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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12 Intermission 2

Intermission: New Year Greeting


"Wish you a happy new year."
"Satou! W-wish you a happy new year!"

Receiving my surprise happy new year greeting, Aze-san greeted back like she was surprised.

Making use of the time difference between the royal capital and Boruenan countryside, I came to Boruenan to do happy new year greeting.
I had prepared the pretext of using the new Unique Skill [Unit Arrangement], but everyone was fast asleep since they were making merry until late at night during the evening party and the after party yesterday.

Today Aze-san is even cuter than usual.
No, I should say that that she's beautiful on her miko attire huh.

"I like your normal clothes, but that miko attire is also lovely isn't it."
"T-thank yu--"

She was saying the last part embarrassingly and sheepishly I couldn't hear it, but since I was able to see blushing Aze-san, I deemed it good.

"Are you not using the little girl illusion today?"
"T-that's! I-it's not like that! That's--"

When I was playing around with Aze-san, Lua-san came in wearing miko attire.

"Ara, Satou-san. Is it fine for you to be away from Shiga Kingdom already?"
"Yes, fortunately."

I had told them about the greater demon and the summoned part of Demon God ahead with [Telephone] magic.

"It's about time for the ceremony, let's go to the world tree."
"Satou will also come right?"
"Yes, of course I'll be observing."

I came here for that sake after all.
They tell me that they will perform offering dance at the time of sunrise in the observatory of the world tree, so they need to prepare various things.

An altar like the one in Shinto shrines has been prepared in the observatory, and including Aze-san, there are more than 100 miko and diviners preparing things.
The light is put off when everyone has taken their position, the room is wrapped in silence.

When the first sunlight begins to be seen on the faraway horizon, the sound of transverse flute and organ begin to spread.
The 'shan-shan' sound I heard sometimes are probably from the kagura bells the miko and the diviners are carrying.

And then when the sunlight illuminates the observatory, Aze-san who was standing by begins to dance the Kagura Dance with dignified expression.
The other miko starts to dance one after another, while the comforting sound from the diviners fill the altar with solemn atmosphere.

Their movements are accurate as if they've programmed to it.
And yet, they don't look mechanical. Looking from the elves' perspectives, it's probably a dance they've performed for hundreds, thousands of years, so it probably has become as natural as breathing to them.

The dance continues on for about 30 minutes, and I've perfectly recorded it from start to finish.
I'll show it to Mia and the others later.

When I was gazing at the prime and proper mode Aze-san, she seemed to notice me and came over while taking Lua-san along.

"Good work Aze-san. It was a very wonderful dance."

I hand over a fluffy towel to Aze-san.
While looking at her who's wiping her sweat from the side, I ask her the question I've been having in mind.

"Aze-san, I forgot to ask before, but which God was the dance dedicated to?"
"It's to Dragon God-sama."

--Dragon God Akon Kagura?

"D-does the elf revere the Dragon God?"

If that's the case, then I have to confess that I've killed their deity....

"No, it's not like that. Rather, the elves only revere us and the Creator God who created the seven pillar gods."

Oops, some last boss-like name came out of Aze-san's mouth.

"This is the first time I've heard of Creator God--"
"That's only natural. It's a God that came from a far far away world together with the seven pillar gods after all."

Lua-san answered my doubt.
Come to think of it, the same thing was written in the picture book about myth from before.

"It's independent?"
"Yes, about 100 hundred million years have passed since they came to this world, but not even once an oracle came from Creator God. There are many gods who leave their worlds, and that particular God has non-interference policy."

The time span is strange.
Rather, so there are a lot of gods in other worlds huh.

Oops, the story has been diverted.

"But, then why is the dance dedicated to the Dragon God?"
"That's because--"

The thing that Aze-san told me was close to the content of the myth picture book I read before.
As a thank for the Dragon God who welcomed the gods coming to this world, they've been doing the offering dance for generations in the span of 100 million years.

100 million years huh....
Then keeping silent about will be too dishonest of me.

I steeled myself, asked to meet the demi-god mode Aze-san who's linked with the world tree's archive, and confessed that I had killed the Dragon God.

" the Dragon God?"

Demi-god mode Aze-san looks perplexed for the first time.

"Apparently, you are not lying."

After a while, she greatly breathes out and turns her tranquil eyes to me.

"Satou, I have been surprised by you so many times, but this is the first time I'm this shocked in the 100 million years after I came to this land."

I wanted to lower my head from her sublime voice, but I psyche myself and stare at the dignified face of demi-god mode Aze-san.

