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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.2


Next, they entered the second right room. But Lecan didn't put up a barrier, he just casually drew <Comet Cutter> and beheaded the magic beast right off bat. Of course the magic beast attempted to attack him as well, but he easily dodged it.

It's not just his mana pool or stamina, Lecan's reflexes, agility, physical strength and power of observation have been elevated a level beyond. As such, even magic beasts that were such a threat to him before feel utterly toothless now.

"No treasure chest came out either this time eh."


Then after defeating the magic beast in the second left room, a magic beast spawned in the central room. Defeating that magic beasts made a stairway manifest.

"In the end, <Comet Cutter> was the only non magic stone drop on this floor."


That day they also conquered floor 122. Lecan never had to put barrier and defeated every single magic beasts with <Comet Cutter> in one strike. Some of them shot magic but he could dodge it.

"This floor also only dropped one Grace Gear with one room, all other rooms only got us magic stones huh."


The Grace Sword in this floor was <Steel Cutter (Tindascyll)>, a sword whose sharpness gets a huge boost when used to cut metal. This was given to Arios. Arios was elated by this since he had no idea such a Grace existed before.

"Obtaining this alone makes coming to this dungeon worth it. But I have been of no use."

"Just help me when things get out of hands. Besides, we've gotten this far. Don't you want to see the final floor."

"I sure would love to. Then, if you'd please."


The day after, the 29th of month four, they got to floor 126 by morning and conquered floor 130 by afternoon.

It's clear by now that each floor only drops one Grace Gear with the rest being magic stones. However, the performance of this one Grace Gear is on a whole another dimension than Grace Gear gotten on floor 1-100, and far surpasses those from floor 101-120. And one guaranteed Grace Gear drop after every five magic beasts defeated is still a much higher rate than ordinary dungeons. This place is pretty much a treasure house.

Among the Grace Gear they got, Lecan claimed <Apparition Cutter (Ginscyll)> and <Vilesect Cutter (Rinbascyll)> as his own.

"You pick yours too. We're selling the rest."

"Hmm. Are we going to sell them?"
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"What. Are you against it?"

"Well, I mean we're not really short on money. Every one of these swords are all wonderful swords money just can't buy."

"Then, it's all yours."

"Are you sure?"

"I got <Comet Cutter> after all."

After that discussion, <Rock Cutter (Raiscyll)>, <Echo Cutter (Piascyll)>, <Acceleration Sword (Mourascylla)>, <Freezing Sword (Silluscylla)>, <Burstflame Sword (Goubanscylla)>, and <Afterimage Sword (Glienscylla)> became Arios's.

On their way to the dungeon on the 30th.

"Ooh! Bat Demon."

"Keep at it!"

"Which floor you're on 'rite now?"

"Must be on floor 122 already, yeah?"

"Adventurer Lecan, you may pass."

They started exploration on floor 131 that day.

They warped from ground floor to the stairway that leads to floor 131.

Once they were on the floor, they got in the front right room. There, Lecan suffered an unexpected defeat.

They conquered eight floors yesterday, but the enemies had been getting tougher the further they went down, losing more margin of error in the process. Yet, Lecan still managed to defeat all of the enemies with one swing of <Comet Cutter> without putting up anti-physical barrier.

Lecan attempted the same strategy on floor 131 this day. That was a mistake.

Lecan's <Comet Cutter> got stopped by a barrier appearing in midair as he swung it at the incoming magic beast. A moment later, the short spear the magic beast held pierced into Lecan's left chest.

"<Flame Spear>."

Lecan cast a magic even while losing his balance. However, it got blocked off by a barrier the magic beast put up.

The magic beast aimed its short spear straight at Lecan's throat.

That was when Arios struck the magic beast's short spear with his sword.

The short spear passed right next to Lecan's face.

"<Tiri Warda Roa>."

Lecan activated <Ring of Undying King>'s Grace.

Arios went for the magic beast's neck.

The magic beast parried away Arios's sword with its short spear and thrust it at Lecan's face during the swing back, utilizing the recoil.

Lecan experienced a small impact on his face, but he shrugged it off and took a Solid Sacred Silver sword.

Which he then used to split the magic beast's head in two.


The short spear was only a tiny bit further from reaching his heart.

A treasure chest spawned.

It has <Barrier Spear (Ogdimwirt)> inside. Possessing a Grace that automatically generates a barrier when the user is receiving magic attack.

"Lecan-dono. Let's head back for today."

"Right. Let's. You want this spear?"

"May I?"


"I feel bad about this. Always getting all the drops."

"I'll tell you ahead of time when an item caught my interest. Don't hold back. Besides I get magic stones as my share."




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