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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.4_5


"That's better. Oh yeah, something you said caught my attention. What do you mean Prado looks forward to what Norma does?"

"This is nothing more than my wild imagination, but Prado-sama had always been alone in coming up for plans and passing judgments for years. Shouldering an enormous burden. Butler Kanner may have been an excellent assistant, but he would never go against Prado-sama's will."


"But then, Norma-sama went in a completely different direction than Prado-sama. And she did that spontaneously. Prado-sama has become better at handing down his judgments after observing Norma-sama managing things on-site in that direction. I believe Prado-sama is now feeling much more at ease, something he has never experienced before."


"Also, Norma-sama is very well received by the children, Utena-sama and Jona-sama, giving them opportunities to get along with each other. This alone has ensured a brighter future for this house. And that benefit came naturally even though it was neither ordered by Prado-sama nor was it intentional of Norma-sama. That is everything that makes Prado-sama look forward to Norma-sama's actions."

"I got it somewhat. Norma."

"Yup. What is it?"

"I got the gist of your reasons for coming to Goncourt House and what it means to you. Get to the next point now."

"Yeah, so here's the main issue."

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On the 11th of month four, an envoy from House of Wazrof paid Goncourt Mansion a visit. As Lecan obtained <Comet Cutter> in Dungeon Tsubolt on the 15th of month four, this happened sometimes a bit before that.

That envoy was Viscount of Goroun, Kinis Wiba. Class-wise, he's of a higher standing than Vouka townlord. According to Jinga, Viscount of Goroun is an individual Wazrof only sends as an envoy for highly critical matters, he's usually reserved for the royalty, or marquises or earls.

The viscount visited Vouka townlord Crimus Ulban before asking for Norma's whereabouts. Crimus absolutely had no clue that Norma was a cousin of Wazrof's present master, it took him completely by surprise. As for the viscount, he was bewildered himself when he found out Norma had been named a heiress of a noble family, Goncourt.

Guided by Agito Ulban and Commander Tesla, the viscount visited Goncourt mansion, met Prado Goncourt and told him he wished to pick Norma up for a certain matter. He wouldn't disclose what that matter was, but it was clear that it was an important matter concerning multiple marquis houses.

Prado was also awfully shocked. Even though he knew that Norma was looked upon much more fondly by Wazrof after finding out Jinga's status as a high-ranking knight of Wazrof, he could never imagine that it was to the degree of sending a viscount as an envoy.

The viscount met Norma, and told her that the present master, Manfrey Wazrof had a very important matter to discuss with her, thus she would be escorted to Mashajain promptly. The viscount spoke modestly considering his standing, but it still slightly offended Norma. Because they went at it while completely ignoring Norma's side's circumstances.

Norma told the viscount that she was involved in a big project Guide Skalabel launched to publish her father, Sasfrey's work, and she could not leave Vouka due to her busy schedule.

The viscount was aware of that project. Priest Amamir who would never let anything slip had negotiated with Prime Minister Office to make it, <A kingdom-wide national project proposed and led by Guide Skalabel> instead of just Guide Skalabel's pet project. To that effect, the PM Office Domestic Affair Department contacted House of Wazrof and asked them whether the author should have the name Wazrof or not.

This was a confirmation to present master of Wazrof, Manfrey, leaving it to him to decide whether they are allowed to have Sasfrey named as Wazrof, neither the PM Office nor Amamir were asking Wazrof permission.

Manfrey dealt with it befitting of an esteemed family head. He told them that Sasfrey was undoubtedly a sixth son of previous family head, they would have Wazrof name as the book author, and that Wazrof would donate a large sum to this project.

The viscount laughed, saying that due to that, the Prime Minister Office would definitely look the other way even if the project got delayed for a bit if it's for the sake of Wazrof's internal matter.

This instantly put Norma in a bad mood. Because the viscount implied that Wazrof holds the right to control this project. And the they're doing it in a way that completely disregards transcriber Rakrus's and Norma's opinions and efforts on the matter.

"I am truly astonished to hear that the family head of Wazrof has gracefully bestowed his permission to use the marquis's name on my late father's work. I am eternally grateful for that."

The viscount turned all smile.

"Be that as it may, my father Sasfrey has been banished from House of Wazrof. I am unsure if we should call him a Wazrof."

The viscount's laugh froze.

"In addition, putting Wazrof name on this project may have been proposed by Prime Minister Office, but as Sasfrey's daughter as well as the party concerned in this, not one individual from Wazrof has made any contact with me. Therefore, I am unable to decide whether to put Wazrof name in this project or not, as of yet."

The viscount looked perplexed.

"In any case, I am still a heiress to a noble family, small as they may. He may be the head of Wazrof, however I am not obliged to answer this unilateral summon."





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