"However, there is no problem if you just merely killed the Dragon God."


"When the gods had just came to this world, God Zaikuon and God Garleon challenged the Dragon God and got themselves killed, but they were revived in 1000 years time. If it's the Dragon God then it will probably be revived in 100 years."

As expected of God.
Or rather, does that mean it would seek revenge in 100 years?

....Well I guess it's alright. There's no great difference since my life would've ran out in 100 years anyway.

"Fufufu, Satou sure thinks some interesting things."

Oops, demi-god mode Aze-san could read your mind in this room only was it.

"Dragon God hates to lose, but it doesn't mind the method of fighting. If you don't want to fight with force, then you can fight with wits or games."
"--I see."

Then I have to develop PCs and game consoles in the 100 years before the Dragon God gets revived.
Even better, aiming for VR games seems fun too.

"Please let me participate when that happens."
"Yes, of course."

I express my gratitude to demi-god mode Aze-san, and then I get back to the usual tree house together with the usual Aze-san.

"Oh right, I've brought new year dishes since I thought of eating it with everyone."
"Ara, then we have to call Nea."

Lua-san who's followed along with us asks a pixie flying nearby to be a messenger.
Nea-san is an elf cook researcher who bets her life to reproduce the Japanese dishes told by the late hero.

"Hey, Daisaku said that you eat new year dishes with your family, is that true?"
"Yes, that's true."

Of course, you also treat your friends who visit you with the dishes, but most are eaten together with your family right?

"--Is that so."

It seems Aze-san is pleased with my answer, she sits down happily beside me.
There's just enough space for Mia to sit between us.

....You can sit closer you know?

"My! Are those neyyear dishes?"

When I spread the six-tiered food boxes, Nea-san who came from the window with wind magic asked with peculiar pronunciation.

"Happy new year, Nea-san."
"Ara, me of all people--"

Nea-san apologizes for her bad manner.
No no, Nea-san's tension is always like this when it's related to food.

"Satou-san, happy new year. Please take care of me this year too."

Nea-san is keeping appearance like a graceful lady, but her eyes are shining fiery like she's found a prey, scrutinizing the new year dish.

I quietly hands her the recipe collection without any bribe.
She should be able to perfect the "faux" new year dish that I and Lulu made.

"Then let us eat."

To Lua-san's signal, Aze-san approved it like a child.
Looks like she's weak to delicious things like usual.

"This omelet is tasty!"
"That one is called datemaki."

I explain the dish simply to Aze-san who stuffs her mouth with the datemaki.
Aze-san is listening happily, "uh-huh", but since she's absorbed in tasting the food, she's probably going to forget it tomorrow.

"Daisaku said. If you shout out your love as you eat datemaki, you'll learn the six-swords style right?"

--Hero Daisaku! Please be more moderate when you play around with Aze-san!

I complained to the late hero in my mind.

"Is this soup a clear soup?"
"That's called Ozouni."
"Eh~. --This mochi! There's red bean paste inside! Ozouni is sweet, I love it."


Repeat, please!

"Aze-san, does the Ozouni suits your taste?"
"Yes, it's so sweet I like it very much."

--Like it very much.

I'll compile the voice record from this time, and make it into hearing item for when I feel down.
I want to praise my past self who decided to make not the light-brown miso ozouni that Arisa requested, but the ozouni that Aze-san likes.

Usually Lua-san would have looked like she would vomit sugar, but today it seems she's busy with dishes she's seen for the first time, it doesn't seem she pay any attention to me and Aze-san flirting.

Rather than calling it flirting, it feels more like a relationship between a guest and a waiter, but that's not true.
Subjectivity is important at a time like this.

"The prawns' husks are...."
"If you hold it like this and do this, you can take it off easily you know."
"It's true! As expected of Satou."

While teaching the way to break the sea bream into pieces, I teach Aze-san who's having a hard time with the prawns the way to shell them, we pass the time while talking about various stories.

As I've thought, Visiting Boruenan countryside really heals me.

As the multi-tiered food boxes get emptied, Aze-san mutters "I can't eat anymore" happily while curling on my lap looking satisfied.

I wanted to enjoy this happiness a bit more, but since Arisa contacted me "It's about time to depart for the Kingdom Conference" through [World Phone], I bid my farewell to Aze-san and the others.

I'm going to stock fresh shrimps in the royal capital, and make some shrimp curry.
New year dishes are nice, but curry is also nice isn't it.

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