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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.5_6


Someone asked to see <Comet Cutter>, thus Lecan generated the magic blade in front of everyone. They got really excited.

All of them were thrilled when they found out <Skeleton Ogre Zoltan> had reached floor 121. They started boasting about Zoltan as if he was their father.

"No no no. Ain't no telling if he stopped at floor 121. We're talking 'bout Zoltan here. Man might even got to floor 150. Don't you think so, Lecan-san?"

"Right, yeah. I've no idea how far Zoltan got either."

"See, Zoltan is great. Ain't it, y'all! Tell me so!"

'He is, he is', they shouted.

"Cheers for the great adventurer <Skeleton Ogre Zoltan>!"

They never got tired cheering for Zoltan.

They would go on to narrate heroic tales of Zoltan Lecan was unaware of.


(So many people looked up to you.)

None blamed Lecan for killing Zoltan. Lecan believed that it was because there's no point to it.

All of a sudden Nark stood up and shouted.

"Guys, listen! This Lecan here hails from the same land as Zoltan!"

"What? Is that true?"

"Of course it is. Ain't it, Lecan?"


"Where'd Zoltan come from anyway?"

"Both me and Zoltan are <Descenders>. We descended from the same world."

"I knew it."

"Is that world full of adventurers like you and Zoltan?"

"No. Zoltan is a special case."

"Damn, that's awesome! Zoltan really is someone special!"

"Oy, hold it! Zoltan's been in this town since my father's days. He sometimes went off somewhere though. How long ago has he been in this world?"

"He told me he got here more than 50 years ago."

"More than 50 years ago?"

"He'd been away from his homeland for so long."

"And then, he encountered an adventurer from that same world after 50 long years."


"He must be ecstatic. He must be nostalgic."

"Lecan, Lecan. Did Zoltan enjoy the fight with you?"

"Yea. Said that was most fun he had in a fight."

"Guys! Cheers for Zoltan's final fight!"

Lecan kept drinking his booze without feeling tired about it mysteriously enough.

Arios quietly listened to everyone else.

Nark, Nell and even dining customers easily accepted how Lecan fought Zoltan and how he cut down knight Torog. Which surprised Lecan, but thinking again these people live in a dungeon city. Their sense of things differ from Vouka's populace.

The feast continued on tirelessly.

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The morning after, Lecan took his time getting up.



"Got a plan to go out today?"

"No. I'll be staying here all day long."

Lecan mounted an attack on General Dungeon Administrative office yesterday. Pretty much a declaration of war to the townlord. The other party won't stay silent.

That's fine with him. Doesn't matter what kind of tricks they're going to employ, he's just going to respond in kind.

That's fine and all, but he's worried about Nark and Nell. He must keep an eye on them for the time being.

"Yeah? I'm heading for the workshop to ask if they're done with our armor."


They weren't done yet.

The three <Grindam> members were also loitering around in the inn that day.

These guys and Arios have heard the circumstances from Lecan yesterday. Thus they're staying in the inn to keep a watch on Nark and Nell.

"You guys don't have to take days off the dungeon."

"Come on now, Lecan. Nark and Nell are like family to us. Besides, you're going to head out if knight Baiad asks for your presence right?"

"Yea, I would. Do you guys know this Baiad guy? What's he like?"

"We don't know him that well, but I think he's a decent one. Both Baiad and Haydent."

"Who's Haydent."

"He's the younger brother of Marquis of Tsubolt, Giluent Notz, and a townlord's aide. Father of lady Eliza, see."

"What's this Haydent guy like."

"He's a good guy. Despite his high standing, he doesn't lord people around. I think he's a prideful man in a good sense. Deals with everything impartially. Pretty skilled too."

"Yeah, he's strong."

"Yup, a good man."

"Fumu. What's the marquis like."

"I know nothing about someone as high up as the marquis. I've ever seen his face thrice."

"I have never seen the marquis myself."

"Same here."

"You never met the marquis yet know the younger brother well?"

"Lady Eliza is responsible for General Dungeon Administrative office, and these aides are above even her, they receive direct orders from the marquis to decide on how to manage the dungeon. So naturally they come to the dungeon. Though they don't actually dive inside in person."

"No. I heard he often delved in the dungeon in his younger days."

"Apparently he even got to floor 81."

"Eh? He's a depth-walker then! That's a shocker all right."

"Why'd the aides go in the dungeon when the marquis doesn't?"

"Listen now, Lecan. Is there a noble who owns a mine that works as a miner themselves? They might come visit workshops that process ores into commodity, but most would hire workers instead. Nobles' jobs are to manage things so to make them profitable and to use those profits. Some might want to control how to process ores into finished products, or try to sell those products to other nobles though."

"I see."

"We come to believe those aides are decent men cause they visit us on site despite their high standings. They even listen to us adventurers."

In the end, nothing happened that day.

Lecan used <Ring of Undying King> before he went to sleep and verified its duration. The effect expired after 13 beats of Lecan's heart.

Meaning the <Ten inner heart beats of the user> doesn't correspond to the user's heartbeats at the time of usage. It's probably unrelated to how fast or slow the user's heartbeats at the time, but there's some kind of criteria to it.

Meaning he ought to make his body remember the exact duration.




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