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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-37

15-37. Divine Punishment (6), Hero Meiko


※ This is not from Satou's perspective

"Geez, just when I came to this backwater country to punish the weasels, the God had gone ahead and dropped the divine punishment, what's the meaning of this."

Hero Meiko Kaname is grumbling in the noble outlook room inside the Saga Empire's battleship.
Handsome knights and priests who look like characters of otome games are serving around her.

It was originally a fleet of seven battleships that were going to attack Weasel Empire's capital, but they got the God's oracle along the way and five of the ships had gone back to Saga Empire.

"There is nothing we can do, Gods' will are beyond what us mortals can fathom."
"Hmph. Since we have those phone-like 『Talisman』, they could have sent a mail or something. Geez, they can't even hourensou us even though they've lived so long."

The handsome priests had a cramp on his face hearing the hero's blasphemous remark.
By the way, the hero who was a junior high school student in her original world doesn't know that hourensou is an abbreviation of houkoku (report), renraku (contact) and soudan (consultation). She only somehow knows the nuance.

"I want to ride that spaceship-like silver ship, not this dingy uncomfortable ship."
"We're deeply sorry. Hero-sama's guards are only good at disappointing and troubling hero-sama."

A handsome official who looks like a puppy apologized to the hero.

The hero's exclusive ship, [Sub-Dimensional Battleship Jules Verne] was attacked by the black greater demon, and got partially destroyed together with its maintenance dock.

"But it's not your fault."

She casually flapped her hand toward the apologizing official, telling him not to mind it.

"I'd rather push this checking the divine punishment execution job to those accompanying aunties."

A longearkin man began to play the hero's favorite tune with his lute in order to pacify the complaining hero's boredom.
No one beside the hero knew that it was the opening of an idol anime for girls.

"Your Highness Maryest, the investigation unit has returned."

In the noble room inside another battleship accompanying the hero's, Imperial Princess Maryest who was Hero Hayato's attendant was receiving report from the captain.

"Regarding the fallen airship that we discovered earlier--"

Princess Maryest creased her forehead as she listened to the captain carefully.

"I see... So there's no survivor either this time."
"Yes, since the bodies had all turned into salt, we couldn't retrieve their bodies nor their memento."
"I understand. You can withdraw."
"Please excuse me."

Princess Maryest let out a heavy sigh after confirming that the captain had gone.
They had found many wreckages of fallen big airships and cities that had turned into salt on their way along the Weasel Empire's territory.

And, they found no survivor in every one of them.

"Have a drink, Mary."

Ringrande offered a glass with red wine to her depressed-looking friend.
Princess Maryest inclined the glass in a disorderly manner without even enjoying the fragrance and drank the bitter red liquid in one gulp.

"You should savor it more, it's a good wine."
"--You're right."

Princess Maryest finally had a smile on her face when Ringrande chided her while smiling wryly.

After a slight recess, they got a report of the fleet arrival at the neighborhood of the Weasel Empire's capital and the two went to the bridge.

"It's white.... It's as if we're still inside the cloud."

Princess Maryest muttered blankly while overlooking the capital that had turned white from the divine punishment.

"Mary! That!"
"Are those demon lords? And so many of them...."
"Something in the center, I don't know what that is, is fighting the demon lords. I wonder if that's the God's apostle?"
"It's like the Armageddon, the last battle between God and Devil, that Hayato mentioned."

A yellow giant is fighting the demon lords clad in purple light.
Princess Maryest and Ringrande are in awe with the yellow giant who puts up a good fight against the demon lords these girls and Hayato desperately fought.

"Your Highness, should we stay on the course?"
"No. If we just charge on ahead as is, we will only lose the hero and the fleet fruitlessly--"

Princess Maryest shook her head at the asking captain.

"--Retreat. It's impossible for us to intervene the fight between God and Demons."

She implicitly says that it's suicidal for humans to plunge into that battle.

"Mary! The flagship the hero rides on!"

Ringrande who was looking outside the window shouted.

"Light signals from Hero-sama's ship! 『Demon lords in sight, we will go on ahead』 it said."
"--That idiot!"

Ringrande cursed hearing the signal officer.
It was an extremely disrespectful act against the hero, but the people in the bridge wisely chose to keep silent.

"Maryest, you and the others retreat! I'll bring back that idiot with a rope on her neck."

Ringrande who was going to rush out of the bridge looked back at the door.

"Mary, go to Shiga Kingdom! Seek Hero Nanashi and Satou's cooperation!"

After saying that, she passed through the corridor with loud footsteps and jumped out of the emergency hatch riding on a flying wooden horse.

"We could have called that frivolous hero back if only God Parion's talisman had been restored."

That complaint was erased by the wind, reaching no one's ears.


