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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.1


"So, can I go back now?"

The chubby spy spoke nonchalantly. Lecan looked at him with an icy stare.

"Where's Nark and Nell."

"They're at the General Dungeon Administrative Office."

Lecan didn't think the spy would answer that, it took him by surprise.

"Who took them away."

"It's Knight Torog-sama."

Knight Torog Benchara.

The representative of General Dungeon Administrator. A relatively skilled man with a suspicious look in his eyes.

"Why did he took them."

"To use them as hostages, of course."


"They're hostages to make Zoltan-sama do his bidding, see."

"What's he making Zoltan do."

"Kill you and take the <Comet Cutter> off you."

So they've kidnapped Nark and Nell as hostages and forced Zoltan to kill Lecan. But it's hard to believe Zoltan would just comply.

Perhaps he's only pretending to go along with it while plotting something else. Either way, he must not take Chubby's words at face value.

That said, he lacks so many information currently. He's got to draw as much intel as he could from Chubby. Sorting out the false from the truth can done later.

"Did General Dungeon Chief Administrator order Torog to do all that?"

"Eliza-sama is under house arrest presently, soo."

"House arrest?"

"Eliza-sama went to elder Termin and apologized to him after that talk with you here the other day. And she managed to bring the elder to the town lord's mansion. Townlord-sama has put Eliza-sama under house arrest for her oversight in coordinating the matter with the elder, and granted the permission for elder Termin to appraise all the treasured swords in House of Notz's custody all he wants. It's a huge pile of swords amassed from years of <Dungeon of Swords> loot. Elder Termin is fully focused in appraising every single one of those swords, you see. All while receiving hospitality at the townlord's mansion."

Looks like they managed to win over Termin. But at least there's no need to worry of them harming him then. Lecan has no right to complain about it if the man himself is fine with it.

"Meaning the one behind all this shady stuff is Torog huh."

Chubby shrugged, furrowed his brows and put on a facetious face.

"Speak what you know, no lies."

Lecan gave the order with his hand gripping his sword's handle.

"Sure, I think so. This isn't how the townlord usually do stuff. Just that"

"Just what."

"Knight Commander, Orug Benchara-sama would probably be on board of this kind of stuff."

"What's Orug Benchara to Torog Benchara."

"It's his father."

The son of the knight commander who lost to Zoltan huh.

"Why does Torog want the <Comet Cutter>."

"Who knows? Maybe he's going to present it to the townlord and rack up achievements. Or maybe he wants to make it into his own sword."

"His own sword?"

Could Torog even use <Comet Cutter>. Don't think he's got that big of mana pool. But a wealthy noble like that guy might have a few Grace Gear which can boost that pool.

"I mean, he was so surprised he yelled out so loud when he first heard about that sword's capability."
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"Heard about capability?"

"Yes. He leaped in joy with sparkling eyes when I reported the results of appraisal tag and all."

"You peeked at the appraisal tag and reported the content to Torog then."

"Yes. I mean, it's my job and all."

"Speak what you saw, now."

"Name Comet Cutter. Type Magic Sword. Offense 20. Hardness 20. Firmness 20. Sharpness 50. Wear Rate None. Endurance 100. Spawn Spot Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 121. Depth 121. Grace Magic Blade and Damage Restoration. Magic Blade's description is Offense tenfold, sharpness tenfold, length two-fivefold. That's that."

He did read all that's written in big letters after all. While missing words with small letters and that were written in the back. Hence Chubby had no idea about the part that's read 'even mages with an abundant mana pool with the help of mana boosting and mana storage Grace Gear could only barely generate and maintain this sword's magic blade.' and never reported it to Torog.

(Hold it.)

(Eliza was clueless on <Comet Cutter>'s actual ability.)

(Which means.)

"So you told Torog about Secret Appraisal content but not Eliza."

"Yes. I mean, that's Torog-sama's job."

"Who's your master."

"I'm hired by Torog-sama."

"Not the townlord huh."

"Nope, I don't get wages from the townlord."

Torog purposely omitted the important part when he reported to Eliza. Not sure what his motives are, but it means Torog isn't a loyal subordinate of Eliza.

Torog wants to get his hands on <Comet Cutter>. But he has deemed getting Lecan to surrender the sword impossible. Hence he's trying to snatch it by force.

Since his father is the knight commander, he might be able to mobilize the knights to mount an assault on Lecan, but that's gonna turn into a huge mess with tremendous loss on his side. Not to mention if Lecan escapes to dungeon depths, they won't be able to go after him. Hence he turned to Zoltan.

Lecan understands that much. So far. But he can't grasp the thinking behind his actions afterward.

First of all, Lecan doesn't get why they took Nark and Nell hostages.

How come they believe Zoltan would listen to them by taking those two as hostages. Zoltan could easily reap Torog's head had Torog incurred his wrath. Lecan wondered why they picked that means.

Besides, if they knew that those two were Zoltan's weakness, they should have taken them hostages and got their revenge on Zoltan much earlier in time. Why did they leave those two alone until this point.

"Oy, Chubby."

"Are you talking about me?"

"Yeah. How did Torog come to the conclusion that Zoltan would listen if he took Nark and Nell hostages?"

"Ehehehehe. That, you see. Riii"

Chubby stretched the word 'Ri-' before suddenly speaking rapidly.


Chubby activated <Flash> magic on the base of his throat. A brooch was the casting object. In other word, it's a brooch-shaped wand. <Flash> spell had been loaded in it. Lecan never considered the possibility of Chubby casting magic since he only had a sliver of mana.

Lecan didn't have time to close his eye. The dazzling light blinded his eye.

However Lecan's got <3D Perceptions>.

Lecan swiftly drew <Sword of Rusk> and slashed at Chubby's neck.

However, Chubby dodged Lecan's slash with unbelievable agility. Chubby's presence vanished in that exact moment.




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