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Okami wa Nemuranai 36.2


"Salutations to all of you members of Goncourt Family. I am Norma Goncourt. My mother, Korona was Prado-sama's daughter. My father was the sixth son of the previous generation Marquis of Mashajain. My father was not permitted to call himself a Wazrof as my father's mother was but a local noble."

Calling your grandmother a local noble may sound self-depcrating, but in reality it's not really so. After all, Even this House of Goncourt looks no more than a local noble from the perspective of a big name noble like Wazrof. In other word, Norma is saying that her grandmother from father's side was from a lineage whose standing equals that of Goncourt at least.

"However, my father was beyond a shadow of doubt, a member of Wazrof Family. I was born here in Vouka town, but my father, mother and myself were called back to Wazrof Family while I was of tender age to live in Wazrof mansion. I spent my life at Mashajain until I was 17."

Norma's eyes caught Don Cospe showing a hint of surprise in his eyes. Looks like he really didn't have this intel.

"Eventually, my grandfather, Marquis of Mashajain left this world, followed by my mother Korona at Wazrof Mansion. My father and I loathed to keep living at Wazrof, and we went back to the house he bought here at Vouka."

The way she phrased it would likely invite misunderstanding, that it was hard for them to live in a house with her grandfather and mother's memory so they came back to Vouka. In reality, both Norma and her father happily left the mansion.

"The previous head of Mashajain had appointed a knight to escort us. Prado-sama."

"What would it be, Norma-dono."

"Would you allow my knight to prove his identity with his words?"

"Umu. That would be best. Knight Kaldan Hoist-dono."


"I shall let the knight you indicted to prove his credentials himself. Listen well."

"Please wait. I'm"


Prado stopped Kaldan who was trying to say something and nodded at Norma. Norma looked back and signaled at Jinga with her eyes.

Jinga took a heavy step forward.

"On my name Jinga Tauer, I have dedicated my sword to House of Wazrof. Under the preceding marquis-sama's order, I am to ensure the safety of Sasfrey-sama and Norma-sama as my mission. You the knight over there. Your act of defiling my honor and throwing insults on this exalted crest of Wazrof is inexcusable."

Nice voice there, thought Norma as he listened to Jinga. Other members of family watched the smile on Norma's face as their bodies froze up.

Jinga held up his left fist on a chest level and recited a spell.


A <Shield of Wolkan> manifested right away.

Knight Kaldan was trembling with his entire body yet he couldn't let out a voice.

"My lord. By your will, allow me to prove my worth by my blade."

(I did tell him to do this and all.)

(But Jinga.)

(This is way too much.)

"Jinga, put away your shield. Mind the place."

"Ma'am. <Reduction>."

Jinga put away his shield, took a step back and stood aloft like nothing had happened.

"J-Jinga Tauer!? That can't be. That's the name of the predecessor's Chief Knight. No, no it can't be. But, that <Shield of Wolkan>, that's, that's"

Knight Kaldan spoke up once again without permission. He wasn't speaking to anyone in particular, just blurting out loud, but it was still a discourteous act all the same.

The already few looks of awe some here gave knight Kaldan had all vanished, most people here are now looking at him with anger and disgust.

"Knight Kaldan-dono."
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Prado spoke in a voice cold as steel.

"You have shamelessly trod in the family council of Goncourt uninvited, and threw order into chaos here, your actions cannot be forgiven regardless if you are a knight of Boldrin. I am obliged to send a letter demanding explanations to the head of Boldrin."

"Please wait! This is a misunderstanding. I'm only thinking for your own good"

"Our house should hand down punishment on you, but that's not meant to be."

Knight Kaldan showed a look of relief here.

(This knight is way too expressive.)

(Compared to him, that attendant is pretty good.)

(I can't read what he's thinking at all.)

"Only House of Wazrof is entitled to give judgment for the insults you gave them. As such, I shall have you delivered to Wazrof."

Every single person in the room had a look of shock on their face. That's just how much impact Prado's words carried.

"Men, restrain knight Kaldan-dono! Take his weapon and <Box> away and put him in an isolated room. Do not let him out of the room no matter the circumstances. No one but our family's servants are allowed to enter the room."

Four of the six soldiers moved to the order. Knight Kaldan kept on spouting excuses, but Prado paid him no heed.

He was eventually brought away, giving silence back in the room.

Two soldiers standing by outside came in the room to replace the four that got out.

Everyone present still hasn't come out of their shock at Prado's coldness. Who would imagine he would hand over a knight of Boldrin to Wazrof. If he can do that, then Prado must have some sort of connections with House of Wazrof. He did let his daughter marry off to a son of a big noble, and even the former Chief Knight of Wazrof stood before them right now, so that possibility seems very high.

Of course Prado doesn't actually intend to hand over knight Kaldan to House of Wazrof. It was but a bluff to blow away the shadows of Boldrin House in this family council.

Knight Kaldan calling Jinga a Chief Knight was outside of Norma's calculation. As far as Norma is aware of, there's no term like Chief Knight at House of Wazrof. But from an outsider's perspective, Jinga's standing was exactly that indeed.

And the title of Chief Knight of Wazrof brought about a dramatic effects on the members of Goncourt. After all, the Chief Knight of the House of Wazrof is likely of a higher standing than even Goncourt's family head. There is no way they could muster up the courage to stand up against such an individual.



Kanner understood what his master wanted just by having his name called, he took Kusandria, Horkassa, Tendoria and the attendant of Boldrin House out of the room. Kusandria could no longer show any resistance.

"Now then. Ladies and gentlemen. As I have stated earlier, I propose to name Norma-dono as the successor to Goncourt House and for her to swear to surrender the right to Gaipus once he has come of age. Those who are against, raise your hand."

None did.

"Those who are in favor of, raise your hand."

Everyone besides Prado and Norma raised their hand. How even Gaipus himself energetically raised his hand gathered attentions. Utena and Jona also raised their hands with a smile on their faces. This gave an impression to everyone present here on the stance main family of Goncourt has taken on the matter.






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