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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.7_8


Lecan grabbed another large magic stone and absorbed its mana.

He also took a mana restorative pill he made.

Still, it was right for him to choose <Comet Cutter> as his weapon. Any other sword wouldn't have been able to compete with Zoltan's magic sword.

Now then, Zoltan is an elderly. There is no doubt about that.

The reason why he's chosen to stay put in one place and meet Lecan's assault as his strategy is to preserve stamina. On the other hand, Lecan can jump around all over the place while doing his offensive.

That said, he knows Lecan's position and Lecan must go to the crossroad if he wants to attack Zoltan anyway. Lecan must traverse through one straight line no matter which directions he choose to attack from. Thus Zoltan can anticipate it.

Thinking again, this battlefield is to Zoltan's advantage.

Though it's also got some advantages to Lecan. He can put some distance away and hide in the corridors. If his strategy failed, he could always pull back to heal wounds and restore mana, then think up another strategy.

This battle can't go on for long. Once <Comet Cutter>'s blade has been manifested, undoing it and manifesting it back would eat up a huge amount of mana. Hence he's got not choice but to perpetually maintain the generated blade. Even maintaining this blade uses up a lot of mana. The necklace's mana is necessary for its magic barrier, while a Large Blue potion is only really effective once. In other words, Lecan got to end this fight before he used up all of his magic stone supply.

However, Zoltan has no clue that Lecan is bound by such a limitation. If he knew, he'd have tried to direct this battle into a protracted one, thus he must never know this fact.

Lecan equipped <Shield of Wolkan> on his left hand. He's reassessed that the shield will have its turn.

Lecan will spare nothing in this fight. Otherwise there is no chance of him coming on top.

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Once he's done with the preps, Lecan comes out of the corridors into the crossroad where Zoltan is standing.

Just like earlier, it's a very natural standing stance with nary a hint of wild excitement. Even his loosely hanging arms and relaxed legs look funny like they're doll's. However, Lecan has seen just how dangerous, swift and far reaching the attacks and movements those long limbs afforded Zoltan from the clash earlier. This man's entire being is a lethal weapon in itself.

His loosely hanging right hand is holding the magic sword. With the magic blade still manifested.

And his left hand is gripping a slightly shorter and peculiarly white beautiful sword.

Lecan knew at a glance what that sword is.

A Solid Sacred Silver sword.


(He even brought something like that here huh.)

Attacks from a Solid Sacred Silver sword cannot be blocked by <Necklace of Intuador>.

Could <Shield of Wolkan> stop it.

It might be able to, it might not.

If it can't, Lecan will have a taste of that sword's terrifying sharpness first hand.

That said, the idea of running away never even crossed Lecan's mind.


<Shield of Wolkan> manifested on Lecan's left hand.

Lecan stepped firmly forward on the rocky path slanting up.

Zoltan has his buoyant aura like usual.

Lecan kept advancing.

With every step of his advance, Lecan's whole body is firing itself up for the battle ahead. He's commanding his body to unleash the most superlative performance and reflexes it could muster up.

They're both only 30 steps away.

Lecan is still heightening his fighting spirit even now.

(Not enough.)

(This is far from everything.)

(The power sleeping within me.)

(This is nowhere near its full extent!)

That serene stance is probably what Zoltan arrived at the end of his long journey. That stillness which lacks any hint of bloodlust is where the secret for Zoltan unleashing his utmost lies.

But Lecan is not like him.

Lecan wields powers beyond his own by immersing himself in a fiery blaze that burns down even himself. Now is precisely the time for that.


(Ablaze, my heart.)

(Blaze up, burn down all that exists!)

An eerie light shot out of Lecan's right eye.

His entire being, down to the nerve at the tip of his hair awaits Lecan's command with every steps he takes.


Lecan recited a spell while charging ahead powerfully. An especially strong <Gust> blew Lecan's back, allowing him to charge at tremendous speed.


Zoltan recited the same spell. However, Zoltan's <Gale> pushed his body backward.

Lecan flew ahead, while Zoltan flew backward, maintaining a 10 step distance between them all the way.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan kicked the ground while accelerating himself with <Gust> to close in on Zoltan.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Zoltan flew backward while keeping his body afloat with <Gale>. Then as he arrived in front of the stairway's entrance to floor 120, he kicked a wall next to the entrance to leap above, and then he kicked the ceiling at the top to fall in on Lecan at full speed.

Lecan too responded Zoltan's sudden shift to offensive with a direct confrontation.




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