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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.11_12


Lecan went in the crossroad through the right corridor and turned left.

Zoltan is standing 100 steps ahead of him.

Lecan's blood is seething.

He's never been in a fight where he keeps his fighting spirit flame burning at peak intensity this long. But it's not pain he's feeling. It's joy. His feeling of wanting to end this fight right away is mirrored with the feeling of wanting to keep this fight going on forever.

Lecan stepped toward his foe as his boots made rock hitting sounds.

Without a shadow of doubt, this man is his life's greatest adversary yet.

Zoltan has his usual magic sword in his right hand and a shield on his left. By a strange twist of fate, they ended up choosing the same equipment.

Lecan's breath is fiery. Like it's burning.

He grits his teeth to pin down his fighting spirit trying to escape out of his body. This is yet time to unleash it.

Zoltan lurched his neck to the right. Lecan saw that gesture as him saying, 'Let's end this with the next one.'

Lecan let out a subdued breath. His reply, 'That's the plan.'

Zoltan's expression had an abrupt change.

He opened both his eyes wide.

His usual buoyant aura vanished, replaced with a demonic face. Ghastly bloodlust overflowed out of his entire being. The bloodlust blew against Lecan like a storm.

Lecan was scared.

Which then turned into euphoria welling up from within.

The last time he felt fear to the point of wanting to run away was in his youth.

He will soon exchange blows with a foe capable of instilling him with fear.

The two adventurers take a step forward at the exact moment like they were in complete sync, then another, and lastly the third step which broke into a charge.

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Had there been spectators in this fight, none of them would be able to catch these two's figures in this instance. Their speed was such that it's just not doable.

Lecan charged straight at Zoltan.

Zoltan charged straight at Lecan.

The distance between two became zero in an instant as two storms clashed against one another.

Zoltan swung down the magic sword in his right hand as that clash erupted.

Against that, Lecan pulled away the <Comet Cutter> he had raised.

Zoltan's magic sword that should have hit <Comet Cutter> got stopped by Lecan's necklace's barrier, creating a bluish light outline mid air.

Lecan had wildly swung the shield on his left hand toward Zoltan the moment Zoltan raised his magic sword overhead.

Zoltan attempted to stop it with the shield on his left hand.

Up until this point, Zoltan had demonstrated how much his strength and burst of power outclassed Lecan. Which is why Zoltan must think that his imperfect stance would be more than enough to stop Lecan's shield.

However, the shield Lecan swung beat down Zoltan's shield, sending it flying into pieces.

By way of <Guardian Jewel of Zana>'s Grace.

In its current full mana state, any kind of weapon no matter if it's a club or a shield, gets an enormous boost in physical power just once.

Even Zoltan was taken aback at this and greatly lost his balance. His left hand got blown away backward, his legs also almost gave out.

Lecan gulped down a large blue potion he had in his mouth.

Zoltan swung his magic sword ignoring his balance loss. It was going to cut off Lecan's left wrist. Due to Lecan swinging his shield greatly, his left hand had come out of the necklace barrier's area of effect. Zoltan has fully grasped the barrier's range from all their previous clashes.

Lecan swiftly pulled his left hand, but he failed to completely dodge the swing as the magic sword hit his shield. The shield instantly broke into pieces.

"<Fire Arrow>!"


The two recited spells at the same time.

Two point-blank <Fire Arrows> went at Zoltan's eyes.

<Shadow Blade> got stopped by Lecan's barrier, producing a light outline.

Zoltan lightly shook his face. As a result, the two <Fire Arrows> hit his face but missed his eyes. His face got gouged out by the <Fire Arrows> but Zoltan paid it no heed and recited another spell.


The blue light outlined part of the barrier eroded away.

Then a slash came flying.

Zoltan performed the slash as he was falling down yet it accurately went through the eroded part.

However, Zoltan's slash missed its target as Lecan swiftly twisted his body to the left.

Zoltan dexterously twisted his body to regain his balance all while keeping his barrage of slashes.

However, a momentary opening was created then. Which is exactly what Lecan has been waiting for.


He used up a huge portion of his mana to shoot <Lightning> all around Zoltan's face. Of course Lecan would suffer some damage too casting <Lightning> this close. But he paid it no mind.

Lecan filled <Comet Cutter> with converged mana he had finished kneading.


Even if Zoltan possess a highly precise <3D Perception>, having <Lightning> wrapped around his face should still disorientate him for a moment. In that instance, Lecan unleashed <Puncture> skill at Zoltan's throat while expanding <Comet Cutter> to its maximum length.

Unbelievably enough, even in this situation, Zoltan swung his own magic sword at <Comet Cutter>. However, <Comet Cutter> which expanded out at terrifying speed and loaded with Puncture tore that magic sword into pieces, and pierced through Zoltan's throat.

Lecan immediately swung <Comet Cutter> to the left.

Even after having his throat cut, Zoltan still attempted to slash at Lecan with a third of his remaining magic sword.

Lecan's barrier didn't stop the magic sword. Since the sword has lost its magic.

But due to Lecan raising his left elbow as he took a step forward to hit Zoltan's right sword hand, the remain of magic sword never reached Lecan.

Zoltan's throat is recovering itself. He must have swallowed the second large red potion. However, its healing effect was diminished. Zoltan suddenly slowed down.

Lecan slashed <Comet Cutter> cutting off Zoltan's right arm from the elbow down.

A moment later, <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade vanished. Lecan hadn't mastered the magic sword enough to maintain its maximum length, and his mana pool was nearing its bottom.

Zoltan's left leg made a wind sweeping sound as it went at Lecan. However, that kick was far from sharp. Lecan easily dodged it by stepping backward.

Thud, Zoltan tumbled down.

Lecan lunged close to Zoltan and pushed his left palm against Zoltan's chest.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan poured every last bit of mana he had left into this magic attack.

Even the Phantasmal Verdant Hornet armor and its high magic resistance was incapable of defending against <Flame Spear> with so much firepower at such a close distance.

The last resort <Flame Spear> pierced through Zoltan's chest, and hit dungeon wall behind him before exploding.

With a huge hole opened in its chest, Zoltan's body slowly fell backward.

Lecan also knelt down as dizziness assaulted him.

Then he could feel his emptied mana pool getting refilled back.

<Guardian Jewel of Zana>'s Grace.

This jewel has <Refill User Mana> Grace. At Ninae, the jewel also refilled Lecan's mana after it had been loaded full with mana and activated its <Physical Boost Boost> Grace.

Lecan was hit by a sense of despondency from exhausting stamina and willpower beyond his limit, and relief from mana soaking his body as he relived the fact that the death match is over.





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