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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12-30

12-30. The Dance Party at the Royal Castle


Satou's here. In battle manga where battles come one after another, I feel that the scenes of everyday life are simply intermezzo. However, when I'm put into the situation myself, I become wanting to refrain from battles and rest in a peaceful place.

"Ten-chan, I'm fallingggggg~~"

While Mito was leaving such scream, the heavenly dragon returned to Fujisan Mountains as if fleeing.
Judging from the luminous points on the map, it seems Mito and Homonculus Ten-chan are with her too.

If they don't come here until we're about to leave the Royal Capital, I'm going to Fujisan Mountains to meet Mito myself.

....Oh right, I forgot to collect the scales dropped by the heavenly dragon.
I don't mind leaving them there, but if it caused some weird gold rush uproar, the local farmers would be troubled. I'll go quickly collect them.

Fuffufu~n, so I hum while teleporting back to Pendragon Mansion.
Actually, when I was collecting the scales, a call from Aze-san who was worried about me came through [World Phone].

--The worried Aze-san was cute too.

The girls seem to be still asleep, so I change to my everyday clothing and go downstairs.
There, the commuting servants have gathered in full force.

"""Good morning, Master."""
"Ah, morning."

I reply their sharp morning greeting, and tell the old butler that it's fine for them to take a day off on their houses since it's after the incident yesterday.

"I am very thankful for your consideration--"

According to the old butler, the houses of the commuting servants are all fine.

A blue luminous point that signifies my friend are reflected on my radar.
I instruct the old butler to let the girls sleeping on the second floor until they wake up themselves and go toward the entrance hall.

"Master, there is a visitor for you."
"Satou-san, good morning."

Coming from the entranceway, the maid-san guides Sera-san who's wearing priestess clothing to the room.
I'm amazed that Duke Oyugock and his retainers let her go out even though it's after such incident.

"Good morning, Sera-san. Has anything happened for you to be this early?"
"I'm sorry for coming so early. Satou-san, actually I have something to ask you--"

Sera who was having a bit of hard time asking, asked me to accompany her inspecting the city.

Of course it's not a pleasure trip, but to heal people who are seriously injured in the royal capital.
The people of royal capital have been completely healed by Nanashi though, but I can't say it as Satou.

Putting that aside, even without asking me Sera has four knights accompanying her who've followed her to my mansion.
When I check about them to Sera, they are assigned as a condition if she wants to go outside the noble street by Duke Oyugock, and they are to mobilize with me.

If you only hear that part, it sounds as if Duke Oyugock is trying to make Sera be together with me, but in actuality if I go with her, Liza who's an equal match to a Shiga Eight Swords and the others would surely also go along, that must be his hidden plan.

I readily consent to Sera's request, and go around the royal capital while receiving appraising glances from the female escort knights.

"Even though there are so much damage, there doesn't seem to be anyone injured isn't it."
"Yes, that seems to be so--"

I nod at Sera who looks perplexed.

This neighborhood is the wealthy area, so golems, slaves, and servant-like men are gathered to remove the debris and such.
I also catch sights of magic soldiers and magicians wearing robes repairing the caved-in road.

While looking at them at a glance, we pass through the wealthy area and enter the general citizen area.

I look at the surrounding, and even though it hasn't even been two hours since the daybreak, the citizens have begun cooperating to clear up the collapsed buildings.
I don't see many golems and magicians over here.

Even though we're just here to inspect them, the citizens who noticed us stop their work and fall prostrate, so we continue moving while inspecting as much as possible so that we won't get in the way.

"Hime-sama, even though the surrounding houses are destroyed to such degrees, there isn't a single debris on the road."
"Yes, the military engineers of the royal capital are excellent aren't they."

One of the escort knights talks to Sera like she's in awe while advancing the horses.
The military engineers are certainly excellent, but these are my works. As expected, without cheat, the royal capital lacks the man power needed to remove the debris two hours after the incident.

