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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-1 Part 2

<TLN: Part 1 has also been updated with Part 2>

"Lord Leon Muno. I elevate you to the rank of Earldom."
"I respectfully accept."

Continuing the new year ceremony, Baron Muno underwent peerage raising ceremony.
After an exchange in Shiga Kingdom Language, the king who's holding the Royal Scepter chants a spell.

"■■ Convert Peerage"

I've never heard that command word before.

When the king finishes chanting, ring of light appear around Baron Muno and the king, then infinite symbol-like shapes are formed on the outer circumference.
The ring of light illuminates the surrounding for a while.
Before long the ring of light is disappearing to the sky and the ground.

And then, Baron Muno's title and rank have been changed to [Earl] when the light subsides.

Since the ceremony is over, Earl Muno bows to the king and gets back to his seat.
There's no applause or cheer, I wonder if that's the rule. Though it's not like it's because of it, the orchestra starts to play a solemn but rousing tune.

Next, the eldest son of old Earl Lesseu undergoes the [Succession to Peerage] ceremony and becomes the new Earl Lesseu.

"Chevalier Satou Pendragon, to be present."

Since I got called by the facilitator official, I stand up from my seat.
I thought that they were going to call it in turn by the ranking, but I got called earlier than Jeril who holds Baronet rank.

I kneel in front of the king while having a slight unpleasant premonition.

"I elevate Chevalier Satou Pendragon to the rank of viscountcy."


Wasn't it decided that I would be raised to merely either honorary baron or baronet?
The difference between a generation-long honorary noble to a permanent viscount is like the difference between a president of a neighborhood association to a diet member y'know?

The king begins the spell without confirming me like he did with Nanashi and Earl Muno.

"■■ Convert Peerage"

I'm wrapped with particles of light with the king's spell.
The effect is different compared to the earls' earlier.

>Title [Viscount of Shiga Kingdom] Acquired
>Rank [Noble (Viscount)] Acquired

I'm not the only one who's surprised, booing and noise come from the nobles regardless of lower and upper ranked ones.
When I look closely, the booing come from the protégés and family of Duke Bishtal.

I understand how you guys feel but please complain about it to the king instead.

Following after Jeril who became a baron, many nobles also underwent the promotion ceremony.

"Retainer of Pendragon House, Liza."

Next is the turn for the [Ennoblement] of the Mithril Explorers.

Liza is the very first, probably because she's won against a Shiga Eight Swords.
Liza who's chosen to wear knight clothes today walks toward the king with nervous expression on her face.

"Slave of Pendragon House, Liza, I confer you the peerage of Honorary Baroness of Kishresgalza."

--Honorary Baroness?

"■■ Conferring Peerage"

Once the king's spell ends, Liza's name changes into [Liza Kishresgalza].
Kishresgalza is the name of Liza's tribe. And then her titles of [Satou's Slave] and the rank [Slave] have disappeared, and the titles [Retainer of Pendragon], [Baroness of Shiga Kingdom] and the rank [Noble (Baroness)] have appeared.

"Baroness Liza Kishresgalza, use your peerless spearmanship to protect the people."
"At your will."

The king said different lines than the obligatory ones for the first time.

Continuing on, Nana, Lulu, Arisa, Tama, and Pochi are conferred [Honorary Chevalier] rank.
However, Arisa's and Lulu's ranks remain [Slave].

Through Ms. Nina, I've told the thing about Arisa's and Lulu's [Geass] in advance, and we have been recognized as a special case.
Normally everyone would have been declined the [Ennoblement], but since there was the case with Liza, we were given this special exception.

According to the prime minister's information, the only people who have [Geass] skill are the emperor of weaselkin empire, and the magi of the western kingdom who's called [Dark Sage].
Once I've gotten the Chant orb, I'm thinking of going to either of the country to get the [Geass] skill.

Another way is with the pope of Holy Kingdom Parion, the so-called Zazaris person, his ceremonial magic [Wish] seems like it could release the [Geass], but since this magic's compensation seems to be big, it's going to be the last resort.

In addition, due to the elven law, Mia cannot become a noble of foreign countries, so she's declined the Ennoblement.
Just being an elf gets you to be treated like a state guest though, so the person herself doesn't seem to mind it.

Once the elevation and conferment ceremony is over, the nobles who are going to be demoted and get their peerage stripped are announced.
The noble who hid the [Light of Liberty] members and the other nobles who helped him are going to be executed along with their families.
Children who are 10 years old and younger are not to be executed, they're going to be sent to the monastery on Fujisan mountain foot.

