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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.4


The knight is accompanied by two soldiers behind him. There's also many staff members nearby, but they're all hiding behind covers while watching the situation.


(These three are pretty good.)

The knight spoke.

"I am an aide of the town lord, Knight Baiad Rengra."


"Could you tell us what you're doing here."

"Knight Torog Benchara kidnapped innkeeper couple of <Rafin's Rock Terrace>, Nark and his wife Nell. Then he blackmailed adventurer Zoltan with them as hostages to kill me and steal the <Comet Cutter> I obtained in the dungeon. I came here after defeating Zoltan. After which I killed Torog and rescued Nark and Nell."

A rustle broke out. They must be surprised to hear Lecan beating Zoltan.

"Is that right. I was too late."


"However, we cannot let you get away now that you have killed Torog-dono. Would you come with us to the townlord's mansion."

"I refuse."


"I am fed up with this town's knights and town lord. I'm not gonna follow orders from a townlord who turned a blind eye to this outrageous act."

The two soldiers behind the knight let out their bloodlust and put their hands on their swords' grips.

Knight Baiad raised both his hands to stop the two.

"Quit it. You two cannot hope to compete with him. Never mess with depth walking adventurers, I've always been reminding you just that. Adventurer Lecan."


"Will you take those two to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> then."

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"Will you stay at that inn for the foreseeable future then."


"We shall inquire the circumstances at a later date. Where is Zoltan-dono now?"

"He's dead."

Lecan passed next to knight Baiad after saying that.

He saw the expression Baiad had at the time. However, Lecan was unable to tell what emotion did that signify.

As Lecan walked off, Nark and Nell followed.

The three left the building.

A large crowd has formed around the building, the commotion inside seems to be circulated.

The crowd opened a path as Lecan walked.

Nobody else got in their way afterward.

The three didn't say anything until they reached the inn.

They walked in silent.

They arrived at <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

Bruska was inside when they opened the door.

"Nark! Nell! You're all right! Lecan, so you've gone and rescued them."


"You marched right into the General Dungeon Administration office?"


"Man, you're really unbelievable. Knew that already though."

Bruska who listened to the rough flow of events from Lecan looked regretful when he heard Zoltan's death, but he pumped his fist and laughed when he found out Torog's demise.

Nark and Nell went to lavatory first before they made something to eat and listened while eating, they never made any fuss or got mad.

Lecan thought Nark and Bruska would grieve and blame Lecan after knowing he had killed Zoltan, so their reaction took him by surprise.

Before long, Tsuinga and Yoana also came back.

Yesterday evening the three <Grindam> members were puzzled when they found Nark and Nell absent coming back here, so they went to ask the neighbors. The three concluded that it must be knight Torog's handiwork when the neighbors testified they saw the two getting taken away by General Dungeon Administration's soldiers.

They went to the General Dungeon Administrative office today to ask about it but since they couldn't get a satisfactory answer, they went and asked around instead.

As adventurers who have reached floor 100, they're acquainted with adventurers who have reached floor 90s. Depth-walking adventurers get special treatments in dungeon cities, and these three are more well connected than Lecan imagined.

Surprisingly enough, Nark and Nell went out shopping to prepare dinner. <Grindam> heated the bath themselves and went in.

While Nark and Nell were busy preparing dinner, Arios came back.

He left the town on the 15th, so it's only been five days since then. Though it's not like he ever said he'd be absent the whole ten days it'd take to repair their armor.

"I have returned. Eh?"

Arios froze up when he saw Lecan quietly sipping fermented liquor on his table.

"Did something happen?"

Lecan asked back since Arios was acting oddly.

"What are you surprised for?"

"Do you even have to ask? Have you defeated a dungeon boss or something?"

"What are you going on about."

"I see you haven't realized yourself then. Oh well, I suppose it doesn't matter."

"Weird guy."

Dinner was ready at last, <Grindam> joined Lecan and Arios's table. Nark and Nell have also joined today. The neighboring folks also came to check on Nark and Nell after finding out they're fine, along with dining customers, it turned into a festive dinner.

Lecan explained what happened while replying to questions. He disclosed how they reached floor 121, and how they got their hands on a <Comet Cutter>. How the number of magic beasts correspond to the number of people entering a room starting from floor 100, and how you must defeat floor 120's <Guardian> alone to open the path to floor 121. However, he said nothing about <Ring of Undying King>.

All three of <Grindam> were dumbfounded as they listened.

They were surprised about the discovery of floors beyond 120, but what shocked them most is the fact that the feat was accomplished by mere two people.

"You two are really not your ordinary adventurers."

"Indeed so. You two might end up leaving your marks in legend."

"What are you guys saying now. Ain't it obvious these two ain't no your everyday adventurers way back then."





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