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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 1

Chapter 1 It's Another World No Matter How You Look at It


Among the thick bushes in the green trees.
I woke up and opened my eyes.
There were trees, flowers, bugs and animals I had never seen before.
"I've gone and done it...."
I put my hands inside my Wafuku's breast pocket while walking.
Walking on the soft humus of the forest with my Geta feels nice.

Well whatever, I can just chant the spell again and go back.

I need pure water to do that. I've used up the water in my gourd already.
"What a gloomy forest. Would be nice if there were a spring or a streamlet here--<<Senrigan>>." <TLN: literally Clairvoyance.>
My eyes are shining. Looking far ahead.

--However, the forest is too dense, I can't really see well. It's a surprisingly vast forest.

"It can't be helped. I'll look for someone I can talk to."

I look around restlessly while still using Senrigan.
And then I found one huge tree. It's twice as tall as the other trees, its trunk is so thick even ten adults joining hands won't be able to fully hug it.
It'd certainly be a Go-shintai if it were in Japan. A will has probably resided in it. The master of this forest.
"Alright. Let's ask that guy."
I stepped firmly on the undergrowth of the forest.

I've arrived near the big tree. It's thicker than it's taller. A dignified posture.
I look at it from top to bottom, making sure if I can trust it.
I don't feel any wicked aura. Looks like it's a good guy.

"Hey, 'scuse me, is there a streamlet or a spring nearby? Some clean one that can be used for magic."
And then the branches that faces right sway. It seems to be over there.
I put my hand up to show my gratitude and walk toward the direction it told me.

I walk in the forest while feeling the sunshine filtering through the foliage for a while.
It's a virgin forest that hasn't been intruded by people much, there's a lot of moss-covered trees and rocks.
Footprints from my Geta are left on the ground.

And then, I arrived at an open space inside the forest.
It's about as large as a gymnasium, there's no tree growing here.
The warm sunlight are pouring down. Looks like it's noon.
It's covered in green like a lawn. There's a small spring with clean water in one corner of the open space.

I stopped walking and tilted my head in puzzlement.
There's a woman tied up on a huge rock beside the spring.
A long waist-length blond hair and blue eyes. Her big breasts are constricted. She has an adult-like charm but I can feel maiden-like youthfulness. It's a strong-willed looking woman in her late teens.
She has a nice figure but she's probably a young girl, so I thought.

However, her clothing are unusual.
A red skirt and white coat that I've only ever seen in games and manga (even Gods play around in their free time). She's wearing a silver breastplate, there's a rapier on her waist.
She looks like a female knight that appears in fantasy.

The woman who's chained to the rock with a collar is sitting exhaustedly with her head hanging down.
Her figure with blond hair hanging on her white cheeks looks fleetingly beautiful.

--Well, it has nothing to do with me.
It's an unknown world. It could be troublesome if I carelessly meddled. The problem is not with this girl, but if I offend the Gods of this world.
There should be Gods in this world too, and the woman's situation looks like some kind of ritual no matter how you look at it. Looking closer, there are some kind of liquor bottles and fruits around the girl.

I don't have any excuse to seize an offering dedicated for the Gods of this world.
I can't complain even if she's killed.

....Moreover, I'm already tired of helping people.
For now I just want to spend my days holing up in Takamagahara.

I crossed the open space while my Geta were resounding.
And then I step on the spring curb. I open my Wafuku's hem showing my calf.
And then I crouch down and hold my gourd in my hand. To draw the water.
A face with black eyes and black hair is reflected on the mirror-like water. It's relatively good looking.

And then.
The female knight suddenly raised her head. The beautiful blond hair leaped, and her beautiful face was shown.
"Y-you! Are you a traveler?! Save me! Now!"

I creased my forehead.
--Is that an attitude when you're asking a God....--Eh?

"Wait a minute! You can see me!?"
"What are you saying! Of course I can see you! --There's no more time! Save me quickly!"
The female knight wriggled and appealed desperately. The chains on her neck rang.
She seems to be quite frantic, her way of talking is mixed between polite and overbearing.

