but since Shoa town is a far cry from being called a city, this arrangement was made instead. Shoa town as well as Gasko village, Chicory village and Boyd village were all included in the new territory.

The pretexts for this new addition is due to them being a [Patron of Adventurer Lecan who contributed in Beastmen War] and [Discovery of new resources that would help toward the kingdom's prosperity].

Up until now, there were several mountains that divide the new territory and other territories. Then more mountains in the area and villages. These places aren't included in Jio territory but as there are no other influential lords nearby, they are regarded as Zaidmahl's for all intents and purposes. It's the birth of a new great power in the northeastern frontier of the kingdom which was hitherto empty.

With this, the royal family then closed an exclusive contract with Chaney to sell swords and spears made from Toron thorns. Wazrof and Rainzats used many of them during Beastmen Wars, naturally the royal family figured out what they were.

By exclusive contract here, only royal family or a party the royal family approved can buy the weapons. Chaney still decides the selling prices, and the royal family would subsidize every weapon sold. Chaney agreed to this contract only after he informed Wazrof and consulted to Shira.

At the same time, Vouka was promoted into a viscount territory. Vouka already had the economic power of a viscountcy by this point, and also the fastest developing city in the northern half of the kingdom. The achievement of being a [Patron of adventurer Lecan who contributed to Beastmen War's victory] also helped the promotion.

Lecan's group was back at Vouka on the second of month nine, they took a break for a few days before going to leave for Dungeon Tsubolt to conquer it, with Eda and Boudo. But then they found out about Eda's pregnancy. Nevertheless Lecan was going to keep taking Eda along, so Norma and Jericho got indignant and scolded Lecan hard.

On the same month nine, Lady Rubianafale delivered her healthy first child. They named the child Gidoruglein.

Lecan and Boudo went together to Dungeon Rotor and hunted a Petitfire Dragon. Afterward they visited Mashajain. Boudo chose to stay at Wazrof for the time being, thus Lecan went back to Vouka alone.

On the 32nd of month ten this year, the prime minister Orbanus Rainzats resigned. His aide, Yeteria Wazbon assumed the vacant position.

On the 20th of month two Kingdom Year 120, Lecan and Boudo challenged the Dungeon of Carrion King. From floor 1 to 9, there were double the enemies spawned compared to when he first challenged the dungeon on his own, but Lecan brute forced his way with excess firepower. Boudo took on the last floor by himself. Sure enough, Carrion King could only resort to petty tricks, and since it couldn't absorb mana, it quickly run out of mana and could no longer warp around. Boudo destroyed the Carrion King in one blow. A God Cure got dropped.

As it turned out, this dungeon would go out of its dormant period in just a day. They conquered it again the day after and got another God Cure.

The two stayed here for 120 days, and split the hundred God Cures among themselves.

Boudo split up here. Being a trip lover, he often went off on his own during their time in their world whenever they had a no dungeon downtime.

On the sixth of month three, Yufu Dungeon Knights finished their expedition early this year and went back to Yufonia. They brought back Petitfire Dragon's meat as decreed by the marquis but it didn't taste good despite the cooking method. There were other nearby dungeons and locations where Petitfire Dragons live. Marquis of Yufu obtained a few sample of the dragon's meat. All of which was edible, but none could compare to Rotor's dragon meat. And thus the marquis realized that it's not Petitfire Dragon meat that's good, it's Rotor-born Petitfire Dragon meat.

On the 30th of month five, Lecan arrived at Mashajain. There was a letter from Norma for him. Eda is nearing the end of her pregnancy, and he is to come back now. Lecan ran back to Vouka.

Before this, on month four, Viscount Sariel Gossen succeeded his father as Viscount of Sopdemoa and took Heles as his wife.

On the 21st of month six, Eda delivered their first child. It's a boy. Lecan named him Horus. Which means [Hope] in his original world's language. It's the name of an ancient king who brought about lights into a world of darkness.

On the last day of month six, 100 Yufu Dungeon Knights visited Rotor, greeted and gave their present to Earl of Rotor before diving into the dungeon. They conquered the dungeon in 35 days and gave all loot besides Petitfire Dragon's meat to Earl of Rotor free of charge and set out back home.





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