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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Plan Begins and a Beat Down!


The next day. Five days until the festival.
The sample swimsuits were delivered to the inn first thing in the morning.
I saw them and they weren't inferior to the earth's swimsuits. Lapisia was in high spirit without even knowing the meaning, Minya nodded powerfully in silence, Celica muttered, "I-I'll do my best" with a red face.

--For now, that's one step down.
Next, the swimming place.

At the restaurant-like dining room on our inn's first floor.
While I was eating with Celica and the others in a four seat table, Driad the merchant came to talk.
"Good morning, Hero-sama."
"Oh? Good morning Driad. You're back early."
"Yes, Ieturia-san's strength is marvelous. I tried to open a new market channel at the capital yesterday, and the result was excellent. The plan is on track."
"I see. Good to hear that. I got the swimsuits nicely made too. Thanks to you for introducing a good craftswoman."
"No no, it's all thanks to Hero-sama."

"Then, I'd like to ask you another thing."
"What will it be? I will help with anything if it's within my power."
"There's an unused bay near the city right? I'd like to have a deal with the manager or rather, the owner of that land."
"You mean the bay that has been occupied by monsters isn't it. I am sure that that place is owned by the great merchant Amusbal-san who is also the merchant guild's guildmaster."
"Is it possible to borrow the bay and open a business there?"

Driad puts his hand on his chin and ponders.
"I have heard that Amusbal-san is quite troubled with the fact that he is responsible for creating a nest of monsters close to the city. His downfall is only a matter of time. Hero-sama's help should be just what he wished for."
"Then can I count on you to negotiate with him? Toward me becoming the manager there."
--Normally that kind of blunder would have cost one their standing. Yet, he's still working as the guildmaster, therefore he must be quite a cunning man.
I should entrust this negotiation to another expert in this area.

Driad puffs out his chest and smiles.
"Please leave it to me Hero-sama.... But what are you going to do at that monster infested place? Even if you exterminate them, it'll only get occupied again later you know?"
"I know about the numerous failures of the monster mopping-up operation. That's exactly why it's excellent. Then, I'll be counting on you."
"Ah, yes. I will get a hold of the bay's management right by tomorrow."
"And, I'd also like paints that won't blot in water. Also, get ready to mass produce various swimsuits. The model should be assembled now."
"Mass produce.... How many would that be?"
"Around 100 at first should be good enough."
"I-it would be difficult to prepare that much money so suddenly..."
"No worries about that--Celica, give Driad all of our holy gold coins."

Celica who was sitting beside me elegantly stopped her hands and nodded.
"I understand, Keika-sama--Driad-san, here's the holy gold coins."
She took out five holy gold coins out of the bag.
I say.
"Is that enough as the down payment?"
"Right then. It's a bit insufficient, but allow me to also invest in this."

I look at Celica.
"I've made us poor again."
"I do not mind. It's the path I've chosen."
Celica showed her nicely lined up teeth and laughed.
"Now then, I'll be counting on you."
"I understand. Well then, excuse me."
Driad bowed and left at a quick pace. He probably went to Amusbal's place.

The samples are just right with size ranging from chopping board, small, normal and huge breasts, though they're not as complete as in Japan with A-F.

I also stood up from my seat.
And speak to Celica and the others who are eating together with me.
"I'll be going out for a bit. I know your location wherever you are, so you girls can go shopping around and enjoy the festival."
Celica gripped my shirt while looking sad. But then she immediately took her hand off it.
"I understand. Please be careful."
"Keika-oniichan... Take care."
"Buh bye!"
"Don't worry. It's proceeding smoothly. I'm off."

I walk toward the exit.
And then I could hear Celica's muttering.
"But I can't enjoy the festival without Keika-sama around...."
For some reason I was attacked by an impulse to run back and hug her for an instant, but I went outside without stopping my feet.

The bank along the great river.
The hundred meter wide mouth of the river is calmly reflecting the morning light.
River boats are lined up, cargo are moving about, and luggage are being loaded in and out.

I come to the edge of the pier and call to the surface of the river.
"Ieturia, are you there?"
Small bubbles rose and then a beautiful face and body who looked like a statue appeared. Snow-like white body and wet argent hair.
"What is it?"
"Put this on."
I took out a bikini and a knee-length skirt made of cloth and skin composite.

【Bikini of Magic Scale】 Bikini made of Magic Fish and magic silver. Improve swimming and nullify water friction. Flame resistant. Fire Defense +50 Magic Defense +50
【Loincloth of Magic Scale】 Explanation same as above. Temptation effect small. Defense +80 Magic Defense +20
Since they're made of magic fish skin, they have silvery luster on them.
It might even come from the Greed River I killed.

Ieturia took them and closely stared at them.
"Hou. So these are armor. Fumu. They're made from magic silver. Quite something."
"The color also suits you well."
"R-really... Then."
She went into the water and wore them underwater.

She immediately goes up to the surface.
However, her thin eyebrows frowned unpleasantly.
"These are tightening on my breast you know?"
"That shouldn't be the case... Come to think of it, you've got to put int the fat outside."
"I don't know how to do that. Keika, do it for me."
Ieturia took her upper body out of the water, and sat on the pier with her back facing me.
I hug her small body from behind and put my hands inside the bikini. The cold skin and soft breasts feel nice on the hands.
I put the breasts spilling on the waist and armpit to inside the cup. The bowl-shaped breasts shook whenever my fingers moved.

