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Okami wa Nemuranai 36.3


"Good grief. She's merciless to an old man, this granddaughter of mine. What's the harm in greeting the family elders."

"It was master who promised her that she wouldn't have to do anything."

"Even so, gaining their trust further should prove beneficial once she has succeeded this house."

"That might be why."


"Norma-sama did that in order to show that she has no intention to manage the house even after becoming the heiress."

"Hmph. Same with the matter on butler assistant then."

"Yes. Master could not give an immediate reply when Norma-sama asked, 'Kanner would manage the business if Prado-sama died or became incapacitated, but what became of it if Kanner also died or fell ill?'"

"Because I never thought of such a possibility."

"And Norma-sama saw through that fact. Hence why she harshly talked back, 'Then that promise of me not needing to do anything is nothing more than a cheap verbal promise you don't plan to keep.'"

"She really doesn't need to do anything."

"That still won't do. Thus why Norma-sama put up a condition. To select someone that would succeed me posthaste. And to let that person attend the family council this time."

"That was one absurd demand."

"We could only say that it's absurd because I myself as well as master did not think of the matter serious enough."

"Hmph. Did you hear that, Findin."


The butler assistant standing in a corner of the room replied.

"Then cease acting like an onlooker in that corner and step forward. You must not miss a word between Kanner and me. Ask away if you have a question."


Findin took a step forward.

"Findin. That was why you were appointed as a butler assistant. I am aware that there are some who voiced it should have been someone older. But if we chose an older one, they won't be able to help assist Norma-sama as a head of family, and later Gaipus-sama once he takes up the position."


"From now on, follow me everywhere I go, watch what I do, listen to the words I speak, and make conjectures on my lines of thought. So you can run this position yourself one day."

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Kanner looked back at Prado and began speaking.

"But I was truly astonished by Norma-sama's acumen. To think knight Kaldan-sama would really act just as she predicted."

"Norma only said that what could occur, it was not 100% sure."

"Yes. But how she could foresee that possibility and instructed me to let our Boldrin guests into the room was truly a show of keen insight."

"Norma letting Boldrin knight in was majorly to expose the traitors among us. She was simply betting on them raising a stint over Jinga-dono."

"And she told master to give the order if it came to that."

"Pushing the bothersome role to me."

"Oh? It appears that you are quite bothered by that."

"I know you were holding back your laughter."

"That is not true at all."

"No need to hide it. You almost burst out laughing when I and Jinga-dono were speaking grandiosely."

"That was too much even for me. I had to give it all to keep myself from laughing."

"Speaking of, is the matter of him being the Chief Knight of Wazrof the truth?"

"I am ill-informed on that particular matter. However, to House of Boldrin, House of Wazrof is their former master. It will not surprise me if they have information on it. Besides, there was no need for lies at that point."

"Indeed. Which means, House of Wazrof may hold Norma dearer than I originally considered."

"It is as you said, master."

"But Norma is far too soft. Findin."


"Initially I told Norma to sit on a lower seat during the funeral."


"I also told her to stay in another room and only come in once she's been called during the council."


"By doing thus, Kusandria would blabber on, those who have been cajoled by Boldrin would go on sympathizing with her, after which I shalt make it clear that Norma would take the position instead, and hand down proper punishment to those traitors. That was my plan."


"Yet, this is what Norma said to me. 'You're pretty set on dividing up allies and enemies, aren't you'."


"Of course. That is how I do things. Benefits to allies, harms to enemies, and punishments to traitors, those are absolute. That is how you protect your house."

"Yes. No."

"Hm? Anyway, Kusandria pushing her third son from Boldrin and her sympathizers coming out of the woodwork, they would only dare doing such because Gaipus is still too young and no one is named a successor until he's grown up. Having Norma known from the start meant losing the chance to expose those traitors."

"Yes. No."

"Make up your mind, yes or no."

"The <Yes> is to indicate me understanding what master is trying to say. As for the difference between master's and Norma-sama's policies, there is no guarantee that master's is always the correct one. Hence, the <No>."

"Hou. Are you saying you understand what I and Norma have in mind?"

"I'd like to believe that I have a good understanding on master's as far as the topic I am allowed to listen to. As for what Norma-sama thinks, I could only hazard a guess since I've only heard fragments of it."

"You sure talk like you're arguing."

"He's aspiring to be a scholar."

"What disciple."

"It is history."

"Hou. I too love history. Very well then, tell me advantages and disadvantages between my and Norma's ways, nevermind if it's only up to what you know."

"Understood. However, I still lack some information. Would you allow me to inquire some points, master?"

"I do not mind. Ask away."





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