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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 89

Chapter 89 Strongest Sage, Schemes


"There was such a king's decree indeed."

"Then why haven't you taught them chantless magic?"

"Like I'd believe something like that! It is only right that chant magic is better with its proven result! No one told me about the way to teach it in the first place!"

"...I'm sure Second Academy has given you documents pertaining that and told you that we would dispatch a mentor if required?"

"You mean those illegitimate piles of paper that had 『Glory Crest isn't suited for battle』 as the preface!? I burned that thing as fast as I could! Let alone useless, they're harmful!"

When principal Edward heard that, his face looked like he couldn't believe it.
No, he really is.

"...I will say it, teaching chantless magic is his majesty's direct--"

"Even if it was the king's decree! I have a duty to protect this country's education from the lowly Disqualified Crest and the banal Common Magic Crest!"

Hearing that, principal Edward fell on his knee.
I too did that beside him.

Of course, we're not showing respect to Feycas at all.
There was someone whom we should pay our respect to on a VIP seat slightly apart from Feycas.

I don't know how these VIP seats were used for during its inception, but today, they serve only one purpose.
--When the royal family is watching the arena.

"Your majesty. It is as you can see, what should we do with him."

Principal Edward spoke respectfully while still on his knee.
Feycas's face turned pale when he heard, 'your majesty', and then he turned around and fell on his knee.

"Y-Your majesty! It was only a figure of speech, by no means--"

"Guards! Cut off this traitor's neck!"

"Yes sir!"

The king ignored Feycas who was going to make an excuse and mercilessly made an order.
To that, royal guards that have been standing by near Feycas immediately replied and drew their swords out.
Things are going quite fast, but there's a reason for this.

We have already arranged this execution beforehand.
Investigation about Feycas's traitorous act had already been done, it was just a matter of when he was going to be executed.
We consulted with the king and chose the best timing for it.

"Y-your majesty! Please listen to--"

Feycas's head flew off without being able to speak until the end.
The crucial part is after this.

"...Now then, students of our First Royal Academy."

After making sure of that, the king turned toward the arena.
All students of the First Academy are already on their knee.

"From here on, you are to receive education about chantless magic with the cooperation of Second Academy, and to help with the currently running operation. I believe there is no objection is there?"

"Yes sir!"

First Academy students replied all at once.
There was no shred of defiance in their voices.

This is exactly the reason we chose to execute Feycas at this timing.
If we suddenly told these students that Glory Crest isn't suited for battle, they would only be confused and revolting.
They probably wouldn't be as openly rebellious as Feycas, but teaching them would be hugely not as efficient.

But things would be different if they got beaten by a few students of Second Academy and saw their principal getting executed right before their eyes.
Human sense gets paralyzed when unexpected things happen in succession.

It might be a bit too rough, but we need the cooperation of the First Academy students as soon as possible in order to complete the capital's great barrier.
....It seems it all worked out.

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