I also catch sights of life magicians hired by Echigoya Firm cleaning the citizens' dirt, and giving food in the public park.
The housewives from the neighborhood seem to be helping too.

Since there are some people who look dead tired nearby the public park, Sera gets down from the horse and call them.

"Are you feeling unwell?"
"N-no, priestess-sama. These people are the people who have been saved from under the debris--"

A nearby old woman who's fallen prostrate tells Sera that they're just sleeping from exhaustion.

"Hero-sama saved my grandchildren who were trapped under the debris."

After hearing the old woman, the people on the surrounding also lift up their head and each begins to boast about hero.

"I was saved from the monster by Hero-sama's magic."
"It sure was amazing. From somewhere far away his figure couldn't even be seen, several hundreds magic arrows defeated the monsters, that even the knights had trouble in a blink of an eye."
"I had got injury big enough my arm was almost torn off, but the golden armor Hero-sama healed it fer' me."

--It's ticklish, so please stop there.

"I'm able to live on thanks to Hero Nanashi-sama."

When the surrounding people see the old woman putting her hands together and praying, they also began to pray, namu namu, too.

....Like I said, please stop with the praying.

Unable to endure any longer, I urged Sera to leave the park, and headed toward the low income people area this time.

As we advance the road, the people gradually look more disorderly.
The crowding nearby the square where there's a food distribution is particularly bad. There's a food distribution too in the general citizen area, but it's on the verge of becoming a riot here.
They don't line up, cut each other's line, and have fist fight with every little thing.
The expression of Sera who's disconnected with violence begins to cloud when she sees such scene.


I stop the noise in the square with the sound of my clapping palm.
The secret is to create Magic Edge right before they hit.

"O-oy, aren't those nobles-sama."
"There are knights-sama too."

People who have begun to notice us prostate themselves one by one.
It would have been over with [What, it's just a noble huh] if this were in Labyrinth City, but it became this period-drama-like since nobles from big family tend to strut around, and they can easily dispose of people they deem rude.

"Everyone, the food has been prepared by the King, it's enough for everyone's share. Please act orderly befitting of Shiga Kingdom people."

Sera speaks to the citizens with a dignified smile.

"Oy, the heck is 'orderly'?"
"Dunno. Rather than that, what does 'befitting' mean?"

I picked up such conversation with my Attentive Ears skill.
Nevertheless, it seems the rough nuance has been transmitted, the people who are taken aback with Sera's smile, start to form lines as instructed by the officials who are distributing the food.

We wave our hands to the officials who are bowing toward us, and then we set out to return, closing the royal capital inspection.

I part with Sera in front of Duke Oyugock's mansion that's next to the royal castle, and stop by the royal castle's guest house where Baron Muno and the others are staying.
I'm relieved that there's no victim in the baron house except a maid who fell down the stair in panic.

Lady Karina seemed to visit us during my absence, but she didn't seem to have any particular business with me.
She was probably checking the well-being of our girls.
<TLN: Reminder that Satou's expression of "Our girls" can be interpreted as "My family's children".>

I finish lunch with everyone quickly and hasten everyone to begin the preparation for the evening party early.
I'm the lowest class of noble, so I have to enter the venue before upper ranking nobles.
The party begins after sunset, but it seems we need to enter the venue one hour before.

While everyone is finishing their preparation, I become Nanashi to meet the king and the prime minister in the royal castle.
When I showed up my face in the king's office, both of them thanked me so vigorously like they'd fall prostrate many many times.
It was beginning to become annoying along the way, so I forcefully interrupted and began my true objective coming here--I told them the details of the incident and the true identity of the black lines.

Both of them were shocked but it seemed they knew that I was not an ordinary existence from the reports of their retainers, so they believed it relatively easy.

"Partial summoning of Demong God...."
"Yeah, that's why I'll have to seclude myself in the forbidden library."
"Certainly. We will prepare an excellent librarian, so please order that person if you need necessary documents."

