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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Strongest Sage, Digs up


One morning.
All students of the Second Academy have been gathered in the widest room in the academy.
The room is full with tension.

It's quite cramped since quite a lot of people are crammed in one room.
The reason is to hide the info we're going to tell them as tight as possible.
As a proof, every nook and cranny of this room has been casted with soundproof magic.

Principal Edward who's standing in the center of the room before the students--announces.

"We will now begin the 『Great Royal Capital Barrier Construction Operation』! Drive the stuff you have to do into your head!"


All the apparatuses needed for supplying the barrier with mana have been completed just yesterday, and we can now begin the construction of the barrier.
It won't be strange if the demons attack any time now.

Hence, this operation has been put together in order to quickly complete the barrier asap.
Similar spectacles are probably happening here and there in the royal capital at this very moment.
Everybody that can become a force like the other royal academy students, capital's knights and trustworthy adventurers are being informed of the operation.

Normally, protecting the royal capital are the knights and adventurers' job, but since the current Second Academy students have become an important force, they will be included in the defense network of the royal capital.

"Presently, our academy's... no, the capital's greatest force, Mathias-kun and his friends are currently constructing the barrier and can't leave it off! We will have to protect them as the 『Barrier Construction Team』 were demons or monsters to attack! All hands, don't lose your focus!"


"All members, get on your position as arranged beforehand! Operation start!"

After the principal gave the order, the room's door opened and the students went out from there.
They look like they're just going to class as usual outwardly.

In fact, many of the students are to lead their usual live until there is an enemy raid.
The only perceptible difference from their daily life is that they aren't doing magic and swords training.
Were all students to suddenly go to the city with their weapons ready, it's the same as telling that they're going to do something.

In that situation, we, the 『Barrier Construction Team』 went into the dungeon.

"These are all of them."

40 white boxes made of metal, a sword that will act as the core, and the main magic stone have been put in front of us.
These are all the materials used to build the barrier.

The metal boxes are made from the mithril produced back then, each of it weights about 40 kg.
They were brought here by the construction team from classrooms beforehand, but.... I think Iris carried like half of them.
We get the mana for the barrier by embedding these boxes inside the Dragon Vein.

"Let's dig up the wall then!"

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As I declared that, I began to dig up the wall using a hammer exclusively made for me.
The Dragon's Vein is located less than 10 meter away from dungeon walls.

This would have been done in an instant if I could dig up randomly, but I have to think before digging and embed a magic tool inside the wall as necessary in order to control the Dragon Vein.
Worse, I absolutely have to match the chiseling timing with the state of the Dragon Vein.

The operation would instantly fail if I even made a little mistake in the way I dug.
Of course, I cannot take a rest halfway through.
Even if everything goes well, it will take the whole day to reach the Dragon Vein.

It would have been easier if we could dig up in advance, but a certain circumstance won't allow it.
If you leave a dug up Dragon Vein alone, it will stabilize itself.
You can only draw mana from Dragon's Vein if you insert the boxes when it's still unstable.

"Ruli, embed the fifth magic device here."


I continue to dig the walls while Ruli is helping.
Rocks and such that are produced from the work are being carried away by Iris to not hinder us.
The students of Construction Team are keeping watch around us with weapons ready to keep monsters from entering the work area.

While we were doing that... one student ran up to us.
And then he speaks to us with a tense voice.

"Reporting in!"

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