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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 18

Chapter 18 The Impactful Facet of Gramada


"'Scuse me, is boss-san in?"

"Ou! You're here lad. By boss-san, you mean me?"

"Yes, it was a slip of tongue."

"Gahaha, I don't mind. I never heard that way of calling, but I like it."

"Then allow me to call you boss-san from now on. Have you finished adjusting the armor I asked yesterday?"

"I'm gonna need a bit more time. Gotta replace the fasteners, probs because they weren't used for a long time."

"Is that so, then for now, I'm going out to look for household goods and clothes."

"Got it. I recommend the 『Maniwa Store』 three buildings from here, they got some cheap and sturdy ones there. Their clothes are made for practicality rather than for dressing. This overalls I'm wearing are from theirs too."

"I see, that sounds nice. I'll show myself up there right away."


I've got nothing to worry if it's a store recommended by Maurio-san the boss-san.
Three buildings... Oh, it's got a signboard, 『Maniwa Store』 there it is.

When I opened the door and went in, I saw clothes focusing on functionality lined up inside. These remind me of wa*man.
I often wore them in my farming era, so these feel nostalgic.
Every clothes has no decorations, and looks to be focusing on practicality and robustness.

"Ara, is that a customer over there I see? Welcome to 『Maniwa Store』."

I reflexively turned at the source of the voice and then I froze. Brown tanned skin. Forged, toned body. Generously liberated chest.

"What's the matter nows? Did you fall for this onii-san?"

A macho wearing sunglasses and bikini pants talking in onee speech is standing there! This town is weird, why are there so many impactful things here...

"Ara? Are you so bewitched by this chest you're at loss for words? Being physically beautiful... is oh so sinful."

A moment later, the storekeeper disappeared.

"Now now, what do you desire? Clothes? Muscles? Or i s i t M E?

Wuut! When did he get behind me!?

Aa... Let me state what just happened.

『I went into a store to buy some clothes and then a muscly brawny beefy macho was staring at my rear before I knew it.』

I don't know what I'm saying but I can't process what's happening either... My head hurts... It's nothing like hypnosis or accelerator thing... I caught a glimpse of a more terrifying homo...

What am I saying. I should quickly do my shopping and finish the business asap. Yes let's do that.

"I'm here to purchase some clothes as told by Maurio-san. I'd like to buy a set of casual wears and underwear that are also good for battling, do you have a recommendation?"

"Ara~ Mau-chan referred you? I've got to give it my all then. Judging from boya's height, they should be around here I think?"

"I see, let me have a look. Ah, do you also have needles and threads? I'd like to have a set for mending."

While picking the queued clothes, I asked the storekeeper.

"Oh I have the threads, but the needles are specially made by Maurio-chan so I can't sell them to you. If you know Maurio-chan, how about asking him to make one?"

"I see. Then I'd like to purchase a set of threads also these black wear and a pair of these white underwear."

"Oh my, that's quite a sombre choice. Since you're still young, I think you should have picked something flashier."

No no, impossible. I can't wear something flashy like red or orange. My favorite colors are black, navy blue and white. I sewed the work clothes in my home after all. Ah, I'm gonna make some later.

"I was raised by my grandpa and only ever wore plain clothes. I can't settle down with something else now."

"Oh I see, then the thread is 30 mani, the black wear is 600 mani, the white underwear set is 200 mani, 830 mani in total but since Maurio-chan referred boya, 800 mani is fine."

"Thank you very much. Then, I'll be excusing myself."

I took 800 mani out of my rucksack, gave it to the storekeeper and got the hell out as fast as humanly possible.

Phew, that was scary. There's still some time till noon.
Come to think of it, Futsuno-san's inn should be around this area. I've finished registering and all, maybe I should leave them some words?

I refer the information board to look for 『Dog of Flame Inn』 where Futsuno-san and Mitama are staying. Oh, it's closer than I thought. Let's get to it.

"Hey, welcome."

A distinctive employee welcomed me when I entered the inn. His protruding teeth and his strangely shaped hat are impactful. It feels like I've seen him somewhere, but it must have been my imagination.

"Excuse me, I heard that this was the inn where the two of 『Tail of Wind』 were staying, could I meet them?"

"Ah, those two huh? Sorry, but I ain't gonna be your go-between or something, okay?"

"No well they personally told me to come here. And that I should leave a message if they aren't present."

"Hm? Now that you mention it, they said something 'bout getting saved by a boy in their last quest. You that boy?"

"I probably am. My name is Nobusada. Are the two in? I'd like to leave a message if they aren't."

"They're not now. They went somewhere first thing in the morning."

