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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.15_16


"Last one. What did you get on the last floor after conquering Dungeon Tsubolt?"

"You still haven't realized it yet? A sword was dropped on the last floor. A really nice sword."

"What kind of sword. Show me."

"Muduc really wanted that sword, so I gave it to him. I mean I'm not a swordsman after all. He taught me swordsmanship in exchange. That sword is hanging on Arios's waist now."


"That's how I figured out that boy was Muduc's grandson right away. They look alike too."

"I'll see you again."

Lecan went back home. Arios was preparing meals.

"Arios. Show me your sword."

Lecan took the sword leaning on the wall without waiting for Arios's reply, drew it and put it on the desk before producing his thin wand.

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>!"

<Name: Void Cutter (Parfanscyll)>

<Type: Sword>

<Offense: Maximum>

<Hardness: Large>

<Firmness: Large>

<Sharpness: Maximum>

<Wear Rate: Minimum>

<Endurance: Maximum>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 150>


<Depth: 150>

<Grace: Indestructible, Ignore Defensive Graces, Art Addition>

※Indestructible: Never wears down, unbreakable.

※Ignore Defensive Graces: Ignores opponent's defensive Graces.

※Art Addition: Boost Offense and Sharpness through user's techniques.

Lecan has never felt a bigger shock in his life before.

"What the hell is this."

It's the ideal sword.

Exactly the ideal sword Lecan imagined in his mind. No, even more than that even.

The sword has exceedingly high basic attributes too. Nay, it's better than anything he's seen.

The Graces are wonderful as well.

Power and speed boosts would be problematic with the handling, yet this sword doesn't have anything superfluous, only adding the necessities.

Lecan grabbed <Void Cutter> in his hand and had a swing.

(Nice handling. Feels good in hand. It's a great sword.)

The sword fits right in his right hand like it's stuck there. The only other sword with such a nice grip like this was his now broken trusty sword.

(If only I stopped Eda from treating Arios back then.)

(This sword would have been mine.)

He was fighting wrongly in Dungeon Tsubolt. He should have cut down Arios standing behind him, not the magic beasts ahead.


(There was never any need to look for the boss on the last floor.)

(The real dungeon boss had always been standing behind me.)

(A dungeon boss that would drop the best sword when defeated.)

(And I only realized it now.)

Glint, Lecan's right eye glared Arios.

(No. It's not too late now.)

"Err. I'm kinda getting a really bad feeling here."

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The day after, Lecan bought a lot of Shurfusa fruit and dropped by Goncourt mansion. The fruit is a favorite of Longarm Apes. He's surely delighted about it. To be frank, Jericho's souvenir completely slipped Lecan's mind, but his conversation with Shira yesterday jogged his memory. Arios stayed behind in the house, saying he wanted to clean it up.

Norma, Eda, and Jericho were present. Norma was having a meeting with some transcriber guy, so Lecan got to see Eda and Jericho first. Eda seemed awfully ecstatic with their reunion.

(Well now, this is a surprise.)

(Could someone change this much in just six months.)

Eda is changing into a lady. No, she's changed. And not just growing physically. Her demeanor, looks in her eyes, conducts and atmosphere have clearly grown, they've gotten solid.

When Lecan said that he brought souvenir for Jericho, Jericho rejoiced. But his face turned sorrowful when he saw the souvenir was Shurfusa fruit.

"Lecan. Jericho you see, doesn't really like Shurfusa."

"What? Is that true. I had no idea. My bad, Jericho."

"Buruu. Buru. Ruru."

"He said it's the thought that counts."

"What, you can understand Jericho?"

"That's just how it sounds like to me. So, what about me?"

How Eda's souvenir never even crossed his mind until this very moment shows how weird Lecan's thought process is. But it's not like he doesn't have one.

"Give this a try."

He presented <Bow of Yelbits> he got in Dungeon Tsubolt to Eda. Her eyes lit up when Lecan explained its ability.

"Thank you, Lecan!"

Eda hugged Lecan in joy.

She looks happy for real.

Weirdly enough, Lecan thought that one or two bows are a cheap price to pay if that would make her this happy. He had no idea why he would think that. But it doesn't feel bad. It's nice actually.

They had a chat for a while before Norma and Jinga finally showed up. There's a young man following behind them.

"Lecan! Hi, hi. I'm so glad we could see each other again. Welcome back. Thanks for coming."


When he saw Norma's face brightened up, Lecan's heart warmed up as well.

The young man was called Findin, a butler aide of Goncourt Family.

"Jinga. Our tea please."


After quenching their throats with the tea Jinga served, Norma straightened up her posture and spoke.

"Lecan. Won't you fight for me."


"I am currently being asked to marry someone I am unwilling to. To decline the other party, I must win against a knight of that noble who's courting me in a duel."

"How'd it come to that."

"But the opponent is powerful, and furnished with the best in class equipment. Only the very best warrior could prevail."


"I loathe to ask you this, but you're the only one I can depend on now. I was worried you wouldn't come back in time, but here you are now. Please. Fight for me."

"Alright, I got it. Leave it to me. Who's my opponent. Where are they."

"The duel will be held at the royal capital."

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