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Okami wa Nemuranai 36.4


"First of all, did Norma-sama ask to have herself be seated next to the present master during Dopus-sama's funeral?"

Kanner replied this question.

"She said that she should sit somewhere the successor to Goncourt House would sit."

"Did she still ask for that seating position for the family council as well?"


"Allow me to proceed. Present master's plan was to expel people of Boldrin from the family council, I take it?"

Prado replied to this.


"And you were planning to make Kusandria-sama speak of her third son succeeding with her own words, were you not?"


"And were you also planning to make Tendoria-sama propose her eldest son as a candidate as well?"

"I intended to lead her to that effect indeed."

"But in reality, it was master himself who mentioned about Horkassa-sama being a successor. And you had concluded beforehand that Kusandria-sama had been fed a false information by someone else. Was that."

"That was done per Norma-sama's suggestion."

"Thank you. Next, what would happen if knight Kaldan-sama did not accuse Jinga-sama and withdrew obediently."

Prado looked at Kanner. Commanding him to explain.

Kanner spoke.

"Norma-sama said, 'He was not in a position that would afford him go back to Vantaroy empty handed, so he will definitely attempt something if you throw him out of the council.'"


"Norma-sama also said, 'But if it looks like he will obediently leave the room, stop him before he does and make my presence known.'"

"Yes. Thank you very much. I understand now. One more thing if you would. Master said that he would hand over knight Kaldan-sama to the House of Wazrof, was that part of the plan as well?"

"Norma-sama spoke this. 'People of Boldrin will surely target either me or Jinga. I will then disclose my background and bring up Wazrof House, use that as a threat. I'm sure they'd be shaken if you threaten to hand him over to Wazrof.'"

"Ah, I see. I understand now."

"What do you understand."

Prado asked in an amused tone.

"After comparing master's and Norma-sama's methods, I will now state the strong and weak points of each method as you have requested."

"Hou. Speak."

"For the countermeasure against Boldrin, master was planning to drive them away from the family council's room. Doing thus would stop Boldrin from interfering directly. But as they are staying at Goncourt mansion, you would not be able to silently pressure them out, which would have left an effect on the council in some way."


"On the other hand, Norma-sama's method allowed her to expel the Boldrin out of the council before Goncourt members' eyes, exposing their powerlessness as such likely helps drawing the Boldrin away from the minds of Goncourt family members. However, it also posed the risk of giving Boldrin a chance to cause a disturbance to the family council if not done right."

"I see. And then?"

"Master's method would end with Boldrin going home unharmed. But Norma-sama's method put them through a slightly harsh lesson as their gift back home."

"Hahahaha. That is true."

"Next up, master's way makes a clear distinction between allies and enemies, to strike at those enemies. Contrary to this, Norma-sama's way makes both allies and enemies stand together on top of the boundary line."

"What? Make it clearer."

"First, master was planning to make Kusandria-sama and Tendoria-sama state their candidates of Goncourt heir themselves. On top of that, you intended to make Goncouort members who were in support of Kusandria-sama or Tendoria-sama show themselves up. You were planning to out those who have been taken by the House Boldrin or House of Haddis."

"Of course."

"After which you introduce Norma-sama, so those who have shown support to Kusandria-sama and Tendoria-sama cannot take back their words. You would sever your ties with Kusandria-sama and Tendoria-sama, and to rain down harsh punishments to their supporters."

"Umu. Exactly what I had in mind."

"Yet Norma-sama's way made it look like Kusandria-sama was a victim of deception by the hands of Boldrin's evil scheme."
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"Both Kusandria-sama and Tendoria-sama remained related to Goncourt House. And yet, members of Goncourt, especially those with strong connections to Boldrin, were cornered into a situation where they had to air themselves out in the open."

"Hohou. Go on."

"Members of Boldrin House were present during the council. Those who were in it for profit or were blackmailed must voice their support for Horkassa-sama even if only for show. However, as Norma-sama had been named a successor, they could not go all in. And thus master did not denounce them."


"Those who had been influenced by Boldrin not too deeply chose to keep their silence."

"Kuku. They sure did."

"The ones who agreed to having Horkassa-sama as a successor then were practically admitting their relation to Boldrin, thus they would have to mind their conduct and speech for a while now."

"Too soft."

"Yes. That might be so. At any rate, members of Boldrin made a mockery of themselves in the end. That sowed a seed in the head of everyone present, that they don't have to fear Boldrin."

"That is indeed. You will end up like that if you get on board with them. That is for sure."

"Looking at the bigger picture, master's method is harsh, drawing a clear and hard line between allies and enemies, a truly natural way to do things. In contrast, Norma-sama's method affords ending things without severing Kusandria-sama's and Tendoria-sama's ties, nor any of Goncourt family members."

"Is that not the same as carrying enemies under your arms."

"She's keeping allies that may turn hostile from crossing over the line. In a way, Norma-sama's method avoids creating new enemies."

"Didn't it drag those Boldrin out in the sun."

"I have concluded that you never planned to hand him over to Wazrof House in the first place."

"Hou. What makes you think that."

"Because it does not match the ways Norma-sama have been doing things thus far. And that, 'I'm sure they'd be shaken if you threaten to hand him over to Wazrof.', earlier convinced me. In my humble opinion, I believe you're planning to rake him over the coals before forgiving him, thus putting him in debt."

"Fufu. Good observation."

"Norma-sama's way is highly adaptable and not prone to failures, however, it also requires precise judgments at a moment's notice as a drawback."

"Which one you think is better."

"Ale has its own virtue, as does liquor. My humble self believes there is no perfect hierarchy to that. However."

"However, what?"

"Norma-sama's instructions were completely thorough, this humble self believes."


Prado looked like he had something in mind, then he lightly crooked his right finger which he used to tap on his desk before turning at Kanner.



"I am thinking of leaving Gaipus's education to Findin, what do you think."

"I think that is a good idea."

"Good. Findin."


"You're in charge of Gaipus's education."


"I'll tell Utena and Gaipus tomorrow."


"Now then, it's time to go to bed. Oh right, Kanner. Norma said, 'Please be especially wary of Boldrin people tonight.', have you made the arrangement?"

"Sir. I have left two soldiers each in the stairways of the guest building. I also have instructed Captain Hector to keep a careful watch."

"I see. This was one long day."

"Please have a good night rest."





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