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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.16


"A deathmatch between two world-crossing depth-walking adventurers. The fight must have been truly out of this world."

Lecan said nothing. Even just jumping to this world gives Descenders a boost in abilities and life span, and defeating magic beasts in this world seems to make them grow in power at high pace. And in Lecan's case, he's managed to combine skills from his old world and this world's magic. He had no intention to talk about such secret. Besides, Zoltan's strength was beyond even that.

Giluent threw a question.

"How did you take on floor 120."

"I had Arios with me, first we got in normal variant inner passage. Then two magic beasts spawned in the room."

Eliza interrupted here.

"Hang on. Two magic beasts?"

"From there huh. From floor 100 and below, the magic beasts that spawn are <Armored White Spectre> instead of <Black Body White Spectre> or <Red Body Spectre>."

"We know that."

"Only five <Armored> can spawn at any given time."

"I'm telling you we know that already."

"Eliza. Quiet down and listen."


"<Armored> spawn in accordance to the number of people that get in the inner passages, and five is the maximum number."


"If two people get in the inner passage, only two <Armored> spawn in the room."

Giluent, Haydent and Eliza fell into silent.

"After reaching floor 100, us two went our separate way from our former joint party <Grindam>, and dived with just the two of us. As such, we've only been fighting two opponents at once from floor 100 to 120."

"Hold it, Lecan. Only two <Armored> spawn when it's just two people entering? The number of spawned <Armored> correlates to the number of people entering the inner passage?"

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"But that's."

Many adventurers found out about that fact last night, and <Grindam> were informed of it even earlier. The rumor is already spreading in the town even now, there's no longer any point in keeping it secret.

"Check it out yourself if you don't believe it. Anyway, we got to floor 120. I noticed the existence of another stairway, different from the one we took to get there, in the furthest back room, the <Guardian> room."

"There is no stairway in the <Guardian> room of floor 120."

"Eliza. Did I not tell you to be quiet."

"Yet, I couldn't see that stairway when we got in that room. I thought there must be a condition that must be fulfilled first."

"Oho. Intriguing. So your special detection ability caught on that stairway's existence."

"Yeah. That stairway was narrow. Thus I figured it was intended for one person. So I got in the inner passage alone. Sure enough, only one magic beast spawned. Once I beat that thing, the stairway showed itself. I warped back to floor 120 and told Arios who also got in the room alone. And that's how we arrived on floor 121."

No one uttered a word for a while. Giluent broke the silence.

"And then you beat floor 121's <Guardian> and obtained a <Comet Cutter>."

"No, not really. It was from a normal variant not a <Guardian>. Neither I nor Arios have defeated floor 121's <Guardian> yet."

"I see, I see. To think our dungeon was hiding such a secret."


"What's the matter, Haydent."

"Perhaps <Comet Cutter> can only be dropped on floor 121 and below."

"That is the conclusion I have arrived at as well. That does explain why no <Comet Cutter> was ever found in the last 116 years."

"Uncle. Let's start an expedition to floor 121 right away!"

"That cannot be done. There remain only three parties capable of delving below floor 100. Two among those never set foot below floor 110."

"Then, Lecan-dono can."

"Be silent."

It was a low voice. However, it had a paralyzing pressure contained within. The reproved Eliza was at a loss for word.

"Lecan. How many floors does this dungeon contain."

"I dunno."

"I see, so you don't know."

Giluent kept his eyes shut and got lost in thought. Eventually, he opened his eyes and turned around.



"Bring the inn owner here."


Nark got brought in, and he started narrating about Zoltan's memories per the marquis's request. Nark heard a lot of stories from his grandfather and father. It took quite a long time for him to finish it all.

At first he was speaking awkwardly, but it gradually smoothed over as he went on, he even began to occasionally slip in jokes to spice things up.

Both Giluent and Haydent drank and laughed a lot.

"Ah, that was fun. I had a good time. I must head back soon. Lecan."

"What is it."

"Could you show me the <Comet Cutter>."

Giluent asked it in the most casual way. No greedy glares, no calculating or battle of wit, he spoke nonchalantly.

Lecan drew the <Comet Cutter>.

And poured his mana into it.

Magic blade at twice the length got generated.


The four' eyes got locked to it.

Lecan put more mana into the sword. The magic blade extended to its maximum length, five.


"My goodness."



Lecan stopped pouring mana. The magic blade vanished at once.

"That was truly a fine display. You have my thanks."

Giluent ordered by eyes to Baiad who handed over a bag of money to Nark as expense for the food and drinks.

"Well then, we shall excuse ourselves now."

Giluent headed out of the door after saying that much.

Followed by Baiad and Haydent. So did Eliza but then she trotted back to their table.

"Lecan. Did you descend in Palcimo when you first got to this world?"


Eliza looked dissatisfied at the answer at first, then she walked to the exit following her uncle and father.

(The marquis.)

(Did not try to force himself on anything.)

(Nor did he try to deprive me of anything.)

It's not like the man is utterly disinterested in <Comet Cutter>. He's surely desiring it more than anything. There must be more things he wanted to know regarding the dungeon too. Yet, there was not even a hint of that desire shown. Nor was he fishing for profit.

Well done, thought Lecan.

That distinctive character awed even Lecan.

Marquis of Tsubolt, Giluent is what a <Strong Sword> is like for a noble, Lecan believed.

(Sorry to compare.)

(But he's a few levels above Vouka's townlord.)

The door opened, and Eliza was back again.



"I visited this inn with Zol-jii back then."


"Zol-jii was in a really great mood the day after that."


"Zol-jii had been looking depressed forever."

"I see."

"So me, my father and uncle were really happy when we saw him all perked up again."

"I see."

"Lecan-dono. Thank you."

Eliza closed the door after saying that.

Wafting a faint scent of flower behind.

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