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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.14


Suddenly her hands and cheeks recalled Lecan's warmth on that day. The warmth Lecan gave that time in the townlord's mansion annex by telling her how her uncle, the previous generation Marquis of Mashajain truly felt.

At that time, Norma's heart crumbled down like it was melting, she wouldn't have keep it together without someone supporting her. And Lecan did. Norma found out about the gentleness depth in Lecan's heart from that warmth.

The words Lecan spoke that day shook Norma to her very core.

"Godfrey sent a letter to Jinga which had this written. 'I shall avenge my brother without fail, you keep protecting Norma'."

Godfrey was a machine for the marquis house. But the words he sent when your father died sounds like it comes from a genuinely passionate man to me."

"Godfrey avenged his little brother, took back the wand and sent it to Jinga."

"Your mother's wand was sent to you. It's loaded with the feelings Godfrey had for you."

"Have you ever thought of this. Prohibiting you take your assets was nothing more than a front. That must how he explained it to his relatives. But Godfrey wanted to let your father take everything he needed, no matter what it was."

"I believe he was. Both your father, and you."

"Godfrey sent his most trusted knight to you and your father. Then he ordered that knight to protect you when your father died. That was Godfrey's true intent."

Norma's had completely shut her heart toward Marquis of Mashajain. That's just how poorly they treated her. Or so she believed. However, that closed door was pried open by Lecan's words. Broke open.

The stagnant, unsightly and ugly feelings festering in Norma's heart was completely cleansed away back then.

Lecan had that power mysterious power.

Moreover, he would only show that gentleness to a very limited number of individuals. Knowing that she's one among those individuals makes her gleeful enough to physically blush.

Marrying Lecan had never even been a speck in her mind. Or more like the idea of marrying someone or anyone never even crossed her mind.

But a new path has opened now.
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(Wonder how would he react.)

(If I asked him to marry me?)

Wonder how should she bring it up. First of all, she has to explain the circumstance around her and Goncourt. That she needs to marry someone to prevent unwelcome bugs. Her husband can't be someone that could be tempted by Goncourt's fortune. And his wife, Norma will have to surrender the right to succession to Gaipus someday.

I won't bind you down to the house. Right, she's got to remember mentioning that. He's free to leave anytime. And whenever he feels like it, he can go back to Vouka to rest. At this Goncourt Mansion.

But what about Eda. Lecan is clearly taken with Eda. Of course, he could just marry Eda. As he's a noble, he can have multiple wives. Lecan is likely going to come pick Eda eventually. Then they'll go on an adventure together. That's fine. Then Norma herself can be the harbor for the two to come home to sometimes. She will defend the place the two can go back to.

So please, be my husband. How will he reply back if she said that.

"Yea. Sure."

Feels like he'd just nonchalantly say that. Then she'd take him to the temple while his mind is set. No, she should have a priest ready beforehand. Then they can hold a wedding ceremony at the mansion right away.

The biggest issue would be Prado instead. His grandchild was killed by Lecan. It might be difficult for him to come to term emotionally.

However, on the other hand, this would mend Goncourt's relationship with Lecan and Eda. And having him as a groom would be preferable to Goncourt House as a whole, Prado's feeling notwithstanding.

"Norma-dono. What do you think?"


"After neglecting you all this time and not even sending an aid, I am sure you find me bringing this up now loathsome. However, I cannot find any other mean but to beg you here. Please, would you please consider it."

Norma whose delusion was interrupted by Prado almost said yes on reflex, but she noticed there were things needed to be done first.

"I cannot give a reply on my own discretion. I'm aware that this is a matter of urgency, but could you send me back to my clinic with a wagon first. Once I've consulted with them, I'll get back here with my answer."

Norma went back to her clinic on a wagon. After explaining the circumstance to Jinga, his reply was brief.

"I shall do as Norma-sama's wish."

That's a promise to accompany Norma anywhere she goes. This brief exchange resolved Norma's mind.

Next, Norma spoke to Rakrus.

Rakrus congratulated Norma, but he seemed hesitant to go to Goncourt mansion along with her.

"I have completely taken fancy of this clinic. It's a nice place. I can calmly work at ease. Besides, you will need someone to tend the garden. My apprentice Yoran has been taught by Jinga-dono, he's now capable of so. Being a distance away might be good for us both as well."

In exchange, Rakrus asks Norma to send a wagon to fetch him every day, unless she's busy with something else.

"Every day?"

"It may change once my work has reached a certain point, but it must be carried out every day for starter."

Thus they reached an agreement, and Norma went back to Goncourt with her consent to be the heiress.

Afterward, they held a discussion to plan out how to proceed in the family council. Under Norma's suggestions, Prado made a major revision to his plan.





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