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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.17_18


"Who gave you the permission to speak, Kusandria."

His tone was chilling the air. The room was filled with tension, none moved a muscle.

"M-my apologies."

The atmosphere loosened up ever so slightly after Kusandria apologized.

"I permit Kusandria's and Tendoria's presence. But they may not speak. The next time these two speak without my permission, they must vacate their seats at once. So must they had they brought upon an unbecoming subject in this council."


Kanner bowed deeply.

"And who is the young man sitting next to Kusandria."

It's the third son of Kusandria, the individual Boldrin House is trying to push as Goncourt's successor. He'll be 20 this year. He's Prado's grandson and they've been introduced, so asking who he is here shows his coldness toward the man.

"Sir. He would be Kusandria-sama's third son, Horkassa-sama. According to Kusandria-sama, it is of importance for him to be in this council as it deeply concerns Kusandria-sama's suggestion, hence his participation is required."

"Then he shall be let in this room if Kusandria has been permitted to speak and there is a need for his presence. The man is to wait in another room until then."

Norma's sharp gaze caught an attendant behind Kusandria stopping her when she was about to speak.

"And who is the knight and attendant behind Kusandria."

Besides the participants, only the main family butler, butler assistant, present master's knight, and main family members' soldiers are allowed to be in this family council, even main members' attendants are only allowed in for urgent matters. Even now the only outsiders here are butler Kanner, butler assistant Findin, two knights and six soldiers serving the main family members. And yet Kusandria had an attendant and a knight behind her when she's not even a member of Goncourt House anymore, let alone main family members.

"They are to tend for and escort the young master of Boldrin House, Horkassa-sama, thus they have asked to be in the same room as him."

"Then they shall wait with Horkassa-dono."

A knight is a noble, and as he is a knight serving house of Boldrin, his standing is likely high. Of course he's still an outsider here, but Prado cannot be too heavy handed to the man.

"Please wait!"

The one shouting that was none other than Boldrin's knight.

Prado's eyes squinted as he glared at the knight.

"Knight-dono of Boldrin House. You have stepped into another family's council and spoken without permission. Do you realize how disrespectful you are acting."

"Please! I implore you a moment! A grave issue has arisen within your family. An enormous sham is present in this room! Harsh reprove shan't be the end of it had it left alone!"

Other family members were wide eyed in surprise at this remark.

Boldrin knight pointed straight at Jinga and spoke loudly.

"You there! You lowlife! How dare you don an armor engraved with the crest of the venerated House of Wazrof! Know that death is too good a punishment for your transgression!"

Everybody looked at the left portion of Jinga's chest armor.

A coat of arm modeled after a lion clad in thunderbolt.

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The members of Goncourt house realized the gravity of the situation.

House of Wazrof is one of the only 13 marquis houses in this kingdom, and they're the second highest standing one after House of Rainzats. A noble house with financial power rivaling that of Marquis of Tsubolt and the two Baronies in the northern half of the kingdom.

Vantaroy is physically close to Mashajain, the road to the capital necessitates them to pass through Mashajain, of which a small kingdom once stood. Vantaroy nobles were the vassal of that kingdom, and the descendants of that kingdom's royalty being Mashajain.

Boldrin knight has accused the knight standing behind the seat of honor in this Goncourt Family Council is  posing as a knight of House of Wazrof. If he's really a fake, Goncourt will not come out of this easily.

However, Prado doesn't look the least bit perturbed.

"Fumu. Knight-dono of Boldrin House, what are you called."

"I am Kaldan Hoist."

"Very well, knight Kaldan-dono. The true identity of that knight over there shall be made clear in this family council. As such, you are permitted to attend this council for a short while."

Prado surveyed around, and looked at every single member of Goncourt family.

"This council is now in session. Today we shall discuss the nomination of Goncourt House's successor. Before we begin, I shall introduce the person sitting next to me."

Goncourt family members were already dubious of Norma when they saw her sitting in the heir seat during the funeral service, and they must have heard about her connection with Goncourt. However, it was nothing more than hearsay, unreliable second hand narration.

They sit ready to listen to Prado without missing a word.

The present master, Prado will now make Norma's identity clear to everyone.

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