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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.4


For some reason General Dungeon Administration Chief, Eliza Notz, has been making frequent visits as of late.

The townlord and her father visited <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> on the 26th of month four, then 10 days later on afternoon of the 36th, she went in the inn without a companion after a notice. No, she's with a companion, but they're made to wait outside the inn while she goes inside by herself.

"Hi, Lecan-dono."

That day was a break day, Lecan was sipping on fermented liquor.

Arios stood up and pulled a chair for Eliza.

"Thank you, Arios-dono."

"Don't mention it."

"Lecan-dono, you're a <Descender> who comes from the same world as Zol-jii, right."


He talked about it ten days ago already. Eliza should be aware of that. Yet, she'd go out of her way to come and ask again in person, just what is she planning.



"I want to know more about the world Zol-jii came from. Would you tell me about it."

"About our old world? What do you wanna know."

"Anything. Like say, were there dungeons in that world?"


This question hit the right note with Lecan. He wouldn't have replied back had she asked about any other matters. But not when it comes to dungeons. Lecan spoke of dungeon conquests profound in his memory while explaining the differences between this world's and that world's dungeons.

"You're incredible, Lecan-dono. I can't believe how many dungeons you conquered. But the dungeons in that world sure drop a lot of Golden Potions."

"It's not Golden Potions. Defeating Floor Masters or Dungeon Bosses will make your body learn specific skills."

"So, it's like defeating this particular enemy gets you this particular skill."

"That's right. But there are also magic beasts that get you advanced versions of the skills if you're lucky."

The three <Grindam> members came back before long.

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"Why're you whispering."

"That knight standing outside's gonna hinder Nark's business."

"Ah, that's true. Chief Administrator-dono."

"Please call me Eliza if you would."

"The knight outside is in the way. Let him in."

"That's my bad."

"Eliza. By the way, what makes you come today?"

"I just wanted to hear about Zol-jii from you."

"Hmm? It's night already. Go home now."

"Oh, now that you mention it, it's dinnertime. This inn's vegetables were really tasty the last time. That's it. I shall have dinner here today. Arios-dono. Where would the owner be."

"I'm calling him now. Nark-san."


"Owner. Will you prepare meals for Lecan-dono, Arios-dono and me. And for the three over there as well."


"Eliza. How about the knight standing there."

"They're not allowed to have meals on duty. Pay him no mind. More importantly, could you get me some drink as well."

"Yea. You prefer wine, don't you. Arios. Where are you going."

"Well. Just moving to <Grindam>'s table."

"Why'd you do that."

"How come you don't get it. Oh right. You were that type of person."

From that day onward, Eliza would occasionally pay them a visit.

She would check with a messenger beforehand if Lecan was present or not. So naturally, she'd come when it's Lecan's break day.

Whenever Eliza dropped by, there would be many more guests than usual that day. Guests who didn't get their seats would drink on the counter or have their meals on the stairs.

Lecan noticed how these guests would keep stealing glances at Eliza. Nell would also stand behind the counter on that day and keep staring at the table where Eliza and Lecan sat. Must be not everyday to have a chance at looking at a high-ranking noble.

"Lecan-dono, you have the same scent as Zol-jii."

"It's the smell of sweat and leather. That's how all us adventurers smell like."

"Zol-jii was really tall, same with you Lecan-dono. Is everyone in your world as tall as you two?"

"No. Both Zoltan and me are on the taller side."

"You really are special. I would love to witness the figure of Lecan-dono striking down magic beasts."

"Can you even dive in dungeon depths."

Arios who was sitting on the next table interrupted.

"Lecan-dono. You've got it all wrong."

"Which one's? Rather, why're you sitting on that table."

Despite the totally full house state of Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn, Lecan and Eliza are sitting alone on a table. At first the guests would avoid the knight sitting in the corner, but now they've completely ignored his presence now, they would stand around and drink near the knight or put some luggage and have their meals there.

And Arios would always sit with <Grindam> whenever Eliza comes. Lecan could not understand why he would do that.

(Eliza is probably.)

(Trying to gather intel about our old world using this chance.)

(Must be an order from her uncle the townlord.)

(She's got it tough.)

(Part of her job must be about unearthing my ability.)

(Using Zoltan to dig up info, nicely done.)

(Can't exactly send her away either.)

(Guess I just gotta keep her company.)

(Hm? There she goes again.)

(Nell is looking here all smile.)





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