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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Strongest Sage, Ponders About Composition


After talking with the principal about my withdrawal a bit, we have roughly decided how I'd be treated after leaving the school.
After leaving the school, I will be registered as one of the newly created 【Special Scholarship Students】 in the school.

My final exams and graduation exams are to be cleared from all my achievements so far, my grade will automatically increase each year, and I will automatically graduate in the end.
In other words, I don't need to go to the school ever, I'm only lending my name.

The production of barrier material was progressing smoothly while we were talking, and most of the fundamental parts were already done.
Soon, the barrier creation will start for real.

...One day.
I went into the dungeon with my party members.

Our objective isn't monster hunting but weapon creation.
Once the barrier creation begins in earnest, we will be too busy to even make weapons.
The chance of demons attacking during that period isn't low.
Therefore, we need to make them now while we have the opportunity.

"We're finally going to make weapons from the dragon material!"

"We're only using one part though. Nevertheless, they're harder to handle than with metal, so please take care while processing it."

"Yes! I'll give it my all!"

The easiest part to handle from the dragon material this time is the claw.
Even so, the current Ruli will have a hard time making something that's entirely made of dragon material.
Thus, the sword will be mostly composed of the easy-to-process mithril, and only one section will be made from dragon claw.

"For now, the easiest is... Let's start from my sword."

"I understand!"

Making multi-augment magic swords is a matter of practice, you get more precise with more practices.
One should start with something simple.

Since Alma's weapon is a bow, it's difficult, Ruli's and Iris's are either too light or too heavy, neither are fit as a starter weapon to make.
Thus, we start with my weapon.

"I'm sure Ruli, as you are now, can augment four magic if you just take your time. That's why...."

I ponder about the sword's composition while muttering.
If the spell art is too complex, the effect will be weaker instead because of the quality of the augment.
This one should be composed of relatively simple spell arts that are also highly practical.
Taking that into consideration--

"The magic you need to augment are, right... 『Steel Slash』, 『Sharpen』, 『Mana Strike』, 『Impact Blade』, 『Hardness Reinforcement』, 『Toughness Reinforcement』, 『Heatproof Reinforcement』, and 『Wear Proof』 I guess."


"Er... What magic do I need to augment again?"

"『Steel Slash』, 『Sharpen』, 『Mana Strike』, 『Impact Blade』, 『Hardness Reinforcement』, 『Toughness Reinforcement』, 『Heatproof Reinforcement』, and 『Wear-out Proof』"

"『Steel Slash』, 『Sharpen』, 『Mana Strike』...."

Ruli counted her fingers while saying that as she enumerated the magic.
And then she shouts out loud when she's done.

"....Aren't there eight of them! How could I even augment that many!"

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