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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.7


In that moment.

Lecan's body moved to the left as if it was pushed by something.

But no, nothing actually pushed him. Lecan's body demonstrated unbelievable reflexes in the face of this predicament. Lecan felt as if he got knocked off his feet by Zoltan.

However, he couldn't completely dodge the attack.

The magic beast's right fist grazed his jaw, pulverizing his lower jaw.

As Lecan lost his balance, the magic beast pulled back its left fist to the limit before striking it at him.

The magic beast's left fist drew near Lecan with a wind cutting sound.

It's not possible to dodge it anymore.

In that instance.

The cog in Lecan's head turned hard.


(If only I've got some sort of weapon.)

(A melee weapon to strike with my hand!)

A certain familiar weapon flashed in Lecan's mind then.

In that moment, a brutal-looking four-clawed claw manifested on Lecan's right hand.

Even this magic beast couldn't react to this deadly weapon suddenly appearing in front of its fist, the claw clashed against its fist.

The magic beast's left arm which had been half-cut by the Solid Sacred Silver sword broke in the opposite direction after the clash. Lecan then struck the lunging magic beast with the claw. Hitting it right in the face.

With the claw still stabbed in the magic beast's face, Lecan pushed the magic beast's body and threw it onto rocky ground. There was a sound of something getting broken.

Lecan swiftly stood up and remove the claw in his right hand.

Blood gushes out of his broken jaw.

The wand that was in his left hand was gone during the scuffle earlier. Lecan took another Solid Sacred Silver sword from <Storage>.

The magic beast had already gotten up and kicked with its right leg. However, due to lacking left arm, its movement had been dulled. Lecan struck down the magic beast's neck with the Solid Sacred Silver sword.

Losing its head, the magic beast slowly dropped down.

Its body vanished before it was fully on the ground, replaced with a small treasure chest.

Lecan attempted to cast <Recovery>, but naturally he couldn't say a word with his jaw broken like that. You cannot use magic if you can't speak.

He grabbed a Large Red Potion from <Storage>, and sprinkled it on his shredded jaw. He took another and put it over his sides.

His jaw regenerated back.

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Once isn't enough.


While enduring the unpleasantness of his beat up body getting healed, Lecan looked at the fallen claws on the ground. The claws have been bent, it's no longer usable.

<Mountain Scraping Claw (Shelgrajin)>

A melee weapon he got on floor 86. It had an unusually high basic Offense attribute.

How come that showed up in that exact moment.

Then it hit Lecan, and he tried to strongly will his right hand holding a sword.

(O Sword of Rusk!)

Sword of Rusk showed up gripped in his right hand.

His <Storage> has evolved.

Lecan can summon things from his <Storage> just by willing it. It might have some sort of limitations and conditions however.

Thinking again, his <3D Perceptions> and <Mana Detection> have also evolved with Lecan's growth. Why didn't he think <Storage> would too.

Which means <Gust> might have evolved too. Gotta check it out later.


(That was dangerously close.)

(I'd never win in a head-on battle against that thing.)

Thus he deliberated with his still spinning head and heavy breathing.

He waited until his head cleared up and took the treasure chest.

It's quite a small chest. As if it's got a potion inside.

Opening it revealed a Golden Potion.

"You can't be serious."

Lecan murmured involuntarily.

He braved dangers, tiring out his body and mind with battle after battle, yet he gritted his teeth and came this far, it was all because he believed he would obtain the strongest sword by defeating Dungeon Tsubolt's boss. A sword that surpasses even <Comet Cutter>.

Golden Potions aren't really a bad deal. But at the end of the day, it's something you could get even from Dungeon Golbul. Hard to say it's a fitting reward for conquering Dungeon Tsubolt.

Lecan put away the potion in <Storage> and walked into the inner passage back to the stairway all while experiencing a huge sense of disappointment.

"Lecan-dono! You're alive!"


"But you're bloodied all over. Are you all right?"

"Almost met my end there. I'm fine now."

"I was not able to get in. It appears there is a limit of one individual imposed to it."

Lecan recalled how he told Arios about dungeons having restriction on number of individuals that can enter a boss room when they were conquering dungeon Ninae. Looks like he still remembers.


"What kind of enemy was it?"

"I'll get to that later. We're leaving the dungeon."

"Eh? Ah, right."

Now that the boss on the last floor has been defeated, this dungeon will go dormant. The <Sleepless Dungeon> is going to sleep. There would be a huge uproar. They'd get caught up in the commotion if they don't act quick here.

The two warped to the ground floor, left the dungeon and the open space in front of it with quick gaits.

Then, they went straight back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

"So, what kind of magic beast was the dungeon boss?"

"It's an <Armored White Spectre>. But it's fully covered in white bones from head to toe, with red veins running on it. It's weaponless and attacks with fists and kicks. Though it did attack with <Flame Spear> once."

"So it can shoot magic too."

"Not sure if that <Flame Spear> was produced by the magic beast itself."


"It looked to me like that magic beast sucked in a <Flame Spear> I shot at it. Then it launched the same exact attack a moment later. Thus, it might have been that magic beast's original ability, or it could be my magic it absorbed and launched back."

"Absorbing magic and returning it to the caster, is that really possible?"

"Beats me."

"If that's truly the case, then the more powerful spells an adventurer has in repertoire, the more powerful attacks they will have to endure. That sounds very tough."

"The biggest problem is how <Graces> don't work."

"Eh? Could you say that again, Graces don't work?"

"Yeah. During my fight with that dungeon boss, my <Necklace of Intuador> wouldn't put up its anti-magic barrier, and <Comet Cutter> couldn't generate its magic blade. Dunno if it's due to the place, or if it's that magic beast's ability, all I know is that you can't use Graces in the fight with the last floor's boss here."

"I'm amazed you managed to get through that."

"Yea, to be honest, that thing was way beyond my capability. Magic don't work, and its reflexes far outclass mine. Its body is hard enough to block a slash from a Solid Sacred Silver sword. On top of that, Graces don't work. Not sure myself how I even grabbed that victory. Gotta refuse were I'm told to fight that again right away. I've got no chance."

"Is that true. Just how dreadful it is to make Lecan-dono goes that far."

"So, what're you gonna do?"

"What am I to do?"

"You going to fight that boss?"

"We'll have to wait who knows how many, days, weeks or even months for the dungeon to wake up first if I were to fight, won't we?"

"Yeah. Months might be too much, but I'm willing to keep you company if it's only for a little bit."





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