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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.12_13


Lecan walked away, leaving the dumbfounded Chubby behind. Arios followed in silence.

Arios spoke once Chubby was out of sight.

"That exchange was really well done."


"Lecan-dono. You have changed."

"Wonder if I've gotten closer to becoming a Strong Sword."

"What is that about?"

"Nah, it's nothing."

Speaking of strong sword, in the end just which sword should be his trusty sword, thought Lecan.

A sword that feels nice in hand, and won't break no matter how rough it's swung. A sword he can always rely on. A sword that swings nicely, or a sword with the highest offense. Lecan came to Tsubolt looking for one such sword.

For a time, Lecan believed that ideal sword was none other than <Comet Cutter>.

But <Comet Cutter> turned into an ordinary short sword on the last floor of Dungeon Tsubolt. Because its Graces has been voided.

To begin with, what is strength anyway.

Being prepared with good weapons and armor are important of course. And since Lecan is a swordsman, getting a good sword is most important above all.

But Lecan's innate strength is also important if he wishes to swing such a sword. Relying fully on Graces during battle will not improve Lecan's innate strength.

With that mind set, the sword he should use as his main sword should be a sturdy and reliable sword with no special Graces.

<Sword of Rusk>.

That sword has the best combination of handling, reliability and depth, a true great sword. An outstanding sword that refines its user the more it's swung by them. He could just take out <Comet Cutter> when the time is right to use it, but in everyday battles, <Sword of Rusk> and <Sword of Agost> are exactly the right swords to rely on.

"Hold it. Nadis Barondom should be in the neighborhood right."


"Is town of Riplin far from here?"

"Oh, Riplin is just right to the east from here. It's not really that far distance-wise, but since the path goes through mountain roads, it's going to take around five days to get there. Though well, it should be faster than that for Lecan-dono and me."

"Alright, let's go."

They arrived at Riplin in three days time.

They found the house where Rusk and Agost once lived. The wife of late Agost was guarding the house. Lecan listened to the circumstances that led to the creation of <Sword of Agost> and how it ultimately got sold.

The woman wept when she was informed that Lecan had been deploying <Sword of Rusk> and <Sword of Agost>.

When they found out that Agost's son was in trouble and that collecting ores in Dungeon Capadoa located right next to Riplin would solve that problem, they two dived in right away. It's a 30 floor dungeon that has an unusual system of only having ores or magic stones as drops. The two conquered it in mere three days and gathered a vast amount of ores and magic stones in the process.

Lecan's evolved <Storage> had an unexpected drawback. He can take things out of <Storage> just by willing it, however that object won't come out unless he imagines it vividly. That's fine and all, but it also consumes an abnormal amount of mana. It may not be as much as half of Lecan's mana pool, but it's still a considerable amount. Hence, this ability is only usable during critical junctures. Or rather, the old way of jamming his hand to grab a weapon inside is still faster. He managed to take a weapon out swiftly that one time, but it's not a feat he can easily replicate anytime.

<Gust> did evolve after all. Previously, he could only generate strong winds around himself. Gust strength would drastically lower at 10 steps away, by 20 steps it'd turn into a mere breeze. But now he could even use it to stagger foes 50 steps away, a much larger scope.

One thing is still shrouded in mystery.

Lecan had taken the Golden Potion in his last night at Tsubolt. Yet he couldn't figure out what skill he got even during Dungeon Capadoa's exploration. Perhaps it's not a combat skill.

The two went back to Vouka.

They arrived on the sixth of month seven.

It had been 246 days since they left Vouka.

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Back at home, the lock was not on, Eda was not present.

There's a message written on the wall.

<Eda and Jericho are with me at Goncourt's mansion. They're safe, don't worry. Norma.>

Not sure why they're in Goncourt, but all's fine if they're safe.

Lecan headed to Shira's house by himself. It's Sandra's house at District Rikonen.

As she seems to be inside, Lecan stood on the veranda with <Concealment> on.

Shira showed up after a bit.

"Welcome back."

"Yea. By the way, what does <Tiri Warda Roa> mean."

"I'll go get our tea, hold on a bit."

Shira brewed tea for two and sat down her chair.

"Now then. <Tiri Warda Roa>, is it. That's an archaic language. No one uses it today cause it's really really old. Moreover it's a sacred word used only in ceremonies and such. It means <O Wings of Underworld, cometh not.>"


"Simplified in modern language, it would sound like, <O death, stay away from me>. But to think you'd get that. I thought you went to Tsubolt, did you run all the way to Daina instead?"

It felt like Shira glanced at <Ring of Undying King> for a second there.

"I didn't. I got this."

Lecan took <Comet Cutter> out of <Storage>.

"Ah, that got dropped huh. I'm glad for you."

"Yea. I have several questions about this sword."

"Hee? What'd that be."

"This sword slipped past <Shield of Wolkan>. How come."

"Unlike other magic swords, <Comet Cutter> can generate a much longer magic blade than its true blade. That part is incorporeal. When that part is swung at an object, that object will get cut if that object is cut-able."


"When that object is awfully sturdy and thus uncut-able, the magic blade will slip past that object. However, that object will have its Endurance drastically lowered, see. There is no chip and its Wear Rate doesn't go down, so it may look like it's been dealt no damage at a glance. That said, you can keep cutting someone wearing a sturdy armor but never hurting that someone despite lowering the armor's Endurance. You could say <Shield of Wolkan> sacrificed its Endurance to protect its wearer."

"I see. Then, when <Comet Cutter> clashed with another magic sword, they both stopped each other's slashes. How come."

"Eh? That shouldn't... No wait. That magic sword's user must've been something else, weren't they?"

"Yea. He was truly monstrous."

"Against ordinary magic swords, Comet Cutter should either cut it in half or slip past it, shaving down its Endurance like I told you earlier, see. But when someone with a humongous amount of mana pours their all into a magic sword, how do I explain this, the density of its magic blade shoots right up, you see."


"Though it's not just the quantity, the way you pour your mana is also important here. Anyway, special magic blade generated in such a way repels similar magic blade, protecting its true blade inside. Or more like the thing repels magic itself. Since <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade is naturally dense, it possesses a similar property. Hence it turned out like that."





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