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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Strongest Sage, Let Weapon be Destroyed


"L...Like I'd accept this result!"

Feycas immediately complained after the First Academy lost.
Yup. I had a feeling he'd do this.

"Why wouldn't you. The result comes from a match using terms that we all have agreed upon beforehand."

Principal Edward objected.

"No matter how you look at it, our opponents are monsters! I told you to exclude the monsters!"

So he said.
He actually only told us to exclude me, Ruli and Alma though.

And these three aren't monsters.
If there's someone who did call them monsters, that guy will go bald from the forehead.
It doesn't seem possible to make Feycas go any balder though.

"Our representatives this time are our school's excellent pupils, but they aren't that far apart from other students ability-wise, just you know. Calling them monsters is outrageous."

Principal Edward objected more.
In fact, our representatives aren't actually that strong.
He probably took our reps in consideration when he phrased that.

"...Then prove it! It must be a lie anyway!"

"Not sure how to do that, we only bring one other student besides the reps and Mathias for today."

"Then let that student fight!"

He's asking for something unreasonable.
I suspect that Biffgel would end up this bad had he continued to grow up as he did.

Personally, I don't mind if Iris participates in this match.
But I'd feel sorry for the students.
The First Academy students seemed to have quite a warped sense of values, but that's probably planted by Feycas.

Therefore, we're attempting to aim for a peaceful resolution.

"You heard the guy. Wanna fight? Iris."

I used Telepathy magic while saying that and taught Iris a simple plan.

"I don't mind! I'll fight! ...But I forgot to bring a weapon with me, could I borrow one?"

"Yeah. No problem. ...Do you mind if I lend her this? Of course there's no trick on it."

I held out a sword to Feycas.
Feycas took the sword, looked at it and violently returned it to me.

"Hmph. What an uncivilized sword befitting of Second Academy. If you think you can win with that, go on and try it!"

I hand over the sword to Iris.
Iris took it and--

"Hmm. Isn't this sword a bit too soft? If it isn't at least made of Adamantite..."

She crushed the sword after she said that.
And not the grip, but the blade part, with bare hands.

"Look. It broke. ...No choice then, I'm gonna fight with bare hands."

While saying that, Iris sorrowfully looked at the twisted blade.
The sword was something made in a production magic practice so it wasn't worth much, however, it's still a steel sword.
The impact was tremendous.

"Hiiiii!? Mo-Monster!"

Feycas shrunk away from Iris.

"Calling me monster is too cruel! I'm a genuine girl you know!"

While looking at Feycas, Iris crushed the sword, folded it and turned it into a steel ball.
With bare hands.


He probably felt terror after seeing that scene.
Feycas ran away from where he stood, twisted his legs on the auditorium and fell down unsightly.

Principal Edward called him there.

"You understand now? ...By the way."


"First Academy students seemed quite surprised when they saw chantless magic.... Don't tell me that you haven't taught them chantless magic? I'm sure that spreading chantless magic was a direct order from his majesty the king."

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