I think for a moment.
The world is probably made with Gods being able to be seen.
The Gods of this world appear to be quite fond of limelight.
If I take the offering for such Gods--.

I've decided what to do.
"No can do."
"In any world, there must a reason for someone to get chained, either they did something bad or some kind reason. I can't free you without knowing the circumstances."

The female knight bites her red lips in frustration. Her graceful face is warping, looking like she's about to cry before my eyes. Her delicate body begins to tremble.
I sympathize for her a bit.
Rather, I can see her white nape now she's looking down. Sexy.
I inadvertently talk with a joking tone.
"Did you steal from a farm or something? You look gluttonous after all."
"I did no such a thing! --I, I'm...."

The female knight faltered.
Judging from the way she doesn't want to say it. Looks like she doesn't want to admit it.

However, the female knight lifts her head and looks straight at me with her blue eyes.
"....I have not done anything wrong. I was only born as a 『Sinner』."

"Yes, they're said to be an evil existence from the moment they're born. Most of this world has fallen to demon king's hand, and the reason why the true hero who should have saved this world is never born is because of the sinful 『Sinners』--or so it's said."
I tilted my head.
This woman seems to be strong-willed but she doesn't seem like a bad person.
Or rather, she looks like the pure righteous type.

I squint and peer carefully inside the woman.
The all-seeing eyes.
--《Truth Sight》。

The female knight's status shows up in front of me.
Name: Celica Rem Edelstein
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Race: Human
Job: Sinner (=====)
Class: Knight Lv 5=====Lv 17
Element: 【Light】

Strength: 10 (1) Growth Limit 25
Agility: 17 (3) Growth Limit 30
Magic: 19 (4) Growth Limit 75
Wisdom: 12 (2) Growth Limit 50
Luck: 02 (0) Growth Limit 03

Vitality: 135
Willpower: 155

Attack: 107 (37+70)
Defense: 089 (44+40+5)
Magic Attack: 165 (50+50+50+15)
Magic Defense: 158 (43+50+50+15)

Weapon: Mithril Rapier Attack +70 Magic +50
Protector: Mithril Half Plate Defense +40 Magic +50
Grace Dress Defense +5 Magic +15
Accessories: Ring of Succession Pendant of Memories
I omitted her skill tree since it was not really developed.

Why do other people's abilities are shown like in a game?
Why--cause I'm a God.

They looked a bit different in the past, but after playing various games, this kind is easier to understand! After noticing that, I modified Truth Sight.

Well, anyway.
Putting aside her abilities which demand retorting at some places (For example the (1) beside the Strength parameter is its growth at level up. Hers only increases by 1 at each level up on top of having 25 for its growth limit, she's obviously more suited to be a magician.)
For now I'm focusing on her element.
Light elemental.

I muttered with folded arms, not understanding it.
"Where's the evil you've got from being born? Don't you have the rare Light element."
I don't know how it is in this world, but in Japan it was a rare existence with only one existing among one thousand to one hundred thousands people.

Have you ever experienced something like these.
When a quarrel was about to break out during a neighborhood meeting, the moment a cheerful neighbor aunty came, the mood in the meeting room suddenly became bright and the quarrel slackened.
You were irritated because of a very unpleasant thing in school, but then you got healed just by seeing a certain cheerful clerk for some reason.
You might not have experienced it since they're very rare, but they're people who can make the surroundings cheerful just by being there. Such an existence has Light element.

And this woman also has Light element.
Even though it's not impossible, I would've never thought that she could be a sinner who brings harm to the world.

The female knight shakes her hanging head. Her blond hair feebly sways.
"No way.... For me to be Light, that's impossible.... I've always been unlucky since I was born."
"Ah, yep. You do seem unlucky."
Your luck is only 2 after all, I couldn't exactly say that.

The female knight sighed a deep sigh. It was a tired sigh like she had abandoned all hopes.
"So it was really my fault for being born a Sinner. --Traveler. Would you please hear my sole request?"
"I can listen at least."
Every God hears wish. However, whether it's fulfilled or not is up to the God's will.

However, the female knight's request was an unexpected one.
"Please--kill me."
I was at a loss for words at the sudden request.

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