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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.10


For a moment, Lecan ceased moving.

Zoltan immediately swung his sword.

However, his slash was stopped mid air by a dazzling light.

Lecan's barrier had been reactivated.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan flew backward with the assistance of <Gust>. He turned right in the corridor before the entrance.

Zoltan isn't giving a chase yet again.

Lecan traveled to the wall end of the right corridor.

"<Recovery>! <Recovery>!"

First of all he cast <Recovery> on himself and absorbed mana off two large magic stones. Then he took a Stamina Restorative pill and put the remains of <Shield of Wolkan> on his hand in <Storage>.

As he regulated his breathing, he looked back at the fight.

There were some things that puzzled him.

First, how Zoltan's magic sword got blocked by <Necklace of Intuador>'s barrier. This he doesn't get.

When Lecan was fighting against that magic beast who wielded a <Comet Cutter>, its attacks slipped past <Necklace of Intuador>'s barrier. No mistake about that. Yet, Zoltan's magic sword got stopped.

<Necklace of Intuador> repels incoming external magic attack, but it doesn't do that to magic cast by Lecan from inside the barrier. Thus why, his <Comet Cutter> doesn't get stopped by the barrier. This he gets.

Then how come Zoltan's magic sword gets blocked.

The possibility would be either that magic beast had some sort of special skill, or Lecan's <Comet Cutter> and Zoltan's magic sword have differing properties.

It's probably the latter, but he's got neither the time nor ways to verify it. For now, knowing that his necklace's barrier can stop Zoltan's magic sword is good enough.

Next up, how <Comet Cutter> and Zoltan's magic sword are a match against each other. When two magic swords clash, they can stop each other's advance.

The feedback felt odd. It's wholly unlike feedback from a clash between two normal swords. It doesn't feel like two hard objects hitting each other, instead it's like getting your palm wrapped around.

Each and every swing Zoltan took was terrifyingly heavy and powerful. Yet, they were completely matched when their swords clashed. Meaning, clashes between magic swords involve a different force outside of physical strength.

Also, Zoltan flicked away <Flame Spears> with his magic sword. Something like that is possible. <Comet Cutter> likely can do that too. He's gotta give it a test later.

Next is <Shadow Blade>. That's a skill from their old world, it's no magic. Yet the attack Zoltan unleashed earlier was undoubtedly magic attack. Lecan confirmed it with <Mana Detection> and above all, the necklace's barrier wouldn't be able to stop it if it wasn't magic.

It appears magic and skills work differently in this world than the old world. And there are cases where skills from old world get replaced into magic in this world.

Come to think of it, Lecan who could not be a mage in his old world became one in this world. And he's even categorized as a mage capable of fine mana control it seems. Which is apparently due to his mastery of <Mana Detection> and <3D Perceptions>.

Then that <Devour> skill. It erased Lecan's magic barrier. Zoltan would always use that skill right after <Shadow Blade>. Probably because it cannot devour the barrier unless the barrier has been actived first. It can only devour once the barrier's light outline manifests after getting hit by <Shadow Blade>.

That skill didn't work the second time he used it. What's the difference with the first time. Lecan closed his right eye and recalled the scene.

Lecan greatly leaped backward. Zoltan also leaped to match. He recited the spell while jumping.

(I see!)

It's not that it didn't get activated. The skill did work. And it devoured Lecan's barrier. However, it only devoured the light outlined part where <Shadow Blade> hit. However, since they both moved around at high speed, Zoltan's magic sword missed the devoured part. Hence why the barrier stopped it.

Afterward, Zoltan shot out many more <Shadow Blade> and had a large portion of the barrier devoured. That must be it. That skill can only eat the pale blue light outlined parts where the barrier manifests to block magic attacks.

And one other thing.

Whenever Zoltan's magic sword clashed with <Comet Cutter>, or the necklace's barrier, dazzling lights would be produced but it didn't feel or sound like clashes between hard objects. Yet it sounded and felt like two metal objects clashing when Lecan blocked that sword with <Shield of Wolkan>.

That thing obviously works differently from <Comet Cutter>. After all, Comet Cutter would just slip through <Shield of Wolkan>.

No, that might be so because that was the magical blade part of <Comet Cutter>.

Thinking again, the length of Zoltan's magic sword never changed even after it had been supplied with mana. The magic blade only wraps around its base blade. Meaning shields or other hard objects can block that sword. Though it would likely cut them like butter unless it's made of some really tough material.

(Hold it.)
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(Does that mean, that sword's magic blade.)

(Consumes only little mana to maintain?)

(Then that guy can afford a drawn-out battle.)

(Not the case with me.)

Lecan opened his right eye.

The time for rumination is over.

Lecan took <Guardian Jewel of Zana>, poured it full with mana and put it away in his pocket.

Then he grabbed a large magic stone and absorbed mana off it. He didn't put that much mana into the guardian jewel but <Comet Cutter> continues to eat up a lot of mana even when he's resting like this. He's still got a lot of magic stones left on him, but this is the first time Lecan has ever burned through so many magic stones in one sitting, this can't go on forever.

And above all, he hasn't got much time left to keep maintaining his current heightened fighting spirit.

(Next one.)

(The next one will end this fight!)

Lecan took off Overking Bear overcoat and put it in <Storage>.

His defensive power now suffers greatly, but taking it off is necessary for swifter and finer mobility.

He took a large blue potion and put it in his mouth.

He grabbed a shield from <Storage>. It's one of shields he got in his old world. It pales in comparison to <Shield of Wolkan>, but this shield still boasts an extremely high defensive performance.

With the shield in his left hand, Lecan began walking toward Zoltan.





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