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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.2


"Lightning <Gwyntar>!"

Lecan groaned a spell, a cage of lightning manifested around him. Then thud, Chubby fell down behind Lecan. Chubby was going to escape through the door.

Lecan turned around and thrust his sword before Chubby's throat.

With his right eye still closed.


He cast <Recovery> on his eye. His vision hasn't recovered fully. But as someone with <3D Perceptions>, abnormalities on his regular vision won't hinder his capability in battle.

"How did Torog come to the conclusion that Zoltan would listen if he took Nark and Nell hostages?"

Lecan repeated his question like it was no big deal.

Chubby raised both his arms surrendering while still laying on the ground. Lecan might have purposely weakened that magic, but it still affected him too little. He must have some magic resisting equipment on him.

"Cause I reported it."


"Once Eliza-sama left, Zoltan-sama seemed quite close with the innkeeper couple. Especially after other guests had left, it was clear to me as I listened in to the conversation between Zoltan-sama and the innkeeper couple."

Which means this man was close by <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> that night.

(I see.)

(He was the guest in that house.)

That night Lecan was paying a close attention of the surroundings. He was especially on alert the night Eliza visited. There was no suspicious presence around <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>. There was a presence outside the usual family in a house next door, but Lecan thought it was probably just a guest staying and didn't think much beyond that. Houses around these parts accept people paying to stay at their houses even if they're not running an inn. That must be Chubby. But if he could properly listen the conversation here from that building, he must possess either <Farhear> magic or a skill of that kind.

"I've always found it odd, you see. Zoltan-sama never once went anywhere near this inn even though he owes so much to the family running this inn. He kept that up the whole time I was in this town. However, the closeness they showed that night was quite something. In other word, he deliberately never visited here to draw them away from danger. That's what I believed."

Lecan wondered about that too.

It looked like Nark hadn't seen Zoltan for a long time then. However, it was plain to see that Zoltan harbored a great sense of debt to Nark's grandfather. He was also obviously close to Nark and Nark's father. He's a man with no hometown. A man of solitude. Lecan found it odd that Zoltan never tried to visit the inn.

"Did you get any order regarding Zoltan from Torog."

"Yes. Like, you know. I was told to go look for his weakness."

And now Lecan's heard everything he needed to hear.
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No. There's some things left.

"Where's Nark and Nell?"

"They are held in the conference room next to the Administration Office."

"How many guard."

"There's probably no one inside the room. Outside, there should be two knights."

"That's all?"

"As far as I'm aware of, yes. But there's quite a few strong knights and personnel prowling the Administration Office just so you know."


And now he's heard everything.

Lecan raised his sword. And swings it down at Chubby's neck.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! You'd be better off not killing me you know!"

Lecan spoke with his sword mid swing.

"Any other last word?"

"I'm gonna work under you for a while, chief, if you spare my life here."

Lecan originally didn't have any intention to kill Chubby. No point in killing such a small fry. However he changed his mind after witnessing him dodging his slash. Thinking it would be dangerous to let this guy go.

"My intel gathering skill is something else if I do say so myself, you see. Listening in skill, infiltration, and tapping are all first class too. Not to forget my perfect memory."

Lecan was amused as he looked at Chubby's face as the man begged for his life. He's been driven into a hopeless situation, yet this spy looked like he's still clowning around somehow. Could one keep such a bizarre cool even when they're merely one step away from death's door.

Lecan slowly lowered his sword.

"Oh oh, maybe you'll consider it if I make a vow before priest-sama at the temple? I shall never again antagonize or bring you harm, chief. I'll follow your every orders."

The tip of Lecan's sword reached Chubby's neck.

"I'm gonna go out gathering intel for chief and chief's friends."

His voice turned to almost whisper. Naturally. Can't exactly shout with a blade on your throat.

KAH, Lecan unleashed his bloodlust as he opened his eye wide.

And Chubby just brushed that off. That is he didn't try to escape, get frightened or counter it. He's just staring back at Lecan with his usual innocent-looking eyes.

(This guy's fortitude.)

(Is uncanny.)

Lecan put his sword back in its sheath.

His thought changed to, 'Letting this chubby spy alive could turn out amusing.'

Chubby got up with a laugh on his face.

"Zoltan told me to go to a specific location in this letter, do you or Torog know where that is?"

"Zoltan-sama said nothing about it, but I bet it's the dungeon. This is what he said. 'Lecan will come if I ask him to.'"


That's exactly right.

Lecan will go because Zoltan asked him to come.

No matter what will transpire there.

"Get lost."

Told so by Lecan, Chubby briskly bowed and trotted away. While looking like he was the very picture of a harmless member of the general public.




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