Searching things seem like it'll be fun if it's with a 'tsun' female knight.

After I've finished my report, I ask them about the treatment of the incident's criminals.
All remnants of [Light of Liberty] and [Wings of Liberty] are to be publicly executed after the Kingdom Conference. The noble who provided the base for [Light of Liberty] is condemned the crime of treason, and every family members are to be executed--

"Are the young children too?"
"No. In accordance of the law enacted by Na-, Ancient King-sama, children who are 10 years old and younger are to spend the rest of their life in the monastery located at the foot of Fujisan Mountains."

I see, that law sounds like what that guy those days would insist enacting.

Since I've understood, the prime minister continues talking about the treatment of the other people.
As for other nobles who cooperated with that noble, they'll be treated with various punishments depending on the degree of their cooperation, ranging from the family head's execution, to fine penalty.
The temple knight who attacked the Shiga Eight Swords seem to be dispatched by a Cardinal who transferred from Holy Kingdom Parion at the continent's west, but that guy seemed to have escaped by taking advantage of the confusion during the incident.

All people connected with Holy Kingdom Parion are confined under the castle under the pretext of sheltering them.

And, about the carefree occult group, "Wind of Freedom", their members aren't free of blame, several members who did radical speech and conducts are to be punished lightly as a warning.

"Ja, Ja~n!"
"Ja jan nanodesu!"

While I was relaxing in Pendragon Mansion's living room after finishing the general affairs, Arisa, Tama, and Pochi appeared to show off their dresses while saying those things.

Simply put, their dresses are Cinderella-like.
There are frames called panniers inside, upping the volumes of the skirts. The big ribbons on both sides are cute.
The three are wearing matching dresses with the color as the only difference. Arisa's is white, Pochi's is yellow, Tama's is pink.

The gems on the circlets on their foreheads are also matching each of their dress. Every one of them is a different colored diamond, I've got a hard time making them in fake brilliant cut.
Holy sword Durandal was quite the achiever during the process.
Holy swords really cut well aren't they.

"Everyone looks great."

When I praise the three, they're twirling in their places, expressing their joy.
The swelling skirts look like spinning tops.

"Master, requesting inspection of new equipment."
"Nana-sama, you're wonderful."
"Masita, Nana-sama's dress, praise praise?"
"Master, I really should have, with armor...."

Next, Nana and Liza entered the room.
Nana who leads Shiro and Crow looks somehow proud while still being expressionless. We can't take the two children along so they're wearing their everyday wears.

It's Liza's second time in dress after the banquet yesterday, but it seems she's still not used to skirt.
Liza's dress today is more showy than yesterday.
Several thin clothes cover her chest area, retaining Liza's sharpness while displaying woman-like brilliance.

On that point, Nana's dress lack such ingenuity. It's a normal design with emphasized breasts valley. I just had to be careful so that it wouldn't be vulgar. The bra top is sewed on the dress, so her back line is exposed magnificently.

Liza's dress uses deep blue color, while Nana uses red color fabric.

"It suits you two quite well. Liza, your collar is in disarray. Come here, I'll fix it for you."
"T-thank you very much, Master."

Maybe they're envious to see me fixing Liza's collar, Arisa and the others are trying to disarrange their dresses, but it's not happening since only Liza's dress has collar.

"Master, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting."

The last ones to enter the room is Lulu and Mia.
My eyes are captivated by Lulu in white dress. Lulu who's smiling sweetly is attractive enough to almost make me fall in love.


Maybe because I was fascinated with Lulu, Mia sulked and kicked my lower leg.

"Sorry sorry, you two look very cute."

Mia's dress is of elvish plant-like taste.
Several transparent cloth that look like leaves are stacked to paint green gradation, and a blue rose-like decoration goes from her left waist to her right shoulder.
I think there was three-dimensional way of sewing in the former world, but since I didn't know the way to do it, I reinforced it with thin mithril wires.

