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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.1


Lecan woke up and raised his body's upper half.

Zoltan's body is lying next to him.

There should have been a pool of blood, yet there's little traces of it left on the darkened dungeon floor.

Zoltan looks like he's sleeping despite his missing right arm, cut throat and a hole in his chest. Lecan cannot see a hint of dread and sadness that come with death from Zoltan's body.

The hole on his armor is mostly repaired. It was cut on the right side and a hole was opened in the chest area, yet there's only a small tear and a little hole left on it now.

(He put Self-Repair on the Phantasmal Verdant Hornet armor huh.)

Something caught Lecan's eye. <Shield of Wolkan>.

The other half of the cut <Shield of Wolkan> was lying on the ground a bit further away.

(There's probably no way to fix a Grace Gear.)

Despite thinking that, Lecan picked up the remnant nonetheless.

As he stood up, he realized how he was no longer fatigued and felt weirdly energetic.

He briskly walked, picked up the broken piece and put it in <Storage>.

He also picked up the broken splinter of Zoltan's Solid Sacred Silver sword and put it in <Storage>.

His body feels awfully light.

To run at full speed and jump around right away. It feels like his body is demanding him that.

Lecan feels a sense of omnipotence like he's capable of doing any kind of maneuver the way he is now.


(Looks like my body is still itching to go at it.)

The fatigue and lethargy he had before going to sleep are completely gone.

He took <Ring of Undying King> from <Storage> and stared at it.


<Name: Ring of Undying King>

<Type: Ring>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Daina Floor 100>

<Depth: 100>

<Grace: Invincible>

※Invincible: Receive no damage from any and all kinds of attacks for a duration of ten inner heart beats. Activation spell is <Tiri Warda Roa>. This Grace can only be activated once a day.

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This ability is simply unbelievable no matter how many times he read it. He doesn't really get the meaning of <Receive no damage from any and all kinds of attacks>. Does that mean physical and magical attacks. How about stuff like paralyze and sleep. How does it recognize something as an <Attack>.

He simply needs to put it into practice if he wants to know the answer.

Lecan gets all giddy when he thinks about it.

He realized he's starving.

Bodily and magically speaking.


(I should have gotten my mana refilled by <Guardian Jewel of Mana> before I went to sleep.)

(The Mana Restorative pill should still be effective too.)

The mana flowing from <Guardian Jewel of Zana> back then did stave off his mana starvation. Yet he's feeling hungry for mana now. But it's not a hunger from being tired, it's more like a healthy appetite.

He took a large magic stone and absorbed mana off it.

Yet his mana starvation wouldn't cease even after that. This is odd. Two magic stones this size should completely fill Lecan's mana pool.

He took another magic stone and absorbed mana off it while finding it weird. Surprisingly, he also completely sucked out the entire mana of the second large magic stone. And yet it didn't fill him full.

Feels like he could take in another one.

Lecan realized his senses weren't working right at this point.

When you're drunk and feeling too excited, you're led to believe that you can keep eating more and more food. That's because your senses have been numbed, trying to stuff yourself full when you're like that is a fool's errand.

Lecan went to the floor entrance. He turned around and bowed before entering the stairway. A very long bow. Then he warped to floor 50.

As he stepped on floor 50 from the stairway, a party of eight adventurers were having a discussion near the entrance. He passed by them.

The eight were looking at Lecan weirdly as he was walking alone deeper into the floor.

Lecan arrived at a deserted place, then he put <Ring of Undying King> in his left ring finger. He tried loosening and gripping his left hand into fist.

(No good.)

(It's hitting the Silver Ring.)

He took off <Ring of Undying King>, changed the Silver Ring's spot from his middle finger to ring finger, and put <Ring of Undying King> in his index finger.

(Would've preferred not having that many ring in my index finger.)

(But this ring's quite thin and doesn't get in the way.)

(Should be fine.)

He took <Necklace of Intuador> off and put it in <Storage>.

He took <Wand of Harvos> from his <Storage> and grabbed it with his left hand. It's the wand Shira gave him when he was learning <Dash Flare>. It played a vital role in the fight against Dungeon Ninae's boss. An exceedingly superior wand at mana control and mana convergence. He's got <Sword of Rusk> on his waist.

Lecan kneaded mana and stepped in a room.


He put up an anti-physical <Barrier>. There's four <Black Body> and two <Red Body>, they look like they're moving in slow motion to the Lecan now.

He waited for the four <Black Body> trudged toward him.

All four of them have axes for some reason.

They finally launched their offensive.

His <Barrier> was exceptionally well put, it blocked their attacks without any problem. This might be the first time he's ever put up such an unwavering <Barrier> like this.

Lecan took a step forward.

The <Barrier> is looking good. It's stable.

He took another three steps forward.

It's not wavering at all. His <Barrier> is extremely stable. Looks like he can move around quite freely at this rate.

The <Barrier> kept easily blocking <Black Body>'s attacks.

Then the <Red Body> opened its mouth, and started howling 'BOAAA.'


Lecan timed undoing <Barrier> right before the magic attack hit him.

"<Tiri Warda Roa>!"

His whole body turned slightly dull white.

<Black Body>'s axes and <Red Body>'s magic came flying at Lecan.

However, he felt no pain nor even an itch.

There was an impact when the axes hit his body, but it's minuscule compared to what an impact from such attack should have been like.

It's working far better than he imagined.

Lecan drew <Sword of Rusk> with his right hand and cut down all six enemies with his left hand still holding the wand.

The ring's effect expired.

(Feels like it lasted longer than ten beats of my heart.)

(Gotta check that out in the next test.)

And now this ring is unusable for a day.

Lecan went back to the stairway, warped to the ground floor and exited the dungeon.




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