One of the demon lords roared, invisible sound waves hit God Zaikuon.
Even though it was an advanced wind magic, God Zaikuon only staggered, it didn't seem like he was damaged much.


On the other hand, the greater demons surrounding the God lost their limbs every time they touched the yellow light wrapping the God.
It was very much a one sided battle, but thanks to the protection of the [Good Luck] given to them by the emperor, it was not a fatal wound as their limbs regenerated themselves.

Although, even though the yellow light has that much power, it doesn't seem to be able to encroach the purple light that wraps the demon lords.
There are five demon lords including the Great Weasel Demon Lord in this place; a foxkin demon lord with swords as his arms, a snakehead demon lord with octopus-like lower half, a tigerkin demon lord with wings on his back, and a human-shaped demon lord with ox horns.

However, the demon lords are fighting God Zaikuon erratically, there is no coordination between them.
Only Sword Demon Lord appears to follow the Great Demon Lord's orders.


The God's yellow light twinkles and then countless light arrows appear, attacking the roaring demon lords.
The light arrows pierced through the demon lords' purple light, but most of them evaded the succeeding arrows.


The Great Weasel Demon Lord roared, then violet light wrapped the other demon lords.
He's using [Good Luck] Unique Skill.

In response to that, the demon lords activated their own Unique Skills.
With each other Unique Skills, the demon lords that are already strong by themselves become even stronger.

The Great Weasel Demon Lord suddenly looked up.

『How boorish....』

Saga Empire's battleship appeared breaking the cloud over there.
Apparently, the Great Weasel Demon Lord still retains his individuality even now.

『Temple Knights, get rid of them. Yet, if they break through them, you go.』
『--ATYOURcommand, At yourCOMmandegozaru.』

Sword Demon Lord nodded at the Great Demon Lord's order.
It seems he's losing his self after using too much Unique Skills.


Hero Meiko shouted in anger inside the shaking ship and explosions sounds.
From the shaking that's clearly different from the ones up until now, fear is mixed in Hero Meiko's confident attitude.

"The Magic Furnace at the starboard is blown! Losing propulsion!"
"Intruders on the starboard! It's the Temple Knights of Weasel Empire!"

The bridge crews shouted out the report frantically.

"That means they're defying Saga Empire's hero aren't they."

Hero Meiko smiled ferociously as if shaking off her fear.

"How impertinent for mere weasels."

Hero Meiko slapped her own cheeks and stood up full of fighting spirits.
As if matching that timing, the bridge's door was blown up from outside.

Four Temple Knights broke through the smoke, entering the bridge.

"Leave this to us!"
"We have to show our good side to Meiko-sama."

The hero's followers draw their swords and point them at the Temple Knights.

However--their number is the only superiority.

The leading Temple Knight with four arms cut up the followers' holy armor and magic armor like papers with his white sword.
The remaining Temple Knights infringe upon the shaking blood-vomiting followers.

"Geez, how embarrassing. Are you guys only good for your faces?"

While being disappointed at the cowardliness of her struggling retainers, Hero Meiko wraps herself in blue light.
It's the sign of the activation of Hero Meiko's Unique Skills.

The first Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Mobility (Cannot be hit)] can evade every attacks.

"This hero is of evasion type!"
"Fire a barrage with no space for evading!"

It seems there were betrayers in Saga Empire, the Temple Knights seem to be aware of Hero Meiko's Unique Skills.

The temple knights took the magic devices on their waists and fired a rain of fire bullets from the submachine-gun-like fire wands.

Hero Meiko is wrapped in blue holy light once again.

The second Unique Skill, [Foresight], accurately predicts 10 seconds to the future.

"Useless! You can't run anywhere even if you try to predict it!"

One of the Temple Knights shouted triumphantly.
Just as he's planned, it's a solid barrage with no place to escape. There's no space even on the port.

The third Unique Skill [Infinite Arsenal (Inexhaustible Swords)] is activated, a holy sword appears out of thin air.
It closely resembled the holy sword the previous hero Hayato had, Arondight.

The Temple Knights wondered if she intended to cut the barrage with the holy sword.

"Don't make light of herooooooooooooo!"

Hero Meiko shouted a spirited yell.
The barrage shot from the fire wands changed its trajectory as if it was changing it on its own.

It must be a miracle from Hero Meiko's Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Mobility (Cannot be hit)].

"Meiko Kaname, that's the name of the one that defeats you."

Wrapped in holy light, Hero Meiko cut the Temple Knight along with his holy sword he used to defend against her in two.

Her last Unique Skill, [Strongest Katana (Nothing cannot be Cut)] cuts everything in existence.

The second and third Temple Knights thrust their magic swords at Hero Meiko, prepared to die together.

"W, what?"