Lulu's dress is a neat wedding-dress like white dress.
At first glance, it looks pure white, but since there are embroidery made with special Adamantite threads, the bottom has chandelier-like illumination, it draws glittering pattern as a surprise.
Of course it's a secret to Lulu.

In addition, I've incorporated the world tree's branch as the lining and weaved fiber made of the whale's beard on every dress, so the defensive power is authentic.

Riding two wagons, we arrived at the guest house inside the royal castle.
This pavilion seems to be used only during the dance party.

Going to the annex from the main building, we head to the first floor of the annex, the venue for lower class nobles. It seems the venue for the upper class nobles is the second floor of the main building, while the first floor being used for their guards and followers to stand by.

After getting off the rotary wagon, we walk on the blue carpet spread on the hallway toward the venue.

"Are those mithril explorers?"
"Lizardkin, Dogkin, Catkin, oh my, even Elf-sama is there."
"A group leads by a black-haired boy-- So those are Pendragon the 『Woundless』!"

I heard such things from a group of lower class nobles who are gossiping around.
It's not particularly a bad gossip, so I bow and smile radiantly when we pass them.

The venue is large enough for around 300 people to dance all at once.
Moreover, when I look closer, there are two rooms that are as wide connected to this.
There are a lot of lower class nobles, so these much space are probably needed.

"There's a lot of chandeliers nanodesu."
"It's pretty so I praise."

Tama, Pochi, Nana look up many chandeliers illuminating the venue and admire it.

"Those don't seem to use candles, I wonder if all of those are magic tools?"
"That seems to be the case."

Arisa asked, so I appraised them, and understood that they were magic tools that made use of Light Drops.
There are also ventilation magic tools on the four corners of the room.
As expected of a venue of a large country, it seems there are also crime prevention magic tools installed too.

"It's really gorgeous. I feel that I'm out-of-place."
"That's not true. Liza is a splendid lady you know."

I tell Liza who's being worried that it's not a flattery, it comes from my true feeling.
In actuality, among the nobles in this floor, about 5% of them aren't humans. Most of them are lifetime honorary chevaliers, but there are also those who hold honorary baron pedigree.

"You too Lulu, relax your shoulders a bit."
"B-but. Even if a girl like me dresses up...."

Even though it's dormant lately, Lulu's inferiority complex resurfaces after coming to a showy stage.
From my point of view, she's the most lovely and beautiful in this place, having her beauty shadowed by her inferiority complex is too wasteful.

Right then, the orchestra preparation is complete, and relaxing tune starts to fill the floor.
Even though the host hasn't opened the meeting, some impatient couples have started to dance while matching the tune.
Lulu quietly leaks envious sigh while seeing the dancing couples.

"Young lady, would you like to dance with me?"

I present my hand to Lulu, and ask her to dance with me with slightly pompous tone.

"U-um.... I-if you're fine with me."

Lulu timidly takes my hand, and then I escort her to the open space where the couples are dancing.
Matching the relaxing music, we dance like wandering fish.
At first Lulu was tense trying not to fail, but she was diffused after seeing me purposely took some wrong steps, and it became a relaxing dance.
It was worth clowning around.

The two of us spin and dance, enjoying the peaceful night.
More than fighting demons, really, I'm more suited to this kind of relaxing time.

We continued dancing for several tunes until Lulu was satisfied.

Furthermore, when we returned to where everyone was after finishing the dance, they looked at me as if wanting to dance, so I asked them to be my partner in turns.

"Arisa, you're fine with not dancing?"
"Fuhfuhn, the star performer adorns the closing performance you know!"

I heard Arisa bluffing like that with my Attentive Ears skill.
And, as if that was a flag, blue luminous point besides our girls reflected on the radar....
<TLN: No specific number, thus left as is.>

--The night of dance party seems going to be long.

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