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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.15_16


The following day, Norma moved to Goncourt mansion in haste. Can't exactly carry all her father's manuscripts, and it won't do to mess them up now. So she wrapped everything she's gonna need for the time being in a cloth and loaded them in the wagon. She also packed all highly effective medical herbs as well. She only brought a bare minimum of clothes. The clothes she's wearing from now on will be provided by Goncourt.

The following day, after putting together all the bare minimum necessities to live at the mansion, she went to greet the late Zepus's wife, Utena, and the late Dopus's wife, Jona.

Utena is 22. She was married off from Zafkremen House of Bigo. Utena was really surprised when Norma mentioned how her grandmother came from Okarute House of Bigo during her introduction. Utena's grandmother is also a member of Okarute House. Meaning, Norma and Utena's grandmothers were sisters. Utena expressed her delight by hugging Norma. Norma could sense fright in Utena's eyes. Can't blame her, she's been thrust in an uncertain situation after being left alone. When Norma left her room, she told her 'Do come again okay', with pleading eyes.

Norma got along with Utena's two kids as well. The eldest son Gaipus is five, the eldest daughter Elfus is two. As someone who has years of experience as a medic, Norma knows just the way to handle kids. She came with candy and toys prepared. She became the two's favorite right away.

Jona is 20, but she looks younger than her age. She's a very quiet woman. She keeps her two year old daughter, Yulila, in her arm all the time. Norma's calm demeanor and soft talking voice seemed to have soothed her, she gradually opened up to her as they chatted.

Jona is from one of the four noble houses at Vouka, Tsurusawa. When Norma indirectly asked her if she wanted to go back to her family, she entreated Norma to let her remain at Goncourt since she'd be shut in a room deep within her family mansion, and be treated like an outcast if she went back. Norma swore to do everything in her power to keep her wish.

They're ready for battle now.

The day after was Dopus's funeral. Held at the temple.

It was very obvious how the priests were all so eager to talk to Norma who was sitting on the second seat of the chief mourners, funny even.

The vice temple head offered tea time to Prado and Norma after the service, but Kanner declined her, saying they would be holding a family council to decide on the successor.

Then more than 20 wagons were headed to Goncourt Mansion.

The family council began.

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Family members of Goncourt House sit around an oblong-shaped table in a spacious council room.

"Present master of the house, to presence."

With Kanner's announcement, the door in the back opened, Prado came out and behind him members of Goncourt main family followed, then they took their seats.

Prado and Norma sat in the center, with his grandson Gaipus and her mother next to him. While next to Norma, Dopus's wife, Jona sat.

And as a bodyguard knight took position behind Prado, and Jinga behind Norma, a rustle broke out among the family members.

Jinga is obviously a knight no matter how you look at it. And quite of a high standing at that. The person standing behind Prado is not formally a knight. He's only a soldier wearing first-class armor, the so-called a knight in name only.

However, today you could only see Jinga as a noble knight. His silver armor provided by Wazrof House has a dazzling blue crest embedded, his brilliant red mantle with golden stitching lets out a high class fragrance, his stance is gallant and imposing. His white mustache and carved wrinkles show his deep wisdom of age more than old age, his calm standing figure oozes out a hard to describe dignity.

As present master Prado gently raised his right hand, the rustle stopped.

"Before we begin the council, there are several matters that need confirmation. Kusandria and Tendoria who have been married off to other houses do not have right to participate in this family council. Why have you taken seats here."

Kanner who was standing near the exit bowed and replied to the present master.

"Kusandria-sama stated that she has a very important proposal that pertains to the topic for this family council, as such I have let her in for master to make the judgment. Tendoria-sama claimed that she wishes to listen to the council as the future of Goncourt house is intertwined deeply to her concern, thus I have let her attend after gaining her understanding that she will not have the right to vote or speak."

Kusandria suddenly spoke up.

"If I may father! As the daughter of present master, this lower seat is unfit for me, I should be on a chief seat for main family members!"

"Who allowed you to speak."

The low voice Prado used to interrupt his daughter was not loud at all, yet carried a tremendous pressure to it.





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