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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Strongest Sage, Be Unreasonable


"Tell us!"

A student in charge of information in the Barrier Construction Team replied.
Since I, as the leader of Construction Team, can't afford to look away from this work, other students are the ones processing any information and only bring me the necessary one.
Well, I ended up hearing it since he was reporting it nearby by chance.

"The 25th and 26thm mana detection sensors have detected some abnormal movements!"

"25th and 26th... The north forest huh."

We have spread out a surveillance network in order to monitor movements of monsters and such through their mana while the Barrier Construction Operation is being carried out.
By using the network, we can predict a raid and intercept it.

That said, we're merely using simple mana measurement magic tools.
The magic tools only record measurement data on papers, but people have to be the ones analyzing the data and communicating it.
Creating analysis and long-distance transmission magic devices are unexpectedly difficult.

"Yes! This is the record paper!"

"....Got it. Please wait for a bit until we're done analyzing it."


After hearing the student in charge of data, the student who conveyed the report took a break on a nearby chair.
We have chosen people with fast legs among the applicants to be the ones in charge of reporting duty.... But looking again, most of them are Second Academy's students who bear the Disqualified Crest.
Looks like few knights and adventurers could beat the students who are now able to use Physical Reinforcement in leg strength.

"Mathias-san, could you please look at this paper when you can afford to!"

The student in charge of data analysis brought the record paper to me.
The mana measurement magic tools have simple mechanism and are easy to create, but in exchange, the taken data is scarce and hard to grasp.

Even if you know that there's 『something wrong going on』, you still need a certain amount of experience to decipher what that abnormality is.

Unfortunately, there was no one with experience among the applicants so I have to be the one doing the job.
If possible, I'd have liked to avoid having the data carried to a hard to access underground like this just to be analyzed.

As I think that, I look over the record paper during the waiting time until the Dragon Vein can be chiseled.
First, I check the edge of the record paper which signifies that this record is authentic.
Neglecting it opens the possibility of getting fake data mixed in by the demons or their accomplices.

I scan the data after finishing that check.
And got the result in one glance.

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"Wha... They really came at this timing!?"

"Perhaps, the information leaked out...."

Ruli and the student in charge of data were surprised to hear me.
However, this isn't something to be particularly surprised about.

The demon raid was always a matter of time.
Today just happened to be the day.
Above all--

"If they really knew about the surveillance network, they wouldn't have chosen to show off such an easy to understand mana reaction like this. So the possibility of leak is low."

This is the reason I can conclude that there is no leak.
The magic used by the demon that got caught in the detection this time is especially easy to detect even among magic that demons can use.
If the enemy knew about the surveillance network, they wouldn't have used this spell art.

Even if those demons have declined, they're not stupid enough to use this magic inside a surveillance network.
....I think, maybe.
I can't really speak with confidence considering their track record so far....

"Th... Then what should we do about them!"

Hearing the data student's voice, I ponder as I continue to dig dungeon walls.
It would have been over in an instant if I left this place, but that's not an option...

"Ruli, go out for a bit and shoot those demons down with Alma."

"Yes! ...Eh?"

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