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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.15


Lecan isn't really clued in the things Giluent and Haydent are talking about. However, he could pick up some things from the fragments he heard.


(Are the kind of people who don't rely on nobles.)

(These guys won't get it.)

Giluent himself poured Lecan's cup.

"Lecan. I was taught by Arios-dono's uncle, Maxir-dono in swordsmanship starting from when I was 13 up until I turned 18. Later on, Maxir-dono would teach my son, Padient. Maxir-dono lived in our mansion for about 11 years in total. Though it's not like he stayed here all that time, he would head out to other places at times as well. My father was also taught swordsmanship by the uncle of Maxir-dono."

Since even a big-name noble like Giluent calls the man with the suffix 'dono', Arios's uncle must hold a special standing.

"While Haydent was taught swords by Zoltan when he was 12, around 37 years ago, until he turned 24."

"He mostly taught me stuff unrelated to swords though."

"Hahaha. Exactly. That guy was really one of a kind master."

"Yeah and that's why you took a liking on Zoltan."

"Interesting. Zoltan spoke such matters to you as well?"


"He must trust you a lot then. Ah, oh yeah Arios-dono."


"I believe Zoltan would notice your similarities with Maxir-dono."

"No. I was out of town at the time, I never had the chance to meet Zoltan-dono."

"Is that right. That's a shame."

A commotion broke out outside. The three <Grindam> members have come back.

"Sorry, the four guys outside are your subordinates, yeah? The three years-long adventurer guests of this inn have returned. Let them in if you will."

"Sure thing. Baiad."


Baiad informed the guards outside and let <Grindam> in, but they panicked when they realized the townlord was visiting in person.

"Lecan. We're gonna eat out for dinner."

"Don't worry about it."

"Of course we are. Eating meals in front of marquis-sama wouldn't taste good... Cough. We would feel too honored to get food down our throats. Okay then, see you later!"

Bruska left with Tsuinga and Yoana after saying that.

The meals were ready in the meantime.

"This is good. The vegetable is quite tasty."

"It really is, uncle."

"This inn grows the vegetable themselves I believe, Aniue. Aren't they, Lecan."


"I should have had some the last time I was here. Ah, right, Lecan-dono. That was so cold of you. You could have told me that you're really not a magic knight of Palcimo."

"I kept telling you I got nothing to do with Palcimo."

"Did you? By the way, do you have wine here."

"Nark! Wine!"
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"Got it."

"Ah, owner. After this, we would like to talk to you about Zoltan."


"By the way Lecan."


"Would you let us hear how your fight with Zoltan transpired."


Lecan narrated his fight with Zoltan in great detail. He obfuscated details of abilities yet known in this world or truly rare items, but he didn't hide stuff like an ability that can accurately detect opponent hiding behind a cover or an accessory that can automatically generate a magic barrier. He also told them Zoltan's <Shadow Blade> and his ability to erase magic barrier as they were in reality.

Giluent's group looked astounded as they listened to Lecan.

"I'm well aware of how you are a swordsman extraordinaire. And on top of that you can use <Recovery>, <Fire Arrow>, <Flame Spear>, and <Lightning>. Then a magic to produce a gust of wind, and an ability to detect enemies separated by rock walls. Depth-walking adventurers are immeasurable by common sense, and you stand above even them."

"Aniue, Zoltan-dono was pretty amazing himself. Not even Palcimo magic knights are capable of devouring away magic barriers during a high speed battle."

"I can't believe a <Shield of Wolkan> could get split in two. Just how much power did Zol-jii's magic sword hold in it."

Baiad stared at his left hand as he listened the conversation while standing.

A <Shield of Wolkan> is equipped there.

"Lecan. You did not bring back pieces of Zoltan's magic sword, I take it.


"I see."

"What's the point of taking back a broken magic sword. Or, did you want to use it?"

"No, that is not the case. I cannot wield a magic sword to begin with. Same with my son and granddaughter."


Come to think of it, Lecan could barely feel mana from these three.

"That was the one thing that afforded Benchara House to grow impudent, Lecan-dono. Both Orug-dono and Torog were wielders of quite high level magic swords."


"But really, are you sure you're not a Palcimo's magic knight."

"You're persistent."




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