Ieturia is twisting around while I'm doing that, perhaps she feels ticklish. The lower snake half body is wriggling in the water. The silver skirt is getting wrinkled.
"Don't move, I can't put them in."
"B-but you know... I-it's ticklish."
Ieturia let out a sweet voice, "Nuu."

And then I finished putting in the soft breasts.
"How is it?"
"Umu. It ceased to be painful. Is this how it should be?"
Ieturia is only wearing a thin bikini and a short skirt. Her white skin stands out. I feel that her bewitchment has raised.

"They look good on you. Very cute."
"Fufu. Getting praised by Keika makes me happy. I will cherish them."
Ieturia's red eyes narrowed in joy as she smiled. Looks like she has a cute girlish side to her too unexpectedly.
"If they break, ask Driad to make another for you. It will cost you cash though."
"Is that so. Then I've got to earn more."
"I have another job for you."
"What is it?"
"I'd like you and your friends once they get here to help subjugate monsters in a bay."
"I'll do anything if it's Keika's request. Since you're a man with strength incomparable to anyone I've ever met--ah."
"What's wrong?"

Ieturia suddenly looked toward the sea.
There's a snake going straight here as if cutting the wave apart.
A snake with a woman as its upper body.
The pier rapidly turns noisy.
"What's that" "A monster" "O-oy, let's run."
"Do not panic! Everything's under control!"
I raised my voice and informed them that there was a hero here to calm them down.

Ieturia speaks helplessly.
"That's our clan head, Daria. The most beautiful woman in our clan."
I don't see that.
Her skin is of rusted bronze color, and her scales cover both her lower and upper body. Her physique is also bulging like a gorilla.
Her upper body alone is 1.5 meters, her total length reaches 7-8 meters.
Makes Ieturia who's 5 meter long look like a cute girl.
--Is this a difference in aesthetic sense thing.

She came right beside us while I was making the observation.
Daria went out of the water.
She speaks while looking down on me.
"So you are the man who marries Ieturia. Hmph, what a frail looking human. Well, I suppose it suits the white sea cucumber-like Ieturia."
Ieturia shook her head. Her argent hair was glittering.
"D-don't say that! This person saved us and even created a place for our clan--"
Daria nodded deeply.
"I will thank you for that. It's a method that we never thought up. Be counting on ya."
After saying that Daria abruptly put her log-like thick arm in front of me. It's covered in green rusty color.

I grasp that hand and shake it.
And then, Daria snorted. Right after that, she strongly put strength into the grip.
Enough to crush a rock.
If I were a human, my hand would be pulverized and probably wouldn't be usable for a while even with magic.

While furrowing my brows, I look up and calmly speak.
"You guys like to thoroughly test someone huh?"
Daria's scale-covered face cramped in surprises.

"Realize! You green snake!"
I pull Daria with my right hand Daria is holding and use my left hand to catch her body.
"Uwaa! W-what's with this power!?"
The befuddled Daria got dragged out of the water!
I lift her above my head with both hands.

Ieturia let out a shrill scream. She clings on my leg.
"P-please, forgive her! I will also apologize, please spare Daria's life!"
"I won't kill her, however, realize! That Ieturia is 100 times cuter than you!"
I violently throw her huge body just like that.

Daria's body drew an arc in the air. Leaving a long trail of green rusty color.
Her yell is fading away.
And then she crashed on a wharf several hundred meter away and fell into the river. After a beat, a loud thud echoed.

Ieturia's red eyes rounded open while trembling.
"What power--! Throwing Daria away without even using magic...!"
"She's probably knocked out. She might die at this rate, go see how she is."
"Y-yes, Keika-sama!"
Ieturia immediately wriggled her white body and dived into the river with a splash.
--I felt like she called me with 『sama』 just now.

The surroundings became noisy.
"What's with that strength" "Very like Keika-sama" "As expected of Hero-sama."
I heard those voices riding on the wind.

After a bit, Ieturia is swimming here while lending her shoulder to Daria.
Daria was crying. Tears fell down one after another from her stern eyes.
"I-I beg your pardon, Keika-sama! You've made me realize the difference in our strengths! This is the first time I met such a strong human. It was my lack of virtue! Please extend your forgiveness to this humble self!"
--She doesn't notice that I'm a god after all.
Having divinity differs by individuals it seems.

I wave my hand.
"Ah, it's fine already. I'll forgive you so work hard. However do not make fun of Ieturia's physique ever again. If the clan head carries that attitudes, the other guys will also follow and bully her."
"Uu... I understand, Keika-sama. It is as you said--that's right, I'm a failure of a clan head. Ieturia, forgive me for everything I've done."
"No, it's okay. I'm also at fault for being born with this flabby body. I'd have loved if I had beautiful scales like Daria's."
"But doesn't that mean Keika-sama won't take a liking to you then?"
"I-I don't want that...."
Ieturia looks up at me with teary red eyes. She's gripping my trousers' hem with her thin hand.
--Ah~, red eyes white skin. Albino huh.

I pat Ieturia's long argent hair. It's soft and moist.
"Don't worry. I'd have helped you either way. Then, Daria, help with the rapid transport. Ieturia is with the monster subjugation."
"I will give it my all Keika-sama" "I will follow you anywhere, Keika-sama."
"D-do your best."
Since the two were staring at me hotly, I left the wharf while faltering a bit.

Afterward, I looked around at the city merry with the festival using Senrigan.
Mayor's residence, merchant guild building, port.
And a lighthouse at the tip of the port embankment.
This seems to be the place where they offer the Sinners to the monsters.

After the preliminary inspection, I went back.

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