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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.3


Knight Torog recited a spell.

"<Wall of Magic (Zak Do Boa)>"

A wall made of magic emerged out of the small shield on his left hand. It's likely invisible to ordinary humans, but Lecan can see it.

Lecan raised his left hand and turned his palm toward Torog.

"<Flame Spear>."

A <Flame Spear> with a weak output he shot got repelled with a dazzling light when it hit the magic wall. It's an anti-magic barrier.

At the other side, Knight Torog is looking smug.

(Feels like I could break through it.)

(If I put just a bit more power.)

Knight Torog drew a sword on his left waist with his right hand. A beautiful white blade showed itself. Torog poured his mana into it. A magic blade wrapped the physical portion of the blade at once.

Knights and soldiers around are looking at Torog with admiration. Some even voiced out 'ooh' loud.

(A magic sword eh.)

(Oh yeah, wouldn't be odd if this guy had one.)

Torog took a stance with the sword. A solid stance.


Lecan drew <Comet Cutter>.

And put mana into it. Just enough to manifest a blade at twice its length.

But he ended up putting too much mana and generated a blade thrice its length instead.

Knight Torog opened his eyes wide.

Lecan lunged forward. He instantly closed in the ten step distance at speed that surprised even himself.

Lecan swung the <Comet Cutter>.

<Comet Cutter>'s magic blade tore through the magic wall, and decapitated Torog.

The shield's barrier vanished, Torog's body fell down on the floor.

Torog also made an attempt to swing his sword but he was far too slow.

Lecan found it surprising.

(Thought he'd give a tougher challenge.)

(Felt like cutting a log there.)

(Guy must have been wallowing in self-conceit.)

People who are born in a good house, spoiled in their upbringings and put on a position where they can get all the best gear all they want are incapable of measuring up their own power, and then are led to believe they can defeat foes beyond their reach.

The knights and soldiers around them froze up at the unexpected turn of event.

Lecan recited a spell.


He shot a strong-ish one.

The ten soldiers got knocked out of their feet, but the two knights stood their ground despite stumbling down.
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(Nice equipment.)


The two knights couldn't stand up against the second <Lightning> and fell down the ground.

Lecan walked between the fallen knights and soldiers, and stood in front of the door to conference room.

Two soldiers are holding their swords up high on the other side.


He managed to cast <Lightning> beyond the door and knocked the two soldiers out.

He opened the door.

There they are.

Nark and Nell.

They've been laid further in the room.

Lecan got to them and shook them up but they wouldn't wake up.

(Were they made to sleep?)

Can't tell the state of these two at. However, their complexions don't look bad, their bodies are still warm and they're breathing fine. They must have been made to sleep with drug or magic.


The two woke up.

They were just fainted, Lecan's <Recovery> managed to rouse them.

He was going to use <Dagger of Harut> if that didn't work, there was no need it seemed.


Nark shouted when he realized Lecan in front of him.

"I'm here for you. Let's go back."

He cut off the rope tying the two.


He cast another set of <Recovery> on them just in case.

The two were clearly looking better afterward.

"Can't believe you managed to get this far."

"Yea. Let's go back to your inn."

"Can we?"

"It's your home, why can't you."

"Haha. You got a point."

Lecan took a step out of the room.

To the left is the administrator's office. Then further left of that room is a room with many magic tools inside. Lecan could feel three people with strong mana in that room but they don't seem like they're going to get out of that room. Yet he cannot be negligent here. They might come at him when he showed them his back.

As Lecan left the room, the two followed.


Nark stared in amazement at the swooned and some convulsing knights and soldiers.


Then his face grimaced when he saw Torog's dead body.

"Ya gone and done it eh. Ain't that Torog-sama?"



Nell screamed when she saw the headless corpse and clung to Nark.

"Let's go."

As Lecan walked off, the two followed.

Their steps are firm. Nell didn't complain even once.

These two are mentally tough, as expected of innkeepers in a dungeon town. Thinking again, Nark was a former adventurer even.

They got down the stairway to floor 2. There were a lot of people on the second floor, but they all quickly scampered away when they saw the three.

Lecan kept his guard up while going down the stairs.

The ceiling is packed with magic tools set up there. No telling what kind of functions they have. Yet Lecan can't exactly destroy them all as they walk.

(No wait.)

(Might as well wreck them all up.)

As he got down the stairs onto floor 1 with that dangerous idea in mind, a well dressed knight stood in their path.




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