"Then could you tell them, 『I was able to register as an adventurer thanks to you two. I'm staying at 『Solomon's Pavilion』, please contact me there if you need anything.』 for me?"

"Gotcha, I'll relay it to them when they're back. 『Solomon's Pavilion』 huh. You picked a good inn."

"Yes, the guild recommended it."

"It was an inn good for beginners was it. If you rank up and think of changing inn, ours' a good choice y'know?"

"Since Mitama praised the food here, I'll keep it in mind if I ever do that."

"Hahaa, Mitama praised our food huh. I'm Storm. Nice to meetcha' Nobusada."

This person feels like someone who used to be a rascal and settled down to work seriously. He must be a good person enough for Futsuno-san and Mitama to be regulars here.

Name: Storm - Gender: Male - Age: 26 - Race: General Human
Class: Merchant Lv 18 - State: Healthy
Title: ???
Martial Art Lv3 - Fire Magic Lv3 - Negotiation Lv3 - Serving Lv3 - Acrobatics Lv2 - Life Magic

Uhoo, he's higher leveled than Kyle. Ah, but he has fire magic even though he's a merchant. There must be a reason for that.

"Storm-san, were you an adventurer?"

"Hou, I'm surprised you can tell. I was formerly a magician working as an adventurer, but my old man kicked the bucket y'see. When I heard the news, I quit the job and went to help at this inn."

I see. So that's why magic is mixed in his class.

"Well, Nobusada, just don't get ahead of yourself ya hear me? There are many times you think you could go on when you should've retreated."

"Thank you for your advice."

The weight of words from a veteran is different. Ah, since he was a magician, he probably knows that thing?

"This might sound so sudden, but do you know a store that handles magic tools you could recommend?"

"Magic tools are pricey y'know? Don't think it's something a beginner should care about."

"No well, actually I wanted to ask about the price of this Magic Rucksack I inherited as a memento."

"Ah, then yeah, you'd better know that. Some people might aim for it. Got it, this is for the sake of the future generations of adventurers. I'll introduce you to an acquaintance of mine."

"Oh! Thank you very much!!"

"I was in a party with her back then. She might be a bit weird, but her skill is the real deal. Here, she shouldn't do anything bad if you show this to her. It's a store with a weird name, 『Shut-in Lamia』, at the outskirt of the town."

"I'll be heading there then. I'll come by again later."

"Ou yo, try our dish next time."

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it."

Umu, he really is a nice person. I was on guard since I kept meeting with odd people, but guess they all wouldn't be like that.

After 30 minutes of walking... I arrived at the outskirt of the town. It's deserted alright. Can anyone open a business here?
Just when I thought I made a wrong turn somewhere, I found a store that looked like an annex of a big mansion with a small sign.

It is open, but I don't see any customers.

"Excuse me, is the store open?"

I opened the door and asked inside, but there was no answer. The inside is crowded with apparatus.

"Yes, who is iiit?"

After a while, I heard footsteps from the back of the store. The storekeeper sure sounded quite sexy.
The one who came out of the store back was a fair-skinned tall woman. Her long blue hair is bundled into a bun on the back, making her nape looks sexy. She could've looked like an intellectual beauty with the monocle she's wearing, but that comes to nothing due to the clothes she's wearing. I'm afraid my eyes will lock on her almost visible breasts.

"Storm-san told me about this store so I came here to see some magic tools."

I gave her the letter of introduction.

"Stoorm? Ah, bucktooth-chan... how nostalgic."

Ooh, she said it so bluntly. Wonder if she's a type who doesn't mince words?

"So? What is it that boya wants to know?"

"First of all, I'd like to learn magic rucksacks' market price and potions."

"Yes yes, then come here."

Several rucksacks were put there.

"Don't take them out okay. Cause I've put a curse on them to prevent thievery."

Uwoo, here comes surprising anti-theft tech!
Looks like the price changes in accordance to the capacity. And here goes the appraisal result and the listed price!

Magic Rucksack
Quality: Common - Enclosed Mana 1/1
Remark: Can hold up to 20Kg
Price: 20.000 mani

Magic Rucksack
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana 1/1
Remark: Can hold up to 20Kg, things stored inside the rucksack deteriorate slower.
Price: 30.000 mani

Magic Rucksack
Quality: Common - Enclosed Mana 3/3
Remark: Can hold up to 60Kg
Price: 60.000 mani

It seems each Enclosed Mana increases the capacity by 20kg. The price increases by 1.5 times when the quality increases. In other words, the one I have is amazingly about 120.000 mani worth. Simply outrageous.

"Umm, clerk-san, could you show me the potions?"