The two's magic swords slipped through Meiko's body.
Betraying the Temple Knights who thought that she had changed place with an illusion, the Hero Meiko they hit cut both of them with the holy sword in her hand.

There's not even the slightest hesitation nor mercy at the tip of her sword.

"Hee, you're good."

Hero Meiko muttered in admiration.

After cutting the third one, a person who could block her sword finally appeared.
It's the four-armed Temple Knight who holds the white sword.

Hero Meiko seemed to be satisfied after exchanging blows several times, she struck her holy sword at the white sword.
Blue and white light filled the deck, both swords broke with a clear sound.

"You have no chance of victory now that you've lost your holy sword."
"Aren't you the same, your prided white sword's broken too isn't it."

The Temple Knight picks up the holy sword and magic swords of his cohorts below him.

"It might be not as good as Dragon Fang powder, but absurdity also dwells in this concentrated dragoon blood."

While speaking some cryptic things, he drips red liquid in a bottle on the three swords in his hands.

"Hmmm. Then me too."

A new holy sword appears from the thin air of the Infinite Arsenal.
The holy sword this time resembles the strongest holy sword that Hero Nanashi carries, Excalibur.

"It's such a waste that there's no eject function on this warehouse."

The grumbling hero's holy sword exchanges blows with the three swords.
Red and blue light dyed the bridge, broken machinery parts grazed by the light scatter around.

"There should be no level difference."

The temple knight's arms has decreased by one.

"My sword skill is also several classes above--"

Decreased by two, and three now.

"--And yet, why?"

The Temple Knight who had lost one of his legs muttered frustratingly on the floor.

"There's no way the ally of justice blessed by God Parion's protection could lose to bad guys siding with demon lords!"

--Hero is an embodiment of absurdity.

He recalled what Tactician Touya once said.

"Regrettably, this is it."

He pushes the small magic depth charge switch he got from Tactician Touya.
He doesn't know the meaning of the black fan shapes on yellow background mark.

"Wha, nuke?"

With a flash from the tactical nuke, the battleship vanishes.

One person jumped out of the mushroom cloud.
The hero Meiko.

She was able to survive from the point blank hit of an unbelievably huge explosion.
Although her armor is broken, her clothes are mercilessly torn, only cloths that protect her dignity as a girl remain.

"Suicide bombing is the worss!"

While grumbling, Hero Meiko took out a new flying shoes from her Infinite Inventory and stood mid-air, she healed her wounds using the stocked-up magic potions.

"Or rather, it hurr too much. I thought I was gonn die."

Normal humans would have died if they were hit by a tactical nuke at point blank.

The only one that could survive from one such attack is probably Viscount Pendragon.
That is if you can put him in the same category as [Normal Humans].

It appears she was able to narrowly escape by using her Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Mobility] in overlaps.
Was her articulations off because of her fear, or perhaps--.

"Now then, let's quickly beat all the demon lords. I'll rank up to the 『True Hero』 by just defeating one of the small fries, it should be easy afterwards, and expanding the difference between me and them would be the best--"

Innumerable light balls assaulted her.

"--Here it comes."

Apparently, the second round has begun.

◇◆◇ Extra ◇◆◇

"--Tsunami at Ganika Marquisdom's sea?"
"Yes, we've got a report from the branch office of Raragi Kingdom at the south sea."

That emergency call greeted me when I had gone back to the Solitary Island Palace from Seryuu City.
This Raragi Kingdom is the biggest sugar producing area at the south sea, moreover, they're raising the superb cows that feed on sugarcanes, so I want to protect it at all cost.

I open the menu to move to Echigoya Branch of Raragi Kingdom with Unit Arrangement.

Right at that time--.

"Wawanwaawawan, wawanwaawawan, wanwanwawan."
<Or alternatively, "Wowoofwooofwowoof, wowoofwooofwowoof, woofwoofwowoof.">


I got the alarm through the dragon vein from the Raka Clone installed on Pochi's Golden Armor.
This voice is of the second degree, the light one.

If it's not life-threatening, then I should save the countries that were about to be destroyed by the tsunami first.

"It's the alarm!"
"Arisa! Check out what's happening to Pochi!"

I asked Arisa to follow up and executed the Unit Arrangement.
If it's a situation where it's dangerous without me, Arisa will contact me with [World Phone].

First, I have to erase the tsunami.

The too flashy, [<<Continental Guard>>] is the last resort, but I will use it with no hesitation if Pochi looks to be in danger.

The dragon veins nearby will be in shortage of magic power for a bit though, so I don't want to use it thoughtlessly you see.

※ The next update is planned for 1/1, but it might be postponed to 1/8 depending on the new year progress.

※ This will be the last update this year.
For my good readers, have a good new year~

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