Next, they announce the shuffle and addition of official positions.
The prime minister is to hold another position, that is the minister of [Ministry of Tourism].

No matter how I think about it, it's blatantly obvious that it's a front for the prime minister's spy network, on top of it overlapping with the [Ministry of Foreign Affair].

Among the candidates of Shiga Eight Swords, only Jeril is chosen.
The remaining two don't seem to be qualified. There are an axe-user and a shield-user whose levels are close to Jeril among the Mithril Explorers, I'll recommend them before my turn comes.

Lastly the king himself announces that the second and third large-scale warships are going into commission within this year, and the current warship that's already in commission is going to go on patrols to every internal territory, and each regional lords will be loaned a small airship.

Those airships are probably using the aerodynamic engines I gave them as Nanashi.
The magic furnace's fuel consumption is bad so the cost of service is expensive, it shouldn't revolutionize distribution that could catch the gods' attention.

The demand for magic cores which are the fuel for the magic furnace is going to increase, I have a hunch that more people would come to the Labyrinth City and Seryuu city.

In addition, the magic furnace occupies a lot of space in the small airship, so its load capacity is only as good as one carriage.
The small airships are only usable for the lords and governors, yet cheer still come from the territory lords.

Thus the new year's great audience ceremony is over, and the king does a broadcast through [Communique] Space.
There were these words in it.

"--thanks to Hero Duke Nanashi Mitsukuni and the Order of Golden Knights who saved the royal capital from the demon--"

Apparently they call us the [Order of Golden Knights] in the official papers.
I pray in my heart that there will be no event that would require us to appear again in the royal capital.

From tomorrow on, Kingdom Conference will be held for four days until the fifth day of January.
The lower nobles can chose to only participate in the new year ceremony, but as someone who has been conferred the rank of the lowest seat of the upper nobility, I'm also stuck to take part for four days.

"Still, it would have been nice if Master told us beforehand that you'd become a viscount."
"I too only knew about it during the actual thing you see."

Geez, it's terrible even for a kingdom where the rulers rule the bottom.
Perhaps it was someone's plan since they knew I would have refused had I known.

Well, I guess there's no use crying over spilled milk.
It's not like I can decline now.

I exchange words with Arisa like that while everyone is in kotatsu, enjoying the new year dish made by Lulu.

Arisa's family name as a noble is Tachibana.
Previously, Ms. Nina had told us that Chevalier Tachibana existed, but when we checked the list of nobles in the royal castle, she had mistaken it with Chevalier Tachivana, so Arisa was able to use her former family name without problem.

By the way, Pochi's and Tama's family names are the same as Liza's. At first, the girls said that they wanted Pendragon family name, but Arisa bewildered them by saying, "It's worth it when your family name changes to Pendragon when you're getting married right?", so each chose a different house name.

Lulu inherited the family name of her ancestor Japanese, 'Watari', Nana inherited 'Nagasaki' from her previous master, Zen.

"Master, please try eating this one too."
"Thank you. Lulu's new year dish is a bit unusual, but it's very delicious."

I tell my thought about Lulu's new year dish.

"Yeah, there's no fish and prawn surimi in the datemaki, and the kurikinton is entirely made of chestnuts, they're different from the recipes of my hometown."

When I pointed out the unusual parts in murmur to Arisa, her expression becomes bitter like she's feeling full of "I've been had."
Apparently, she used vague recipe for Lulu to make.

"U, um, I'll make it again!"
"Sorry, sorry. My way of speaking was bad. The flavor isn't the same with the one I know, but it tastes better than the new year dish I know."

I said more to hold back Lulu who had stood up.

"Lulu's dish is tasty nodesu!"
"Nn, tasty."

Tama, Pochi, and Mia also agree with me.
Their favorites are; the sea bream served whole for Tama, fried prawns for Pochi, and Kurikinton for Mia.

"The recipes for the new year dish differ in each region, so it's fine to think of this as the royal capita-style new year dish you know?"
"That's right Lulu. This boudara is quite chewy, it's delicious."

Smiles return Lulu's face with mine and Liza's words.

When the meal is over, everyone is relaxing on the kotatsu.
Tama is peeling and eating chestnuts while sitting on my lap, Mia is feeding me a bunch of peeled oranges.

--Ah, how peaceful.

Pink color from lipstick is adorned on the lips of Lulu who's dressed up as if she's proud of it
I sent word of praises many times to Lulu today, enjoying her beauty dyed in red. The smile of a bashful beautiful girl can really become a habit.

I'm enjoying the peaceful dinner with everyone, restoring my energy for tomorrow.

Now then, I'll work vigorously again tomorrow!

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