"Just call me Sefi. Especially since boya is cute."

I had a cold sweat since it felt like I'd get eaten for a second there. Is it a sign of her carnivorous nature!?
And here's the surprising appraisal result of this onee-san called Sefi-san !!

Name: Sefirot Nevia - Gender: Female -  Age:? - Race: Lamia Kind (disguised as General Human)
Class: Alchemist Lv42
Title: ???
Two-handed Spear Lv4 - Water Magic Lv6 - Wind Magic Lv5 - Transform Lv4 - Alchemy Lv7 - Disguise Lv7 - Life Magic
You haven't trained enough to know her three sizes!( ・᷄ะด・᷅ )

It's really surprisiiiiing!? Huuh, those Transform and Disguise things are obviously higher leveled than my Discerning Magic Eyes, but I could saw through them? How do these stuff work exactly???

No no, the Lamia Kind part is more important. Is it really okay for her to be in the middle of this town? I guess that's why she's disguising herself, I've gotta be absolutely sure not to let it slip. Talking to her doesn't feel different to talking to a human at all, or rather, she's easy to talk with.
I really don't want to make someone like that become a victim of discrimination because of my fault.

There's no point in thinking about these backward things. Oh yeah, I've got some materials for potion. Let's ask if she can buy them.

"Sefi-san. Could I sell these here?"

I took Hira Grass and Gedo Grass I had gathered back then out of my rucksack.

"Umm, materials for low potions right. They're in excellent condition. And best of all, they still have their root, nice."

Ho ho, so I was right to pluck them whole.

"They're more effective when they still have the root attached. Lots of adventurers don't know that and treat them roughly. You have a promising future."

"Ah, my name is Nobusada. Since I have just registered as an adventurer the other day, I'd really appreciate it if you could show me the ropes."

"Ara ara, fresh out of the oven. I liiike people like boya."

Sefi-san put her arms around me while saying that. Those are touching my arm, like 'ponyon', they're really touching. I'm happy for this, but she won't be charging extra right?

"Do you accept bartering instead of purchasing? I made a bit too much and had many leftover potions you see."

"I don't mind. I only have one in stock myself."

Potion x4
Quality: Good - Expiration date: 3 months
Effect: Slightly recover HP. Either drinking or putting on the wound is effective. Tastes bad.

Cure Potion x2
Quality: Good - Expiration date: 4 months
Effect: Nullify simple poison. Either drinking or putting on the affected part is effective. Tastes bad.

I exchanged them for these. For some reason, now I know the remaining day to their expiration. A huge convenience for a house-husband! But It's only evolving to that kind of directioooon.

"Then, I'll come again. If I find something usable as materials, I'll bring them here. If you don't mind, please teach about me alchemy next time."

"Yes, I'll be looking forward to it. See-You-Again?"

I left the store while getting startled at her sexy smile. Un, let's come here again. I feel like I've understood the feeling of people who regularly visits cabaret a bit. It was a world I had no relation with since I couldn't drink sake.

Now then, the time is right. Let's grab some grub and get back to the boss's place.

"Boss-saan, I'm here."

"Ou, you came at the right time. I was just finished."

A set of armor with uniform dark blue color are lined up on top of the desk. He was probably working on it without even taking lunch. He looks obviously tired.
I'm glad I bought skewers for boss-san's shares because I had a feeling that he would overwork himself.

"Thank you very much. You haven't taken lunch have you? I brought these on my way here, please have them."

"Oh, sorry bout that. It's a bad habit of mine to skip meals and rest when I'm getting too absorbed."

Boss-san begins his explanation about my equipment while bitting the skewers.

"I'm gonna explain while eating. The knuckle guard is recycled onto the gauntlet. Use them by detaching the fist part. They're all made from Iron Ant's crust, so they're light and sturdy. You shouldn't get that much damage in a beginner dungeon with them on. I've only installed them on the needed parts as to not hinder movement, keep that in mind when you're evading."

Iron Ant Slip Guard - Iron Ant Leggings - Iron Ant Gauntlet (Knuckle Guard Forearm)
Quality: Common - Enclosed Mana 2/2
Remark: Armor processed from Iront Ant's crust

"Are you sure? These are all so nice."

"No worries, I mainly worked with metals so I rarely had chance to handle monster material. I only made these since my lil' brother asked. When I think about it now, I should have listened to his opinions more. Well, that's the gist of it, so they normally ain't for sale. There is no problem in you lad using 'em."

"I'll make sure to come back alive and report to you about their usability."

"Haha, that's the spirit, don't die on me."


Alright! I'm perfectly ready now!
Time for my first dungeon challenge!

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