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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.2


The sun was high in the sky.

(Well damn.)

(It's noon already.)

(How long did I sleep anyway?)

His duel with Zoltan may have been very dense but it shouldn't have taken that long.

Lecan went back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> right after lunch yesterday. After which he headed straight for the dungeon. The duel should be over before nightfall and then Lecan went to sleep. And yet it's noon now. He's way overslept.

(Now then.)

(Let's go.)

Lecan made his way to General Dungeon Administrative office.

The office's front entrance is situated directly to the opposite of the dungeon. Lecan went around several buildings and stood before the front entrance. There are other entrances on the building's sides, but going through the front would net the shortest route to his destination room.

Lecan searched the building's third floor with <3D Perceptions>.

Chubby told him that the two are in a room next to the chief administrator's room.

That administrator's room was probably the room he had a discussion with Eliza the other day. With that guess in mind, Lecan searched the rooms neighboring administrator's room.

(There it is.)

(This must be it.)

There are two people laying on the floor in a room to the right of the administrator's room. He can't tell in details at this distance, but they seem to be tied.

(Don't tell me they've been kept like this.)

(Since they were taken yesterday?)

Someone is sitting in the back of administrator's room. It's probably Torog.

Lecan probed the surroundings, but there's nothing especially threatening personnel strength-wise. They probably never imagined someone would launch an attack here.

Then he looked for the route to get to the third floor from where he is.

(Now then.)

(Let's do this.)

Lecan got up the three step stairs and went for the door.

"State your business here."

One of the soldiers standing guard asked.

"I'm here to fetch my acquaintances on floor three. Passing through."

"Hold it."


The soldier was about to catch Lecan's shoulder when he got hit by <Lightning> and crumbled down on the spot. The <Lightning> was supposed to only be a diversion, but Lecan poured a bit too much mana into it and cast a quite strong one instead. But he's probably not dead.

Lecan kept walking ahead.

'We're under attack', the soldiers made a huge fuss.

Lecan nonchalantly passed by the spacious lobby on the first floor.

As he was about to enter a narrow stairway connected straight to the third floor, a knight came slashing at his back.


Lecan didn't even turn around as the knight got fell down collapsing.

On the second floor, one knight and five soldiers were already waiting to ambush him.


He managed to knock out all six at once.

Lecan kept walking up the stairs.

Then he reached the third floor at the end.

As he left the stairway, he was met with a partition wall completely blocking his path. This wall wasn't here earlier. Lecan could feel mana involved, some sort of magic tool must have been used to create a partition wall this huge.

Lecan raised his right hand with its palm facing the wall.
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"<Flame Spear>."

He lightly shot out a <Flame Spear>.

He was going easy, yet the <Flame Spear> came out stronger and bigger than he anticipated, and opened a huge hole on the partition wall.

"Fumu. <Flame Spear><Flame Spear><Flame Spear><Flame Spear>."

Lecan shaved down the wall with five <Flame Spear> and left it behind.

His magic is doing really well today. Abnormally so. Almost even feels like he could shoot out 100 <Flame Spears>.

Lecan kept walking ahead in the unmanned corridor.

There were supposed to be some people in the corridor earlier, but they're now hiding in the rooms, holding their breaths while watching the situation.

Lecan's footsteps echoed in the eerily quiet corridor.

At the other side of the corridor, two knights and ten soldiers came out of some rooms, blocking his path. Knight Torog Benchara showed up behind them.

The room where Nark and Nell are held is right behind Torog.

Lecan kept walking ahead.

Two knights and ten soldiers drew their swords. The two knights had shields on their left hands.

Lecan stopped walking ten steps ahead of them.

"I'm getting Nark and Nell back. Get out of the way."

The knights and soldiers just kept glaring at Lecan without moving their mouths or bodies.

Just as Lecan was about to take a step forward, the soldiers made way for Torog to come out ahead of them. His sword is still sheathed. He's got a small shield on his left hand.

He's wearing different equipment than his usual ones. Heavy armor. And yet he's able to move around unhindered, shows how much strength this knight Torog has.

(Nice stuff he got there.)

(All Grace Gear, I see.)

(And some miscellaneous magic tools.)

(I can smell danger from that dagger on his right waist.)

"I heard a report of you going in the dungeon. Did you turn back on your way there?"

He sounds composed.

He's full of confidence in his own safety.

"I'm here for Nark and Nell."

"I would like to confirm one thing first. You really are not a magic knight of Palcimo then?"

"Told you. I'm an adventurer."

"Then there is no need to hold back. Oh one more thing. Where did you get your <Free Box>?"

Lecan had no idea what he was talking about for a moment there, but then he remembered.

Eliza believed that Lecan's <Storage> is this <Free Box> developed at Palcimo.

"If this <Free Box> you're talking about refers to newly developed <Box> at Palcimo, I don't have one."

"Oho? Has someplace else developed them then? Fumu. In any case, we can simply investigate it once it's in our hands. You shall meet your end here."





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