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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.13


"No fair."

Lecan came back to his sense when he heard Zoltan's voice. He was in a light daze after straining out all his mental power.

He got up and got closer to Zoltan. His body feels awfully heavy.

Still lying down facing the rocky ground, Zoltan muttered once again.

"You're, no fair, man."

The cut on his throat isn't completely closed. The effect of red potion seemed to have lapsed, its recovery had been stopped. The big hole on his chest also only closed a bit, not getting healed further. Yet it seems he still can talk in whisper.

"<3D Perceptions>, <Gust>, <Concealment>, <Flash>, <Fire Arrow>, <Recovery>, and also <Flame Spear> and <Lightning> eh? That thrust must have been some sort of skill too, no?"

Zoltan spoke feebly while breathing heavily, and yet his tone sounded somewhat peaceful. It even almost sounds like he's having fun.

The thought of giving him a Greater Restorative he brought from the old world never even crossed Lecan's mind.

The loser dies. This was that kind of match.

Besides, looking at Zoltan now, it's obvious that his age is catching up to him fast. Even if he used a Greater Restorative, it would only be a temporary stopgap. And most importantly, that will likely go against this man's wish.

"To top it off, an item that generates magic barrier, Overking Bear overcoat, <Shield of Wolkan>, and <Comet Cutter>. Shield that gives you crazy strength. You're way unfair."

'I could say the same to you.' thus Lecan tried saying, but he couldn't put power in his belly and no word came out.

No, it's far from same. <Gale>, <Shadow Blade>, <Colossal Strength>, <3D Perceptions>. Then Phantasmal Verdant Hornet armor and that magic sword. Lecan wants to tell him you're the unfair one here.


Lecan thought Zoltan was no fair for holding too much advantage. Yet, Zoltan thought it was Lecan who was unfair. It's all so funny when you think about it. But that's just how the world works sometimes.

"That was fun."

Zoltan smiled as he said that.


Lecan managed to squeeze out a word this time. An awfully hoarse voice.

"That was the most fun fight I've ever had in my life."

It hit Lecan then.

(Could it be.)

(A chance to fight me.)

(Was this man's goal all along?)

While his body can still move like he wants to nearing the end of his life, to die in the highest form of battle against the most fearsome adversary.

That must be Zoltan's wish all along.

Hostages and stuff were all nothing but pretexts.

Had he been told that his opponent wasn't Lecan, Zoltan would probably cut Torog down on the spot.

That possibility crossed Lecan's mind.

But that doesn't matter anymore.

It was a terrific fight.

Lecan would never forget this fight for decades to come.

A fight he could always look back to in satisfaction no matter how old he becomes.

That's everything.

And now that it's over, even who the winner is is but a trifling matter.

"There is a ring around my neck. Take it as yours."


Zoltan closed his eyes. His candle of life is about to go out.

"J-just another sip of that booze..."

Zoltan died after muttering that.

Lecan sat down next to Zoltan.

And he just kept sitting there without thinking or doing anything.

His mana is gradually recovering thanks to ingesting mana restorative pill.

Just how much time has passed.

Lecan cast Recovery on himself, stood up and searched around Zoltan's neck.

There's a ring tied to a thin chain around it.

He took the ring off the chain and put it in his left palm.

It's an old-fashioned ring.

It's got no jewel attached to it.

Doesn't look like something valuable. Just an ordinary ring.

"<Appraisal>. What?"

<Appraisal> didn't work on it.

Lecan took his light brown wand, calmed himself down and recited the spell after preliminary casting.


The result came up inside his head.

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<Name: Ring of Undying King>

<Type: Ring>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Daina Floor 100>

<Depth: 100>

<Grace: Invincible>

※Invincible: Receive no damage from any and all kinds of attacks for a duration of ten inner heart beats. Activation spell is <Tiri Warda Roa>. This Grace can only be activated once a day.

"What! No way!"

What came out beggars belief. He appraised it once again. Same result.

(Receive no damage from any and all kinds of attacks for a duration of ten inner heart beats?)

(What in the hell.)

Ten inner heart beats are pretty much all the time needed for a high speed swordsman like Lecan to annihilate his foes. And Zoltan was also a swordsman capable of terrifyingly swift movements.


Why didn't Zoltan use this ring in his fight against Lecan.

Of course, that's because that wouldn't be fun.

It's highly likely he would have prevailed against Lecan had he used this ring at the right moment.

However, it would turn into a fight where he unilaterally cut down his foe all while ignoring their attacks.

He loathed to have such a boring victory in his final fight in life.

Hence he didn't use it.

(You damn skeleton bastard!)

In other word, Lecan didn't grasp his victory. It was given to him.

Lecan looked at late Zoltan's face.

He's got a peaceful satisfied look on his face.

(Up until the very end.)

(You're really something else.)

Thud, Lecan lay down on the spot.

He's got no drive to do anything now.

So he's going to sleep.

Once he gets up, he's gotta pay a visit to General Dungeon Administrative office, save Nark and Nell, and kill knight Torog. Just taking a gift like this wouldn't sit well with Lecan, he's obliged to save those two if he wants the ring for himself.

(Was this all within your calculations too?)

It's not just this ring.

It's difficult to even imagine just what kind and how many treasures this unusual adventurer had amassed. But there's no doubt that he must possess all kinds of objects with extraordinary ability. It wouldn't even be surprising if he actually got several items that rivaled <Ring of Undying King>.

<Boxes> in this world remain even after the owner's death, and anyone can take the content out but <Storage> from their old world can only have its content put and taken by its owner, and it will vanish when the owner dies.

Thus, with Zoltan's death, troves of treasures will be gone forever from this world.

And that's just another page in an adventurer's life.

(I'd love to breathe my last in a dungeon too.)

Lecan fell into sleep as he thought that.

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