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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.9



A moment before Zoltan reached Lecan from above, Lecan activated a strong <Gust> and slipped right below Zoltan.


He accelerated further, arriving at the stairway entrance, then he kicked the wall next to it and used the recoil to charge full speed at Zoltan. At this point, Lecan held <Shield of Wolkan> in front of his chest, with <Comet Cutter> behind the shield.


He accelerated even further with <Gust>.

Zoltan was already on the ground, slashing his magic sword on his right hand diagonally as he turned around to the right.

Lecan forcefully brushed off the urge to defend against that, and put all his strength into kicking the ground. Then he thrust his sword straight ahead while twisting his body.

Magic sword collided with magic barrier, creating a dazzling flash of light.

Lecan's sword was thrust at Zoltan's right flank.

Zoltan swung his long arms, slashing down the Solid Sacred Silver sword in his left arm diagonally from above without slowing down his turning speed.

Lecan reacted by spinning his body halfway. Just at the right angle to make his back face the ground. With his face facing the ceiling.

The Solid Sacred Silver sword was coming straight down at his face from above, he blocked it with <Shield of Wolkan>.

An unbelievably strong impact assaulted Lecan. Zoltan's slash had that much power behind it. Solid Sacred Silver swords boast transcendental sharpness, they're short, thin and light. It's not a weapon intended for brute force. Zoltan's raw strength and offensive power must be beyond imagination if he could bring out such a blunting force from one such sword.

The <Comet Cutter> stuck on Zoltan's side also moved to his left as he twisted his body. Lecan could feel a sensation of ripping flesh and cutting bones.

With a thunderous sound, the Solid Sacred Silver sword broke apart, its pieces came flying off. Lecan's back was thrown hard onto the ground.

Zoltan half twisted his body and tried to cut Lecan in two with the magic sword in his right hand.

However, Lecan somersaulted backward using the momentum.

The magic sword slashed at the space Lecan's leg passed.

Blood spilled out of Lecan's leg as he spun in the air, then he bent the upper half of his body, and put his shield and sword in front of his body to brace for impact.


Zoltan recited a spell. Zoltan blew himself into the air, chasing after Lecan.

Lecan thought Zoltan would come slashing with the magic sword in his right hand, but he guessed wrong.

Zoltan has already discarded the remains of his Solid Sacred Silver sword, his left hand is bare now. He's coming to attack Lecan by punching with his fist.

Lecan attempts to block that fist with <Shield of Wolkan>.

However, the impact never arrived. Zoltan gripped the upper edge of <Shield of Wolkan> in his left hand and grinned.

"<Might (Gaspar)>!"

Oh crap, just as Lecan thought that, Zoltan pulled <Shield of Wolkan>. With astounding strength. Of course, because <Might> is a spell to activate <Colossal Strength> skill. Lecan's buddy, Boudo, had this skill thus he's well acquainted with this skill.

Lecan lunged forward. It was pretty much on reflex following his instinct. He jumped in the direction Zoltan pulled the shield at. This put his body open to attack, which surprised even Zoltan. It was a chance to slice Lecan's body in two, but Zoltan had lost his balance himself, missing his chance. The grip on Lecan's shield also loosened up, so Lecan wrenched it away from Zoltan's hand.

Zoltan slashed at Lecan's back as he landed, but the attack was stopped by the necklace's barrier.

Lecan spun around to face Zoltan.


The instance <Shadow Blade> got in contact with the barrier, creating a phosphorescence, Lecan greatly leaped backward. Zoltan charged on to match that jump and swung down his magic sword.

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Zoltan's skill was activated.

Yet his magic sword was stopped, creating a barrier phosphorescence.


Zoltan's skill devoured the barrier earlier, and that allowed his magic sword to reach Lecan's body. Yet, the barrier could stop his slash this time. What's the difference here.

Zoltan shot out more <Shadow Blades> in rapid succession.

"<Blade>! <Blade>! <Blade>! <Blade>! <Blade>!"

Five <Shadow Blades> assaulted Lecan. All of them get blocked by the barrier, creating phosphorescence. The blue light outline of the barrier is clearly visible.

Lecan looked at Zoltan's right side. It should have lost its flesh, bone and skin from the deep cut earlier, yet there was no trace of any gash. His Phantasmal Verdant Hornet armor has been cut out on that section, there's also blood, but that's it. As if there was never a wound in the first place.


The light outline vanished. The barrier has been devoured.

(I see!)

(He got a red potion in his mouth.)

(And he gulped it down earlier.)

Zoltan swung down his magic sword from overhead. There's no time to dodge it, and blocking it is better anyway. Thus Lecan made the decision in a brief window of time and held out <Shield of Wolkan>.

The sound of two objects clashing resounded.

A slash of pure strength even more colossal than with the Solid Sacred Silver sword earlier assaulted Lecan.

His shield blocked that attack.

But, a moment later.

<Shield of Wolkan> got split into two halves.





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