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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Strongest Sages, Warns


"Summoning... monster? Is such a thing possible?"

"Yeah. But it has many requirements and is a relatively delicate technique, so I don't recommend doing one yourself. If it's small monsters then you should be alright, but big ones are dangerous."

A slight mistake during the monster summoning and it will fail.
You're still better off if it ends up with no monster coming out.
If you're unlucky, a monster that's far stronger than the intended one might appear.

There were times where I abused the phenomenon and summoned strong monsters to be my opponents.
They were reasonably strong, but they were nothing compared to monsters that got stronger naturally, so I stopped doing it halfway.

"You don't to have to worry about it, I'm not gonna summon a monster with bigger-than 60cm magic stone if I can help it!"

"If it's just for a 60cm monster, even if there was an accident, the one coming out would only be a 75cm one, I'm sure we can manage somehow."

"I don't think we can though...."

We're walking toward the dungeon while having that conversation.
Our destination has already been set.
I've marked places that looked usable when we were exploring the dungeon before.

After about 10 minutes.

"Let's get to floor 17 for now."

We parted with the principal and this was the first thing I uttered when we went inside the dungeon.

"Your 『for now』 standard is weird!"

"17, isn't that a floor where no one has set foot into presently!"

"...Was floor 17 really that difficult? Gaia... My old acquaintance told me that floor 654 was lacking..."

Iris's remark seemed to be quite a bit less fervent than the two's.
Iris will die for certain if she gets onto floor 654 though.
Even for the current me, the most I can do is probably returning alive.

"The monsters there are weaker than demons, I don't think you'll have any problem."

"The standard..."

"Well, you won't really get it just by talking. Let's dive in for now."

I took the lead of the party as I said that.
--And after about an hour.

"We're on floor 17 now."

"Huh? ...I can, beat them?"

Alma who's walking while killing monsters with her bow spoke anticlimactically.
Ruli is acting as Alma support, but it appears she has no problem at all either.

Floor 17 is nothing once you've trained properly.
Of course, you should always be on your guard even if it's on floor 1.

"...Floor 17 is unexpectedly hard isn't it... I'd have beaten them if only I could hit them....

On the other hand, Iris was unable to demonstrate her power worse than imagined.
She has power, but her combat technique in human body is even worse than an amateur.
I've taught her the basic of swordsmanship at the very least, but it seems she lacks the tact.

I should teach her these things later.
Since casualties will surely appear if I let her have a mock battle with other students.

"Which means, let's begins. Ruli, engrave this magic circle on this magic stone."

I hand over a small magic stone to Ruli.

"I understand!"

It isn't possible to produce a monster out of nothing.
You summon them by using a magic stone as the core.

Ruli had already gotten used to making magic tools, she quickly finished the augmenting.
I thrust that into the ground.
This place is ideal for summoning with its mana flow and terrains.

"Alright. Let's get away a bit, a monster will appear from there."

"Eh! It's coming already!?"

Alma was surprised.

"Yeah. There's no special procedure for summoning a 60cm class monster. The most difficult part is the quantity of mana needed for the summoning."

Monster summoning demands a huge amount of mana.
However, we have a dragon who has an enormous amount of mana in our party now.

"So, Iris, put your mana into this thing.... Do it little by little since you'll cause an accident if you put too much."

"I understand! Little by little right!"

Iris put her hand on the magic stone as she said that.

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